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The Shocking Deceit, Deceit and Deceit of Cameron, Osborne and Clegg.

David "Pinocchio" Cameron
Liar! Liar! Liar!
Cast your mind back 6 months to the May 2010 General election campaign, (yes it is only six months ago and yes it does seem like a lifetime away). With the help of Rupert Murdoch and his News International and other right wing zealot friends in the Tory press, George Osborne and David Cameron successfully brainwashed many British people into believing that Britain was: 1) Broken and 2) Bankrupt; subsequently they have on both counts been caught lying. Britain was not broken and Britain was nowhere near bankrupt.

These lies were not just the kind of lies that unfortunately we have all come to expect from our politicians, they were dangerous lies, deliberately planned and formed into a programme of "disinformation". I believe this programme was hatched with right wing newspaper owners and editors as soon as Gordon Brown took over the role of Prime Minister, and defied all expectations by coming across to the electorate as someone who could be trusted with the economy and our lives, someone who was good in a crisis and he received that famous "Brown Bounce" in the opinion polls. As soon as that happened, his fate was sealed. As soon as Brown went ahead in the polls, Cameron and Osborne and their crony hacks like Nick Robinson of the BBC, Adam Boulton and Kay Burley from Sky and the editor of the "Scum" [Sun] newspaper and others went into overdrive, day after day they spewed out their nonsense right ring rhetoric, often without a grain of truth in it, their aim was to harm and tarnish Gordon Brown, ridicule him and bring him to his knees. It is a testament to Gordon Brown that he never succumbed to this pressure and that despite David Cameron and the Conservatives having every single thing going for them in terms of electoral success, they still fell well short of an overall victory. Perhaps this stunning failure tells us far more about Cameron and the Tories, than anything else actually can?

Some may argue that what happened to Mr Brown is politics and politics is a dirty game, I argue if it is, then it should not be. Politics is not a game, it effects the lives of every single one of us, and what Cameron and Osborne did with the help of their right wing mates in the press, and with the help of people that shy away from paying their UK taxes, like Conservative peer Lord "Cashcroft" [Ashcroft] throwing his "untaxed" millions of British pounds into the Tory marginal seats, is not only brutal and callous in their efforts to personally destroy Mr Brown, a man who is actually  good, decent, honest, kind and really quite brilliant and, who really did care, and who really did have this nation's best interest at heart, but to destroy him with the use of blatant lies and to use this country's emotional stability and financial stability just to get elected into Government, is not just utterly reprehensible, it is a criminal act and should be judged as a criminal and the perpetrators brought to book. I do not say this lightly, however, I have never seen the like of this before. When Blair and New Labour were swept to power on a landslide in 1997, that happened with virtually no interference from Labour and mainly because the Tory party itself imploded from within. Day after day there were different stories of actual truth and substance, like the bitter divisions between the "Europhiles" and the Euro-sceptics, the appalling way in which BSE was handled and the cash for questions scandal that actually ended with the imprisonment of Tory high flyer and cabinet minister Jonathan Aitkin etc and lets not forget Neil Hamilton and "cash stuffed brown envelopes", also that other famous Tory Lord Jeffrey Archer chairman of the Conservative party also ended up the wrong side of the prison bars, as well as the personal stories and yes Labour exploited the shenanigans of the Tories and used them for all they were worth, but they did not have deliberate programme of lies, what happened to the Conservatives happened because basically they were actually corrupt and arrogant and genuinely thought they were the "natural party of Government" and that they were never going to be voted out. Right up to when some of these Tory MPs were voted out, ("Were You Still Up For Portillo"?) I believe the Conservatives were not expecting it and could not quite comprehend what the electorate had done to them the length and breadth of this country. Now the Tories are back (well almost) and they are seeking revenge on people for casting them out, everything that the Labour government have done while in government, whether it is good, excellent or bad or indifferent is being ripped up and thrown out, this is the politics of hate, this is the politics of envy and this is the politics of insanity.

As a nation we are used to the broken promises of politicians and their "dodgy dossier manifestos", but to deliberately mislead the British people into believing something when it was patently untrue, as I believe that Cameron and Osborne did, is not only a cold and calculating deceit, it is shockingly harmful to our country. However,  the Tories were only able to do this with the help of the Murdoch right wing media and other right wing newspapers. When the Tories failed to secure a majority in May 2010,  David Cameron simply went out and bought himself the 23 MPs he needed to form his majority and the electorate should not think that the negotiations were held in the aftermath of the election either, this is yet another deceit from the Tories and Liberal Democrats. Negotiations and the divvying up of cabinet jobs began in 2009 when it first looked like Cameron would not secure a majority for his party, all this was sorted out well in advance of the May 2010 general election.

All those talks said to be held in the days immediately after the hung parliament came about, were just a sham, they were a show, it was all done and dusted months before hand. I don't believe Nick Clegg was serious in their talks with Labour, I believe that Clegg was deliberately operating yet more deceit and was deliberately stringing Brown along, Brown of course realised this, intellectually Clegg is no match for Gordon Brown and Brown called Clegg's bluff. The whole idea of that little game of Liberal Democrat charades was to have the right wing press damage Gordon Brown still further and they duly obliged, probably with pre-written headlines, like "Brown Clinging on to Power" etc etc, just a complete load of lies and nonsense. Brown was not clinging onto power, he was waiting for Cameron, Osborne and Clegg, to finish playing their political games out on the world's stage, one of the reasons was to raise the profiles of barely known politicians of course, which is why we were all treated to images of Laws, Cable and Alexander etc going in and out of talks. I have it on good authority that those talks were a sham and when Hague reported they were all relaxed and amicable he was actually telling the truth, they just sat about playing games on their laptops, watching news reports, chatting and drinking coffee etc, precious little (if any) negotiating was taking place, they were just keeping the country on tenterhooks as part of this political sham and showmanship, the details of power sharing had already been worked out long long before the actual election result. The "unwritten" agreement between  the Tories and the Liberal Democrats, was that each party fought the election as they would normally fight it and if the result of it was a hung parliament, then their plan would automatically kick in.

This makes the show that Cameron, Osborne and Clegg put on before and during the election campaign one huge lie and a complete farce. We were all politically and news managed. The leadership debates were just a complete sham, the only person who was genuine, and whom we all now know was actually telling us the truth, the whole time was in fact Gordon Brown. All the little "feuds" between Cameron and Clegg were just a smokescreen, just acting. The way the media first bumped up Clegg and then attacked him after the first leadership debate, was just pre-arranged claptrap, it was all done to news manage the electorate. Ask George Osborne about the meeting he had with editors of all the right wing media, which was held on the first Monday after the the first leadership debate was held.

Britain not only had two power crazed morons, somehow or another we landed up with three of them!
David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg.

Now we know why Clegg was able to renege on Liberal Democrat key pledges, ie VAT, the timing of cuts and tuition fees, because it was all show to garner as many votes away from labour as they could,  they were never firm commitments, they were all just complete lies to make labour vulnerable not only in Tory marginal seats, but Liberal Democrat marginal seats also. Individually it would help the Tories and LDems, but combined it would give them more seats and make the Conservative party the biggest party and help push out the Labour party. The one thing that Cameron, Clegg and Osborne really feared was the Labour party being the largest party after the general election.

George Osborne and David Cameron and Nick Clegg deliberately fooled people into believing that this country was bankrupt when we were not. They callously placed at risk the futures of everyone in this country and now in the most spectacular fashion, Osborne, Cameron and now Clegg have been found out.

If Britain was bankrupt how could our chancellor even contemplate borrowing money to loan to Ireland?

It makes what is going to happen to Andy Coulson even more interesting. David Cameron is truly terrified that he will be found out, he knows his Government is built in the sand and the sand is beginning to shift. I believe this is why Andy Coulson is still in his position, because he along with Rupert Murdoch knows how this coalition government was formed and that the electorate has been played and deliberately lied to and in the process they tried to politically assassinate Gordon Brown, simply because he stood in the way of Cameron and Murdoch.

If Andy Coulson thinks he is being bombed on from a great height, or it looks like he could face trial and even prison for what he has done, I expect revelations that will shock this country to the core. Why else do you think that Rupert Murdoch was the first visitor to Downing street and he entered and left by the rear door? Why else do you think he has been a frequent visitor since? Why do you think that Murdoch's team have been in talks with Cameron's team? Why do you think there has been a virtual news blackout of the Couslon phone hacking story?

Over 60.000 Signatures Delivered To Ofcom Offices
 By 38 Degrees
Protesting At Rupert Murdoch's Proposed
Take-Over of BSkyB
Cameron is now doubly terrified of course, with the 60.000 plus signatures delivered to Ofcom offices last week all strongly objecting to Murdoch's take over of BSkyB, if that is not allowed to happen, there is going to be one very unhappy Rupert Murdoch. Couple that with Murdoch's hopes to be dashed of infiltrating the BBC  and he is going to be furious and "Hell hath no fury like Rupert Murdoch scorned".
Come on, weren't you just a little bit surprised and puzzled that the government during its austerity measures decided not to raise the BBC license fee for six years? Why do you think that happened? Could it possibly be that the government did not want to be seen as taking license payers money for a corporation that they knew fully well was going to wound down, dismantled and privatised? selling off the most lucrative parts to the "highest bidder"?

We are being governed by three people that have not got the foggiest idea about what they are doing, they are not fit for purpose and it is now beginning to show in the most alarming ways. But equally we are also being governed by an unelected news baron, money is not the motivation, power to manipulate and control is.

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