Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Coalition Is Not A Government - It's A Fascist Dictatorship!

Iain Duncan Smith
Right Wing Tory Responsible For welfare Cuts.
There is an undercurrent
of deep seated anger in this country
and the Tories and
Liberal Democrats are ignoring it.
What is happening in Britain? The other day we had Tory and Lib Dem MPs reporting with absolute glee that the unemployed were going to be forced to carry out "voluntary" work for at least 30 hours per week, if they refused, then their unemployment benefit would be either reduced or stopped.
Why is David Cameron, George Osborne, Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander et al treating the unemployed worse than convicted criminals?

When we had the Comprehensive Spending Review, we were treated to Tory and Lib Dem MPs slapping the back of chancellor George Osborne when he sat down and Tory and Lib Dem backbenchers were all cheering and whooping with joy and waving their order papers about, the fact that their chancellor had just announced that 500.000 public sector workers would lose their job with the distinct possibility that 500.000 more private sector workers would lose their jobs as a result of public sector cutbacks, and they cheered this?

This government has gone on and on cutting away, using the deficit as an excuse for their ideologically based cuts. The cuts are deep and they are permanent and what we lose now we will never ever get back, not by this Tory coalition government anyway, the Tories do not want a welfare state, they do not want an NHS, they do not want to look after our young, elderly, disabled, sick or unemployed. They do not care that the poorest in our society did NOT cause this deficit, they are just c going to make them pay anyway, simply because they are a soft target and cannot fight back.

The Tories are going to turn our society into another generations of Thatcher's "blow you Jack's I'm alright", it took us and the Labour government from 1997 to 2010 to try and correct some of the ills that the Tories caused in their 19 years of government and now we are all witnessing that they are pulling every good thing that the Labour government did apart, simply because it was done by a Labour government. The NHS was terminal and education a third world joke. Our elderly were freezing to death from hypothermia in their own homes and the Tories answer to this was to run national advertisements on TV advising the elderly to were layers of clothes and to wear a woolly hat, even in bed and to also take a flask containing a hot drink to bed with them. The dangers from this were clear, yet this is how previous Tory governments have treated the elderly in this country and they obviously have not learned the lessons because the Tories and now the Liberal Democrats think they can treat people and do what they like, well they cannot and people are angry.

The government are voted in to govern, they have absolutely no right at all to treat people like this, how dare they?

This is yet another in a long line of policy proposals that have not been thought through properly, just like tuition fees, housing benefit and child benefit.

Who is going to administrate this when this government are getting rid of public sector workers whose job it is to manage the benefits system?
If people are forced to work, how will they find to to look for a proper job?
If people work 30 hours per week for the government for £65, this is not just illegal it is slave labour, it is little more that £2.00 an hour which is less than the minimum wage and that is illegal and should be able to be challenged in the courts.
How can this be called voluntary work, when people will be forced to do it?
Who is going to oversee these workers?
If these people had children and their JSA gets stopped, who is going to  maintain the children? Keep them fed, warm and clothed?
Workers can literally be put out of their job and when they go and sign on they could be sent back to their old job and forced to do it for slave labour wages.
If they are going to force people to do this work or risk losing 3 months unemployment benefit, then the government MUST pay them the minimum wage and also in other countries where this scheme has been used for years, it has been proven that it does not improve any chances of long term  work, in fact it has proved pointless and humiliating for those in genuine search of work.

It comes to something when our government are trying to incriminate people for being unemployed, when in many case now and in the future it is this government who have actually put people out of work!

There is an undercurrent of deep seated anger in this country and the Tories and Liberal Democrats are ignoring it.

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