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The Liberal Democrats Want Honesty in Politics? Yeah They Can Walk On Water Too (Apparently!)

Everywhere There is an election There seems to be a Liberal democrat Dirty Tricks Campaign! And Elwyn Watkins of Oldham and Saddleworth complains about diry tricks? The Whole Liberal Democrat party is full of dirty tricksters it seems, and yet NOTHING hs ever been done about it!

Some Examples of What Liberal Democrats will say and do in order to win *YOUR* vote!


Dirty tricks of the REAL nasty party
One parliamentary Lib Dem candidate, Serena Tierney, claimed that Tories in Mid-Sussex have been thrown into turmoil owing to a spate of resignations by Tory councillors.
‘What are they afraid of?’ asks Tierney in her campaign literature. ‘How many more Tories will quietly slip away from this sinking ship?’
But Ms Tierney’s insinuation that a collapse of morale is behind the five resignations is very misleading.
  1. One Conservative councillor in Mid Sussex, Brenda Binge, died earlier this year.
  2. Another has resigned to look after her husband, who has advanced Parkinson’s disease.
  3. A third has moved away A
  4. A fourth is going to live and work in Scotland.
  5. The final resignation is down to ill-health.
And yet Ms Tierney’s wretched remarks are to be found at the bottom of a column for her supporters headlined ‘Bringing Honesty Back to Politics’.
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Liberal Democrat DIRTY TRICKS TWO:

Dirty Tricks in Richmond.

In the highly marginal seat of Richmond Park in south London (went to Zac Goldsmith - Tory) Goldsmith said "Kramer has told the most appalling lies about me and is intent on misrepresenting my position on almost every issue."
Also a Liberal Democrat tried to join Goldsmith's campaign team, a fact that was never disputed by Kramer.
Read the full and interesting story, this Lib Dem activist also tried to make false claims about labour.

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Liberal Democrat Dirty Tricks Three

"In a previous debate in Parliament on the subject the Lib Dem MPs involved - Susan Kramer and Ed Davey - were accused by both Conservative MPs and a Labour minister of "scaremongering" and "playing politics" with the NHS".

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Liberal Democrat Dirty Tricks Five:

Duplicity in Camden.

Lib Dems in Camden have been caught out sending out contradictory messages to appeal to different communities within the same borough.

Alongside a picture of herself with Muslim community leaders, Jo Shaw -
Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Holborn & St Pancras - makes clear in a local leaflet distributed to Muslim areas within her constituency that she is calling on the government to "stop arming Israel".

However, travel one mile Up the road to Hampstead.

"There", such themes can be said to be far from evident in the leaflets - complete with Hebrew text - distributed in the Jewish community of the Hampstead & Kilburn constituency by the campaign of fellow Lib Dem parliamentary candidate Ed Fordham.

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Liberal Democrat Dirty Tricks Six:

Liverpool Liberal Democrats Smears Greens and Labour

Liverpool Lib Dems have been caught out propagating completely unfounded allegations about the views of their Green Party rivals over a local regeneration project.
An edition of the Lib Dem's
local Focus newsletter about the restoration of a landmark gardens site alleged that Green councillors "called for the plans to be scrapped" and instead "want to build a completely undeliverable eco-village".
As ever, no quote or reference is given by the Lib Dems to back up their claims.

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Liberal Democrats Dirty Tricks Seven

Senior Liberal Democrat Chris Huhne Accused of Nazi slur over "skinhead" William Hague.

(I wonder how these two are getting along these days?)

"According to the Evening Standard, in his keynote speech to his party's annual conference, Mr Huhne was intending to brand Mr Hague a "skinhead who has toured the beer cellars of central Europe".
At the simplest level, calling a bald man a skinhead is crass and unfair. But in invoking that far-right imagery and in referring to the known preferred venues for Adolf Hitler's political meetings, Mr Huhne's more sinister attempted analogy was clear.

However, this wasn't the first time Chris Huhne has found himself in trouble over the propagation of personal smears against his political opponents.

During the 2007 Lib Dem leadership battle to replace Sir Menzies Campbell, a
document circulated by Huhne's campaign was revealed to have labelled his chief rival, Nick Clegg, "Calamity Clegg".
The document set out a series of quotations aimed at showing Mr Clegg's policy "flip-flops".

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Liberal Democrat Dirty Tricks Eight

Liberal Democrat GuideTo Effective Opposition:

"Be Wicked, Act Shamlessly, Stir Endlessly
on page 23 the handbook advises candidates "Don't be afraid to exaggerate" and on page 4 "Positive campaigning will NOT be enough to win control of the council."

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Liberal Democrat Dirty Tricks Nine:

Long Lib Dem History of Dirty Election Tactics

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Liberal Democrat Dirty Tricks Ten;

The Lib Dem candidate in last year's Norwich North by-election came under fire from even her own side for a campaign leaflet that accused her Green Party rival of holding "extreme views" on the 7th July terrorist attacks.

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