Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tory "Doughnut" Michael Fabricant in "Tube Bonus" MP Expenses Row!

Tory MP
Michael "Doughnut" Fabricant
 Just when you think things with this Tory coalition government cannot get any worse, up pops "doughnut" Michael Fabricant, the Tory MP for Lichfield.
You would think that after the MPs "expenses" debacle, the Tories would learn? Well not a bit of it!
It seems that when Mr Fabricant learned that the Commons Expenses Watchdog had relaxed their rules in light of the tube strike, he promptly sent an email around to all Conservative MPs informing them that they would be eligible to claim an extra £80 taxi fare to their London residences, while others could bill for an overnight hotel stay. Mr Doughnut Fabricant then ended his email with one word - "Enjoy"!

Incidentally, while on the subject of Mr Fabricant and his "doughnut", how come it was of dire importance that he spelt out the dangers of the a calorific content some drinks compared to a doughnut in parliament, while in opposition, but as soon as the Tory Coalition government get the chance they abolished the "Foods Standards Agency" stripping it of its responsibilities for nutrition and diet advice. This move will also allow firms to push their fat, sugar and salt laden products on children in schools via vending machines, coupled with the move which as also seen free swimming, for the young and elderly and the parks playgrounds programme axed, you have to question how serious Fabricant ever was and how serious this Tory coalition government is when it says it wants children to exercise more and be healthier.

Not to mention of course, that many Tory owning and Tory financial backing companies are behind this move and stand to profit directly from it!

More "corrupt" ConDem hypocrisy, which proves these cuts are not about the deficit, they are about ideology.!

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