Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"You've Never Had It So Good"!

Lord Young
"You've Never Had It So Good"
In This "So-Called Recession"!
 The resignation of prime minister David Cameron's old chum, and enterprise guru Lord Young, after his comments about the British public "never had it so good" and this "so-called recession", are just about par for the course.
Really it is probably quite unfair to ask for the resignation of Lord Young he was just voicing what everyone involved with this government believes, these were obviously not just isolated comments,  they are actually what this government as a combined entity actually thinks. Lord Young sat down to lunch with a journalist, and was eating and drinking his way through food and wine at a cost of what an ordinary person would probably have to work a few days for and yet the irony of that seems to have passed right over his head and the entire Tory coalition government "whooooosh"!
Individually, I do not find Young's comments anymore offensive than I find this entire Tory led coalition government. Fundamentally I find the whole lot of them totally offensive, obnoxious and the biggest set of arrogant liars I have ever had the misfortune to witness in any government, and that includes the last round of Tory governments that lasted 19 years! Anyone who lived through the Thatcher and Major years (why should Major get away with it?) and was on the receiving end of the Thatcher brand of Tory dogma, will understand exactly what I mean, ask any coal miner, ship, steel or car worker and railway employee and one of the millions of people those Tory governments put out of work and branded as  being "unemployed, a price worth paying for low inflation", ask any of the people that were forced into bankruptcy, lost their businesses, lost their jobs or had their homes repossessed, God knows that was bad enough, but this shower we have in government now, are overtly and distinctly so much worse than any previous Tory administration.
Grant Shapps the Housing Minister who thinks everyone who lives in a council house is lazy and the poor should not have children.
The Deputy PM Nick Clegg, who changes his mind about major Lib Dem pledges before the election, but carries on campaigning on the back of them, that is called voter fraud and gross deception ergo Nick Clegg is a blatant liar.
George Osborne who thinks it is OK to bail Irish banks out, but when UK banks were failing he did not want our government to bail our own banks out. Osborne also accused people of drawing unemployment benefit as choosing that as a "lifestyle choice".
David Cameron the Prime Minister, refers to all people unfortunate enough to be drawing benefits as "welfare scroungers!
The whole government want to put  people out of their homes and drive poor people out of city centers by removing their housing benefits, forcing them to live in ghettos which will spring up all over the country.
Lord Young also said  he dismissed the 100,000 job cuts expected each year in the public sector as being "within the margin of error" in the context of a 30 million-strong workforce, and said complaints about spending cuts came from "people who think they have a right for the state to support them".

Lord Young was trade and |Industry secretary in Margaret Thatcher's government.

It is not the first time part of Cameron's "chosen ones" have made insensitive remarks.
Another who has made crass remarks is millionaire business woman and handbag designer friend of David and Samantha Cameron, Anya Hindmarch trade ambassador in Cameron's government made offensive and hurtful’ remarks after saying she ‘likes’ economic slumps.

This whole government is crass, vulgar and totally insensitive to peoples needs and feelings at a time of heightened anxieties about the recession, jobs and mortgages.

But then what do we expect of a government made up entirely of multi-millionaire cabinet ministers and multi-millionaire advisers and "old school pal" jobs for the boys Cameron and Osborne's cronies? They haven't got the first idea of what it is like to be us and furthermore, they just don't care their only cares are for their mega rich families and friends.

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