Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Press Turning Themselves Into a Joke!

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The high minded bunkum that the newspapers are emitting over the new press regulation is a joke!
Apparently Fraser Nelson and Ian Hislop (the kings of self righteous sanctimony), with Fraser just marginally more tolerable than the overbearing condescending prig Hislop - (despite his funny accent) are boo hooing away and stomping their feet refusing to sign up to the new regulation. The usual suspects, The Sun, Mail and Telegraph look like they will be joining them What a bunch of self serving egotistical sore losers, they can  give it out but they cannot take it!

The press should realise that 86% of  people polled think the press should sign up to this regulation deal, just 6% say no, it's called democracy and the press lost they should sign the bloody thing and stop with the whingeing and acting like drama queens full of their own self importance, they are newspapers for goodness sake they are not neuro surgeons! Even invoking press ghosts from 300 years ago and using Winston Churchill to justify why it is that they want to carry on unimpeded insulting, printing their "lies, it's ridiculous, they cannot keep on with their dodgy practices, phone hacking, quoting from fake 'sources', printing sexist bull****, racism, bigotry, deliberately inflammatory comments" Not to mention the deliberate misleading, misquoting and general disinformation. The press over stepped the mark once too often and they got caught and just like they would demand "justice be done" in other cases, they should now take the penance for their actions and it's no good blaming everyone else, they only have themselves to blame. They've got off lightly according the opinions of the majority of the general public if  they turn this down they may just find themselves be legislated against and then no amount of invoking dead people or antiquated laws will get them out of it.

After all that has happened in the press over the past few years, the press still want us to take their word that they will be good little editors and journalists in future and they are asking us to trust them (yet again) - bare face cheek of it! They want us to accept that it is for the public good that we still give them the latitude to do as they please, print what they like and ruin as many lives as they can, and here's the rub, they want their bad behaviour to be subject to their own self appointed watchdog! It's like giving prisoners the keys to the prison! The press want to be allowed to continue manipulating and controlling the government and anyone else who dares to show some backbone and oppose their dogmatic drivel,  it's time someone stood up to them, glad to see that the leader of the opposition, Ed Miliband has continued to do this all the way through this sorry mess, pity the same cannot be said for David Cameron, our gutless, "ball-less" prime minister. He only thought it may be a good idea to impose this regulation after he saw that the vast majority of the public were in favour of it, up until that point he was playing stupid juvenile games and playing politics by pulling out of progressive talks at the 11th hour  by telephone (what a ridiculous puerile stunt) and then holding hastily convened press conference timed exactly to coincide with Ed Miliband's speech on regional banks for growth in the economy!

The pious indignation the press is galling, they are angry that they are being reined in, but while they contemplate their collective navel, they should think about this; The anger they feel with Ed Miliband, they were warned about, he was up front and honest with them, he told them he wanted the Leveson report implemented in full and never made any secret of that, in fact he relented and compromised in order to accommodate the prime minister's position, so he rolled back a little. The may not like his position, but he was totally upfront about it so the press knew where they were at all times. Not so with David Cameron, he led the press up the garden path and then slammed the backdoor in their faces, he lied to them and misled them, which is Cameron all over, he's a pretender, a liar, a "misleader", he's a political whore, if the price is right he'll dump you for the better thing if it comes along. They should observe this, because this man is doing the same to this country and everytime they allow him to get away with his lying a misleading, and bullying they are helping him harm the people of this country by association, some who are so vulnerable they have not got a chance of fighting back!

So just sign the deal, it really isn't that bad and remember in future don't trust David Cameron, he's a liar.

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