Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another Bedroom Tax Anomaly

If a person on the council waiting list is offered a 2 bedroom property because the council does not have any one bedroom properties to offer them, they will still be charged 14% bedroom tax. If they refuse the property because they will be unable to pay the bedroom tax the council can and probably will strike them from the list for refusing the property and intentionally making themselves homeless.

Why has the Tory controlled government aided and abetted by the Liberal democrats allowed this ridiculous myopic bedroom tax to get this far? It's obvious to anyone with a modicum of common sense that this is not going to work, the policy has more holes than sieve, yet still the arrogant Cameron, Osborne, Duncan-Smith and Clegg are pushing on with this policy which is going to cause, poverty, pain, hardship and distress to 600,000 people and a catastrophic problem with homelessness.

The Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats are unfit for Government, they haven't a clue what they are doing and the chain reaction caused by their policies passes cleanly over their heads.


Dave C said...


I don't know if you are aware of two other blogs that carry quite a bit of information about the bedroom tax. They are "Green Benches" and SPeye. Both worth taking a look at

Gracie Samuels said...

Thanks for letting me know, one I do know about and the other I don't, so will definitely take a look,

Gary W.B. said...

Bedroom Tax and other attacks on low waged, unemployed the sick and disabled and even pensioners are all political ideogly by this far right wing goverment, that use's it media to help promote it's evil agenda by demonising the those groups.
They are laughing and enjoying every minute of what they are doing, they don't care; why do you think they want to withdraw from the human rights?, heck they've took our rights to legal aid away come the 1st of April but does gullible Britain wake up..hell they don't they read, listen and watch the Tory propaganda machine.

R33 said...

I think the real objective of the bedroom tax, is to drive as many people out of social housing as possible. The Tories despise the concept of social housing. It makes them feel sick to their stomachs that people in council housing pay less in rent than people in private accommodation and it makes them feel sick that social housing tenants are not a source of profit for their slum landlord friends and at their mercy.
I think the ultimate aim, is to get all social housing tenants into private accommodation and all the remaining council properties into private hands. The bedroom tax is just the first part of the new wave of attacks they have got planned on social housing tenants.

GWB1983 said...

R33 - Yes I fully agree with your comments, these are real nasty people they care not for the sick and old or unemployed/low waged and mass poverty is their goal and they will get it as people in Britain just keep shutting their eyes or swollowing their propaganda machines lies.