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Cameron's "Carry On Lying" Government!

If His Lips Move He's Lying

Cross party talks on how to implement the Leveson report were going well and compromises were being reached on all sides, and then out of the blue the PM David Cameron telephoned Ed Miliband to inform his he was walking away from the talks and was going to force a vote in the House to implement his own Royal Charter. This is a vote Cameron knows he will be hard pressed to win, so why is he deliberately wasting parliamentary time and taxpayers money doing it?

Cameron decided to hold his impromptu press conference at the same time as Ed Miliband was due to give a speech to the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC)  about how our banks needed to be reformed and was putting forward suggestions about how we could have a regional banking system in order to aid growth and SMEs etc speech in full HERE 

Cameron was already behaving bizarrely on Wednesday in the House during PMQs, instead of answering questions put to him he chose to personally attack Ed Miliband's council tax band, this came at the end of a session that saw the PM ranting and raving to the point where he was no longer making any sense.

It's all very odd and forces people to wonder what promises and assurances were given during the meetings held in secret between the government and press, convened to supposedly discuss the Leveson report. The victims of press abuse have the right to ask what has been promised and so are the public entitled to ask just what it is that Murdoch and Dacre have got on Cameron to be able to exert such power over him, enough to make the prime minister behave in such a bizarre fashion?

Is this all part of Cameron's election strategy for the nest general election? You scratch my back press and I'll scratch yours? What has been promised by the likes of Murdoch et al in order for the Tories to get a favourable ride in the build up to the next election? Cameron tells so many lies, he is a blatant liar and he deliberately misleads and uses disinformation tactics and the press duly obliged by spreading political propaganda . I would lay money on there being some kind of "understanding" between press and government and why should people trust them when the meetings have been held in secret? Why were they held in secret? Why weren't these meetings held openly where they could be vetted and scrutinised? The PM must have known that holding meetings in secret to discuss the way forward for press regulation was bound to be controversial and laid open to accusations of corruption. After all that has gone on between the press and members of the public and the abhorrent way in which the Dowlers and former PM's son Gordon Brown etc were treated and all the lying and obfuscation over Rupert Murdoch's BSkyB bid, and the paying police for information, you would have thought that Cameron would not have run the risk of being accused of corruption, yet here it is, he has learned nothing, he tells lies, he's incompetent, so why should the public believe a single thing he says about a Royal Charter to regulate the press?
Cameron's recommending a charter that has been crawled over by media lawyers to find loopholes and ways to get out of conforming to it and is also open to ministers in a privy council overruling all of it or parts of it, before it is even voted on by parliament. What is going on here? How corrupt is Cameron?

Cameron got off lightly when he appeared at Leveson, but he shouldn't gloat because sooner or later the hold that Murdoch has over him will be exposed, who knows the latest whistle blower that has just implemented Murdoch's papers may just hold the key to what has actually gone on between Cameron and Murdoch. Now police are examining an estimated 600 fresh claims of phone-hacking incidents at media tycoon Rupert Murdoch's now defunct tabloid News of the World.
According to sources, Scotland Yard detectives believe they can identify as many as 600 new incidents after obtaining the phone records of an insider who is now being lined up as a crown witness.
So it looks like Murdoch has deliberately covered this up, perhaps he thought he had hidden all the evidence? David Cameron needs to be worried here, perhaps this is why he has been behaving so oddly?

"It's not whether the press are happy, its not whether the politicians are happy, it is whether the victims are happy", these were Cameron's words and now he is not only walking away from talks which were heading somewhere, he is walking away from his own words and dealing a blow to the victims of press abuse.

 Cameron is treating the victims of phone hacking with complete contempt and this is after he promised to implement the Leveson recommendations in full "if they weren't bonkers", well the recommendations were not bonkers, in fact to some they didn't go as far as they would have wished, but once again we David Cameron not keeping his word and letting the victims of press abuse like the parents of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler down.

Fundamental problem of this is that the government has been negotiating with newspaper barons in secret and nobody knows what has been promised to them. How do we know that Rupert Murdoch and Paul Dacre etc have not been putting pressure on the government?

David Cameron is giving into pressure from the papers, he ought to remember it is the voters that put him where he is not the editors and proprietors of newspapers. The press have been given chance after chance to regulate themselves and they have shown repeatedly that they cannot do it, they think they can do what they  like, say what they  like, when they like. This is the reason why the press do not hammer the Tories when they know they should and why they are allowing them to get away the most appalling incompetence and the most appalling governance this country has ever seen, it's all because they do not want to be regulated and Cameron is sucking up to the press, Murdoch and Dacre, it could not be more transparent and it really is a dreadful state of affairs.

We have a situation now where a really important vote is to take place in the House next week in budget week over the Leveson recommendations and MPs cannot make an informed choice because they do not know what the terms will be. It was the same story in the House today over alcohol pricing,  MPs have no idea what the government's position on minimum pricing now is.

After the u-turn over alcohol pricing and the partial climb down on the bedroom tax, during last week's PMQs in the House of Commons, Ed Miliband asked Cameron if "there was anything he could organise in a brewery", apparently there isn't, but he doesn't have to when he has the press repeating his lies and deliberate misleading.

David Cameron and this government are a becoming a joke, forty-one u-turns so far and counting! No one knows what this government is doing from one day to the next, it would be funny if it wasn't so serious and still the press allow Cameron to get away with it, they are totally and utterly immoral. Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne are bleeding the economy dry with ill thought out, ill timed and unworkable austerity measures and tax rises and cuts in benefits for the poor, the low waged, the disabled and the vulnerable while giving millionaires a tax cut amounting to approximately £110,000 and the press allow them to get away with this, it's shocking!

This government is a total farce, it's like being governed by the cast of a Carry On film - farce after farce after farce aided and abetted by papers like the Sun, Times, Telegraph and Daily Mail.

David Cameron cannot carry on like this with his lies and blunders and incompetence. The deliberate misleading and the lies are an every day occurrence now.

The UK Statistics Authority rebuked David Cameron for falsely stating in a Conservative Party political broadcast that the coalition "was paying down Britain’s debts".
Andrew Dilnot, the chair of the stats authority, has said that there was no basis for Cameron's claim. He rightly points out that the national debt has risen from £811.3bn, or 55.3 per cent of GDP, to £1,111.4bn, or 70.7 per cent of GDP, since the coalition entered office.

But this hasn't stopped Cameron from carry on making a false claim and neither has it stopped chancellor George Osborne from making the same false claims.

Just last week he was rebuked by Robert Chote, the head of the OBR, who contradicted a claim Mr Cameron made in a speech about the economy, in which the Prime Minister said the forecaster does not believe cuts are reducing growth. The OBR does think that government's austerity measures will harm growth.

I read somewhere today that mockery can be eroding and this is true, the country and the Tory party no longer have confidence in the PM. We are entering very unstable very dangerous times. We have a prime minister who quaffs wine while on duty and prefers to play games on his ipad  rather than work, a part time chancellor who hasn't got a clue what he is doing and a deputy prime minister who clocks off at 3pm.

The public are becoming very aware of  Cameron's grandstanding and once again he is seen to be standing up for the vested interests of the rich and powerful.

This government have all but ruined the British economy, they are ruining the welfare system, they are placing 600,000 people in danger of rent arrears which could lead to their eviction from their homes. they are privatising the NHS by stealth and have placed in danger 200,000 children who will not have a school place next year because the education secretary, Michael Gove abolished the Labour government's Building Schools for Future programme, even though they were warned at the time that if they did this then there would be a school places shortage, they ignored it, did it and now we have a shortage and they are still trying to blame Labour.

Cameron is a liar, he tells lies every single day and the more pressure he feels the worse his lies get.

Cameron said he would implement Leveson in full, "if it wasn't bonkers"well it wasn't, is it too much to ask that just for once this prime minister actually keeps his word and does what he promised to do?

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