Monday, August 13, 2012

Say 'Thank You' To Labour Boris Johnson!

Most of what has happened with regard to the London Olympics has been a positive experience for the Capital fortunately recording few negatives, however, a couple of the negatives that there were have been pretty damning.

The horrendous problems caused by the security company G4S, and the mishandling of Olympic Games security by Tory Home Secretary Theresa May and Tory Mayor of London Boris Johnson were fortunately sorted out by the drafting in of tens of thousands of troops but there now must be a parliamentary inquiry into how this problem which nearly wrecked the entire Games was allowed to happen and get so far apparently "undetected". The Home secretary must answer why she gave one answer to parliament when the opposite of what she said was the truth, once again we have a member of the Tory government deliberately found to be misleading parliament.

Both the Prime Minister and Boris Johnson used the Games and athletes as free publicity for themselves to a distasteful degree.The PMs attempts to cover himself in glory of sport have to be a joke, ever since he and his party assumed power they have cut sports funding to schools. In fact one of Cameron's first cuts was to cut free swimming which Labour introduced for children and pensioners. Then they cut the number of hours that sport had to be taught in school, then they cut the funding and also tried to cut the Schools Sports partnership that Labour introduced, they only partially reinstated it when there was a huge outcry from famous sports stars. All this was in the two years leading up to the Olympic Games - totally farcical!

David Cameron displayed an uncanny knack of turning up to watch athletes who were tipped for possible gold quickly putting paid to their prospects as their hopes, dreams and hard work turned to a pile of ashes. This little phenomena became known on Twitter Sphere as the #CurseofCameron.

There seemed a real malice behind  Boris Johnson using the Games to shamelessly flout himself, he is not a "nice man", he is opportunistic and an attention seeking thug and a total incompetent; a "Norman Bates" in an ill fitting suit wearing his mother's scarecrow bleached blonde wig. He is a pretendy 'jovial' clown who never does anything unless there is something in it for himself!

To deliberately invite disgraced media tycoon Rupert Murdoch to the Games was an insult of the highest order, but to take him to the final of the swimming, where tickets were sold out to the public months back and where even the relatives of swimmers taking part could not get a ticket to the event was an act of sheer selfishness and inappropriate behaviour. Murdoch's News International is currently the subject of the Leveson Inquiry and several police investigations, where charges to high profile figures have taken place. The problems go straight to the heart of British Government with the prime minister's former chief of communications Andy Coulson, and the PM's very close friend Rebekah Brooks, both face serious charges of phone hacking, perverting the course of justice and illegally paying police offices for information.

The sight of the Culture Secretary, the beleaguered Jeremy Hunt pulling up outside the Olympic Aquatic Centre in a taxpayer funded chauffeur driven limo was irksome enough, but to see him jump out and warmly greet Rupert Murdoch was deeply offensive, especially when just a few weeks previous he was forced to defend the position he took by trying his best to grant Murdoch his BSkyB takeover bid, which would have effectively handed Murdoch the coverage of the lion-share of the UK's print and broadcast media and he came within 12 hours of doing so, until he was forced to call a halt to it. Jeremy Hunt was found to have deliberately misled parliament over the Murdoch BSkyB takeover bid, yet there he was meeting and warmly greeting the man he tried to give advantageous treatment to!

I also find the defence of beleaguered security company G4S by the Home Secretary, Theresa May and Boris Johnson to be somewhat puzzling, why would they want to defend the company they both accuse of nearly wrecking the Games by not providing the security they were contracted to provide? Several times Boris Johnson has defended this company and he was at it again today in a post Olympic Games press conference.

I also find it absolutely astonishing that Johnson could publicly thank the company who nearly wrecked the Games, but not publicly thank the for former Labour government for putting together the winning bid and not thank the former Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone and Tessa Jowell for all their hard work and for undertaking the mammoth part of the organising of the Games. The building of the venues and for keeping them all on track, on time and under budget. It is absolutely incredible that Johnson gushed about failed security company G4S and did not mention once the absolutely sterling efforts the former Labour government made to get where they got in just 5 years. Lord Seb Coe also sat beside the Mayor this morning and accepted the accolades, yet not once did he even mention the five years of toil put into these Games by Labour, Livingstone and Tessa Jowell, it was the former Labour PM, Tony Blair who appointed the Tory peer Lord Coe to his position, one would have expected him to mention the people he worked so closely with.

In fact, Johnson thanked the world and his mate for their involvement in the Games and deliberately left out the people without which these Games would not have taken place. I bet if things had gone badly wrong they would have turned around and blamed the former Labour government quickly enough though!

It was the former Labour government who appointed Danny Boyle to organise the Olympic Games opening ceremony, an inspired choice as the ceremony was widely talked about and acclaimed as on of the best.

The papers and TV are full of the many fantastic achievements from Team GB's world class sporting attempts and triumphs, quite rightly so, after all their efforts and total dedication and gruelling training regimes lasting years day in day out, month in month out, high days and holidays, they deserve every accolade they are now being paid, what a great pity the British Pm and the London Mayor are now tarnishing the Games, with their self promotion and greed and battle to win all the glory for the athletes and former Labour Government's hard work.

Mayor Johnson may just yet have some questions to answer over G4S, questions that no matter how many times he tells people to "put a sock in it", will not go away.
Why are Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt and Theresa May so keen to defend G4S? In fact why was G4S so keen not to offend their Tory paymasters? What are they hiding?

One more thing that Cameron, Osborne and Johnson have to thank the former Labour government for, is that the spending going on in the capital dues to the Olympics, was being spent courtesy of the Labour government, ironically, this may just save the undeserving Tories from sliding further into the mire of their Tory made double dip recession!

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