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Tory Message To All Immigrants - Britain is Closed (Unless You Are Chinese)

Right from the very start of their assumed position in government the Conservative party aided and abetted by their Liberal Democrat coalition partners introduced a concerted campaign to attack immigrants. They have deliberately misinformed people, deliberately misled people and is some cases have blatantly lied to people about immigration.

A few months ago the Tories employed the Australian lobbyist Lynton Crosby as an election strategist and it is no coincidence that the government's attacks on immigrants have intensified since his arrival in Downing Street. This is no surprise, Crosby is not known for his tolerance of immigrants and he helped former Australian PM John Howard to win an election after running a particularly vehement campaign playing to people's fears and prejudices about immigration. Crosby is now doing exactly the same in the UK.

Immigration being used as a blunt weapon is not only happening in countries such as Australia, it is also now widespread right across Europe, anti-immigration is now almost becoming a global problem and is starting to restrict the movements of people necessary to keep the global economy on course. The number of anti-immigration parties across Europe is rising and we should all be extreme concerned about this. We are now fast approaching a situation where people hate each other for no other reason than because they are foreign. Wars have been started for a lot less!

It's no coincidence that the rise of fascism was also seen after the 1929 stock market crash and now the same thing is happening again after the great 2008 crash, particularly across Europe. In stoking the flames of immigration to be used solely for political gain David Cameron, George Osborne and the Tory and Liberal Democrat parties are literally playing with fire and it appears that Cameron is willing to go a lot further in order to win lost Conservative voters back from Ukip. Which is why during last summer we saw vans with advertising hoardings on the sides ordering immigrants to go home or face arrest and deportation. These vans were deliberately sent into areas with high immigrant population and they stoked up fears, resentment.

The government have blamed immigrants for "taking all our jobs" for being "health tourists" and "claiming benefits" and being "scroungers, idlers and cheats" etc. They may not say it outright but this is the message they are deliberately cultivating and putting out.

The Tories are trying to force hospital doctors, GPs and landlords to become pseudo immigration officers and are going to make it harder for immigrants to obtain a house, driving license and a bank account. It wont be long before people are dying preventable deaths and are dying starving and homeless on our streets. The UK is not going forward in the acceptance of others, we are being put into reverse by the government and are careering backwards!

There is a very nasty undercurrent in this country, far worse now than it was when we had the 'National Front' marauding on our streets painting their swastika slogans on the houses and properties of immigrants, at least we could treat them with disdain and the contempt they deserved as coming from bigoted people of limited intelligence, but to have this kind of prejudicial effluent flowing from the British government is not only abhorrent, it is extremely dangerous! Couple that with what is happening in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Norway, France etc and we have the makings of an extremely frightening disaster with catastrophic consequences. If more than one of these political parties were ever elected to government, the thought of what could happen is spine chilling!

Now it appears that the British government is putting out conflicting messages. To paraphrase, while internally to the British people (especially those members now deserting the Tories for Ukip) the Conservatives backed by their Liberal Democrat coalition partners want to appear "tough on immigration and tough on the causes of immigration" they seem to be tying themselves up in knots.

The Home Secretary, Theresa May has restricted immigrants from countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa AND China etc, making it hard for them to get visas. These measures are also restricting immigrants from New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

Speaking in Beijing today the chancellor George Osborne who is on a trade mission with the London Mayor Boris Johnson has given a very telling speech. While trying to blame everyone else for the failures of the coalitions own immigration policies he also said;
"We have had something like a 60% reduction in immigration from New Zealand and I'm not sure that is entirely what we wanted to achieve."

Boris Johnson said:
"in an ideal world" Mr Cameron would make control over access from EU countries part of his renegotiation with Brussels. 
He called for longer periods before people coming to Britain could claim UK benefits, but admitted the way forward was now "very, very hard". 
"You have got to crack down on illegal immigrants and stop them coming with a much tougher border regime. But at the same time you don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater."
"I'm pleased that the Government has listened to the many voices, mine included, who have called repeatedly for a streamlining and simplification of the Chinese visa system.
George Osborne said:

"We already have 130,000 Chinese students like you studying in Britain. 
"I want more of you to come. And more Chinese visitors too. 
"Let me make this clear to you and to the whole of China. There is no limit to the number of Chinese who can study in Britain 
"No limit to the number of Chinese tourists who can visit. 
"No limit on the amount of business we can do together. For in the end what is a true dialogue?

Osborne said that there will be changes to the way people from China will be treated when applying for entry to the UK.
The changes will include reducing the need for Chinese visitors to submit separate visa applications for Britain and travel agents will be able to apply for UK visas simply by submitting just the EU's Schengen area visa form.
From next summer a new 24 hour "super priority" visa service will become available and the Tory government is also looking at expanding a VIP mobile visa service, currently operating in Beijing and Shanghai to the whole of China's population.
Chinese will get help with British teams going out to applicants to collect their completed forms and biometric data, with whole process taking less than five minutes, thousands of new visa applications can be approved in a very short time.

Apparently the move is welcomed by UK business who have complained that the Tories change to immigration policies was discouraging high-spending Chinese visitors from coming to Britain.

George Osborne insisted:
it was time to change British perceptions of China from the view that it is a "big sweatshop on the banks of the river" just making cheap manufacturing goods.

He also said:
"I want us to be part of China's success. I don't see it as a threat to us. I see it as a great opportunity because there are many millions of people we can sell British goods and services to."

So apparently  it's OK if you are one of the millions of Chinese that want to head on over to the UK to spend some of their gigantic credit bubble money, we will make it as easy as possible.

I would warn China that the last country the Tory chancellor extolled the praises of was Ireland, apparently we could all learn from them "if only we were brave enough", he said this shortly before Ireland's banks collapsed. It doesn't exactly fill one with confidence does it?
What happens when China's massive credit bursts? They are already propping their economy up by building ghost shopping malls and towns and cities which no one can afford to do business in or live in, they are just standing empty.

I would advise George Osborne to watch the following video and not tie the UK economy in with the Chinese economy, because like his own housing bubble the Chinese housing and credit bubble is terrifying, if that goes pop, and we have heavy trade links with China then so are we going to go bust!

Why is this government trying to  prop up our economy on the Chinese economy which will inevitably crash?

Why is our government trying to make it easy for the Chinese to come into the UK while making it difficult for people from other poor countries harder? Also for the rest of Europe?

Never mind the millions of poorer Chinese people who will enter the UK quite legally with their fast tracked visas and never return to China. How does the government propose to stop this happening?

Never mind China's appalling human rights abuses eh George? Just as long as you can get your hands on their filthy lucre made off of the backs of the poor forced to toil in those sweatshops you mention. Or the poor Chinese people that have been displaced by their own government in order that still more miles and miles and miles of tower blocks and shops with false facades on can stand empty year upon year upon year. Meanwhile poor jobless people scrabble about on the roadside trying to salvage the bricks of what was once their homes.

If the Chinese are investing in our energy and nuclear power stations, then what happens when those investors lose all their money in the Chinese crash when it comes? (and come it will) Our lights really will go out then.

Osborne, Cameron and Johnson are leading this country blindly into a terrifying scenario, this will  make the crash of 2008 look like a blip.

China's human rights record is appalling.

It's only Chinese money and Britain wants it make no mistake about that and the British government is willing to overlook that fact that dues to China's one child policy, newborn infants (especially females) are just tossed aside in gutters in the road, or on rubbish dumps and left to die, alone, cold, hungry and that these babies are often the product of forced abortions, where the family planning officials come to break down the door in the early hours of the morning and take a terrified screaming pregnant woman away to purposefully murder her baby and then after a forced abortion (often carried out late in the pregnancy) the baby is just thrown into a bucket by the side of the bed next to the distraught mother - her crime for this is to have a second child.

This is the kind of country our Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government are clamouring to do business with!

As long as you are from a country like China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, you will be able to get into Britain relatively easily, but if you are from one of the poorer countries and you do not have much money, you will be discriminated against by the British government.

But money is king apparently.

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