Sunday, October 20, 2013

Another Weekend and Another Coalition 'Crisis'

"Coalition Crisis"

Must be the weekend because the Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has popped up again to try and con us all into believing that there is yet another 'coalition crisis'. Clegg has had more crises than he's had hot dinners! How many 'crises' to date have the Liberal Democrats had?  One seems to come along every week.

What do these crises ever do? What do they prove? Apparently zero, nada, zilch, nothing! Absolutely nothing, because as each Lib Dem crisis come and go, nothing ever changes, things stay exactly as they were before. I think the Liberal Democrat 'crises' need crisis management to make them appear more authentic.

Can you think of one single Liberal Democrat Coalition crisis that has developed into anything remotely useful to the British people?

This week's crisis is apparently because Nick Clegg doesn't like "free schools" and the fact they are not obligated to follow the national curriculum or employ properly trained teachers. It's an odd one because the "now you see me - now you don't" slippery dodgy 50,000 monetary reasons why not to trust the Liberal Democrat Education Minister David Laws (who caused his own faux crisis nicked £50,000 from the taxpayer was given a holiday from the HoC for 7 days and then awarded a job in cabinet) was fully backing the coalition government's free school policy in the HoC just a few days ago. Very odd because Nick Clegg  is the Deputy Prime Minister who would like us to know that he has a hand in all matters of education policy and who at every chance he gets slips in: "pupil premium - pupil premium - pupil premium" (three times - you count), doesn't seem to realise that this policy was announced at the beginning of the coalition, so why has it taken Nick Clegg the DPM over three years to decide he doesn't like it and cause another coalition "crisis" now? Could it possibly be because his master the Prime Minister wants to try and drag Labour, Ed Miliband and the energy crisis off of the front pages and the top of the news? In fact Labour have been saying for many months that these free schools should only be opened in in areas where school places are needed and that they must have qualified teachers and follow the national curriculum. Does "Nick agree with with Ed"? Pity Nick didn't agree with Ed over the NHS, then perhaps the Liberal Democrats would not now be fully endorsing the Tory privatisation and fire sale of our NHS to their mates in the private healthcare industry. Pity Nick doesn't agree with Ed about repealing the health and Social Care Act (which Nick voted for and which is now destroying the NHS)
Pity Nick doesn't agree with Ed over freezing energy prices. Pity Nick doesn't agree with Ed about sacking Atos. pity Nick doesn't agree with Ed about repealing the bedroom tax. Pity Nick doesn't cause a coalition crisis over the soaring use of foodbanks under his watch or the rapidly rising homelessness. Or those being forced into debt and are having their lives blighted with court summonses and CCJs through no fault of their own.

The only crisis I want to see is the back of the Liberal Democrats at the next general election, it's too late now for them to cause a real crisis and walk away from the cruel out of touch Tory government which Nick and all his crises are helping to keep in power.

However, there is a general election coming up in 2015, so we can expect to see an increase in the number of  these man made Lib Dem crises.

I wonder what the Liberal Democrat "coalition crisis" will be next weekend?

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