Sunday, December 12, 2010

"ChristMass" Cuts From the Anti-Santa and Tax Dodger George Osborne

Council jobs bloodbath as budgets are slashed 10percent.

Prime Minister David Cameron
Laughs as Britain Burns!
While tax dodger extraordinaire, chancellor  George Osborne hires a team of accountants to find ways of helping him avoid paying £1.6 million in tax to the Treasury (British taxpayers), he is cutting council budgets by 10% next year, in a move that will cost thousands of jobs.

Ministers will also reveal this week massive cuts that will hit police, schools, coastguards and transport in a series of pre-Christmas announcements.

In the cynical and underhand fashion we have come to expect from the government of "new politics" David Cameron wants to get this news out as many people will be preoccupied with their Christmas preparations and out shopping, hoping few will take notice. Cameron wants to slash the amount Town Halls get by 28% over four years. The move will hit social services, school repairs and rubbish collections as town halls are forced to fire thousands of workers to save cash.

Local authorities are being forced to cut jobs and services after David Cameron promised a two year freeze on council tax bills.

Police forces will take a larger than expected hit of 5% in their budgets next year, this will result not only in the loss of "backroom staff" but the loss of front line officers too. Cameron talks about the "backroom staff" in police forces as if they were expendable commodities, not human beings with families to keep. It should be remembered that amongst these "backroom staff" are people that help fight internet crime, child protection officers, organised crime and domestic violence etc, if these people are sacked, crime will rise, that is a certainty. Already the police are facing massive cuts and changes to the criminal justice bill, means that the Conservative government will be allowing prisoners out of prison early and some serious offenders will find that they will not go into prison at all. This is soft on crime and soft on the causes of crime, it is just virtually saying to the criminal, carry on offending, no one will be coming after you and if you are caught, you will be let off.

Other cuts mean that the number of coastguard stations around Britain will fall from 19 to just 8, with five operating in daylight hours only. The shake-up will mean that we lose 250 coastguards and this will not only put lives seriously at risk, it is giving the green light to criminals to enter and leave British shores unnoticed while carrying out their criminal activities, like drug and people smuggling.

Tax dodger George Osborne, is cutting Government spending overall by 19% over four years, but plans to drop in scale by the time the next general election comes around in a cynical ploy that he and David Cameron have drawn up and mentioned on this blog elsewhere weeks ago. This is the type of duplicitous deceitful government of "new politics" we have in Britain today.

And George Osborne and others in the Tory party are just allowed to carry on dodging paying their taxes, while they decimate this country and cause pain and distress to millions.

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