Thursday, December 23, 2010

Britain Was Never Broke!

Liars Cameron and Clegg
The Tories are lying to us through their back teeth, this country is not broke, it was never broke and it was never nearly broke. "Broke" countries do not borrow upwards of £10 billion to loan to another country, especially one who has not been a very good friend or neighbour of Britain. a country who reduced their corporation ludicrously low specifically to tempt UK companies out of Britain in order to set up in Ireland! The most absurd thing is that George Osborne once said he is going to Ireland to listen and learn about their wonderful economy and that the UK should follow their example! (Good job Brown and Darling didn't, or we would be in the same situation now). Osborne took this £10 billion and loaned it to Ireland without even asking permission of parliament. there should have been provisos attached to that loan, like forcing the Irish to raise their corporation tax to the same level as us, to create a level playing field in business. The whole Irish loan is a fiasco and this country will never ever get that £10 billion back and please do not forget, the UK will carry on paying the interest on that £10 billion all the time the loan is outstanding. It is patently absurd that this country was forced to bail out the Irish banks by George Osborne and David Cameron, when these two voted against this country bailing our own banks out. While in opposition Cameron and Osborne were quite happy to see our banks fail, our people lose their jobs, businesses, homes, mortgages, savings and pensions, simply because it suited them politically, they could not care less, as long as their election prospects benefited. This is the calibre of government we have in the UK today.


Julia said...

I could not agree more with all that you have written. We are indeed living in very frightening times and the very sad fact remains, it never needed to be like this. If only people had kept faith with Labour and had not fallen for the lies of david cameron, George Osborne and the right wing press owned by News Corp Rupert Murdoch.

Anonymous said...

I concur with that Julia. I was one o the people who fell for the lies of Cameron and Osborne, I feel sick with myself. I have literally voted myself and my husband out of a job. I feel so ashamed of myself.