Wednesday, December 29, 2010

David Cameron-Prime Minister & Media Whore!

The Country Is grinding To a Halt
And The Prime Minister
Thinks It's Funny!
Amazing! During the past month, we have seen mass demonstrations on the streets of all our towns and cities, we have seen rioting on the streets of our capital London.

Nick Clegg was wheeled out to face the media over swingeing 25% cuts to local authority funding.

Snow and freezing conditions brought the country to a virtual stand-still.

There has been a doubling of those suffering with swine flu being admitted to hospital and ITU's, under fives can no longer have the the flu jab free.

The NHS is beginning to buckle under the strain of the flu virus.

Cameron and Andrew Lansley were told of this several times BEFORE it got to this stage and the Tory led government were asked to run the advertising campaign to inform people about the flu vaccine, but they refused and now it looks like we are going to have an pandemic on our hands, as cases are being reported all over the country, which will be made worse with people visiting each other over the holidays.
The country is grinding to a halt because of the arrogance and sheer incompetence of this Tory led Government, we are descending into chaos, mess and mayhem - fast

And where is our Prime Minister David Cameron? 

Nowhere to be seen, except once he was "papped" running around Hyde Park with his extremely expensive celebrity personal trainer, and his police bodyguard, Cameron was looking flushed, flustered, and out of breath. Apart from this and his compulsory visit to PMQ in the House before it broke up for the Christmas holidays - complete silence.

It appears that every time we have a major problem in this country our Conservative prime minister suddenly realises he has to be somewhere else, or he is holed up in his office hiding.

However to be fair, today, he did manage to get himself  on Sky News (where else?) In front of the camera for considerable time, in order to be interviewed. Great, what was the most pressing and urgent issue serious enough for him to take a break from his family Christmas? Was the country facing yet another crisis?

None of that, Cameron was speaking about the - cricket!

Good old Dave, there he was basking in the reflected glory of the England cricket team, getting on down and really getting into it all, associating himself with good news. You have to hand it to our prime minister, he really knows how to do this.

David Cameron mentioned he was up all night this week watching the cricket on Sky, nice of him to mention that, because I love cricket, I love watching our national side playing anyone, at anything, and I would really have loved to watch the Test Match series, but I could not - why? Because I cannot afford Sky, because our "illustrious" prime minister David Cameron's mate, News Corporation and bidder to take over 100% of BSkyB, Rupert Murdoch, has stopped me, and thousands like me from watching the cricket and even some of England's football matches and he is now in the process of getting his hands on all of BSkyB aided and abetted by another of David Cameron's mates, the Conservative Culture, media and Sport Secretary, Jeremy Hunt!

Hey but that has not stopped "call me Dave" from diving in front of Sky News cameras and associating himself with the good news that England have won the Ashes and will be bringing them back, what is the betting that when they come back, good old Dave will be hosting a champagne reception for them at Downing Street? Associating himself with more good news.

The prime minister of Britain, David Cameron, is nothing but a 2 bit media whore.

Give credit where it is due, when Labour PM Gordon Brown's government was hit by Foot & Mouth, Bird Flu, Floods, swine Flu, Icelandic volcano, etc etc, he was straight out, reassuring the country that all that could be done, was being done. eg in the case of the swine flu outbreak, Brown ensured there was vaccine and Tamiflu available for every single person in the country and emergency measures were put in place with our NHS, just in case, in the case of the volcano, Brown got people home via our Royal navy.

But then call brown all the names under the "Sun", he was gruff, grumpy, looked miserable and all the rest of it, but he genuinely cared for the people of this country and he would have walked over hot coals for us all to ensure we were OK, what does David Cameron do? Nothing, he hides and slinks back off to his privileged life in his millionaire homes and lives it up at the cost of the taxpayer but what else do you expect from a media whore?


Peter Robson said...

Spot on Gracie

Nicky said...

Hear, hear. Cameron's is utterly useless and completely inadequate for the role of PM.

The mainstream media's role in all this is truly appalling. They rubbished Brown - a truly good man who went the extra mile to help the people of the UK. Can you imagine their outrage if Brown had spent the last few weeks doing sod-all about various national crises and watching cricket through the night? When Brown disappeared from public view (albiet working hard behind the scenes)they used to sneeringly call him 'Macavity' (after the disappearing cat).

Like you, I'm pleased England won the Ashes, but I just knew from the outset that bloody Cameron was going to use it to bask in
reflected glory.

You're doing a great job, Gracie, keep it up.

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