Friday, December 24, 2010

Jeremy Hunt's Murdoch Brief Spells Disaster For British Democracy!

David Cameron's Judgement
Is Shot To Pieces!
(And He's a Liar!)
The handing of the Murdoch brief to the Culture, Media and Sport secretary Jeremy Hunt, has once again fuelled speculation over the prime minister David Cameron's Judgement! Not for the first time has Cameron made the completely wrong decision, Cameron it seems, hasn't the ability to make the correct calls and cannot work under pressure and that does not bode well for the UK.

If Jeremy Hunt the Culture, Media and Sport Secretary approves Rupert Murdoch's controversial takeover of BSkyB, he could face a legal challenge, not only because of Mr Hunt's past comments in support of Rupert Murdoch, but also because he has already held a private meeting with  Murdoch's son James last June. Lawyers experienced in this kind of law have stated that if Hunt approves of this takeover then legal challenges will follow.
The Culture Secretary should never have been asked to take on this work, it is a complete lapse of common sense and once again we are witnessing this inherently flawed judgement of David Cameron.

This proposed merger must be seen as above reproach, but with the recent events, it is anything but above reproach.

  • Jeremy Hunt is a very close friend of David Cameron's
  • Rupert Murdoch is personally involved with David Cameron
  • Rupert Murdoch backed Cameron in the general election in all of his papers and TV news stations
  • Rupert Murdoch was the first visitor to Downing Street, visiting within 24 hours of Cameron becoming prime minister
  • Murdoch entered and left by the rear door so he would not be seen
  • Jeremy Hunt has flown out of the country to hold meetings with James Murdoch about his father's take-over bid
The take over decision of BSkyB should not be taken by ministers, it should be taken by independent bodies.

Since Vince Cable spoke about being "in a war with Rupert Murdoch" and has had this part of his brief stripped away, Rupert Murdoch shelved a big advertising campaign, so sure is he now that his merger is going to be waived through by Jeremy Hunt.

David Cameron and George Osborne has heavily compromised themselves concerning Rupert Murdoch and his News Corporation, it is just not possible for this Tory led government to be able to have anything to do with this decision at all.

Now we learn that the government is starting to set the BBC up to be sold off and privatised. Will Murdoch be after the BBC too?

It is thought that th former Governor of Hing Kong, Chris Patten will be given the corporations top job in any takeover.

Sir Gus O'Donnell must come clean over the extent of Jeremy Hunt's involvement with Rupert Murdoch and his son James. Jeremy Hunt's position with Rupert and James Murdoch looks to be thoroughly compromised and there is no way he should be dealing with this and David Cameron should NOT have placed him this position.

This all looks to be a set up, designed purely to get Rupert Murdoch exactly what he wants, BSkyB today and tomorrow the BBC! Murdoch is too big and he already dominates the news agendas in this country, he already is interfering in the running of political parties and now he is interfering in the running of government.

Some of the 60.000
 Against Murdoch's
Proposed Take-over of BSkyB
Ofcom have been delivered 60.000 signatures all against this proposed take-over bid of Murdoch's, they know there is a groundswell of opinion against this takeover.

The question is why does Murdoch want such a control on the media in the UK? Why does he feel the need to have so much control over the media in any part of the world?

David Cameron and the Tories have done a deal with Rupert Murdoch, in return for Murdoch's news empire to back the Tories,  the Tories will wave through this deal for News Corporation to take over BSkyB and this goes against everything that Britain and British governments have ever stood for.

Andy Coulson, Murdoch's former editor of his paper the News of the World, left under a cloud in the phone hacking scandal and was promptly employed by David Cameron as his director of communications just a couple of months later. This is why David Cameron was too afraid to sack Andy Coulson, even though he was and is involved in the telephone hacking scandal. (And this is not finished yet)
David Cameron should never had got involved with Murdoch and he should never have hired Andy Coulson.
Cameron has also been responsible for hiring people like Lord Ashcroft and Philip Green who owe this country millions in unpaid taxes.
Cameron has allowed ministers in  to stay in his government who have off-shore accounts and do not pay UK taxes.
Cameron's own chancellor George Osborne is dodging paying his proper taxes.
Cameron's friend who owns Vodafone has been let off paying £6 billion in owed taxes to the UK Treasury.
Cameron has let his *BANKER* friends get away with nearly ruining this country and paying themselves huge bonuses.
Cameron has allowed the bankers levy to be reduced, so they do not have to pay the country £1 billion
Cameron hired as Conservative Party chairman someone whose tax affairs were highly dubious, despite being warned not to.

Cameron's judgement is shot to pieces and still he is allowed to continue ruining this country and making a complete hash of everything. Even his own government does not trust him.

This last 2 weeks the country has been brought to a stand still though bad weather and Cameron is nowhere to be seen, he refused to come out when it was revealed the depth of the council spending cuts.

Back to the Murdoch take-over -

BSkyB today and the BBC Tomorrow.

Don't say you were not warned. If this merger goes through, this spells complete disaster for free speech and British democracy.

This is a colossal Tory scandal waiting to break and when it does, it will have the proclivity to bring the Tory led government down.

For a government only in its seventh month, it is already mired in scandals and sleaze and lies.

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