Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tories To Scrap Pensioners Winter Fuel Payments

Britain Has a  Liar
For A
Prime Minister
In a secret recording made by undercover reporters for the Telegraph, Vince Cable can be heard saying that pensioners "winter fuel payments could be next in line to be scrapped".
Winter fuel payments were introduced by Gordon Brown when he was labour chancellor, they are considered a essential lifeline by the majority of pensioners. They are a cash payment and are a huge help with expensive heating bills. Link to Vince Cable Explosive Video
During the general election campaign David Cameron repeatedly said that these payments were safe and would not be scrapped. During the televised leadership programmes, David Cameron called Gordon Brown a "liar", when Mr brown suggested that the Tories were planning to scrap these payments.

If this happens it will be yet another broken promise by David Cameron and the Tories, to add to the great many promises they have already broken, just sever months in to their government.

So in the end out of the three leaders, Cameron, Clegg and Brown, the only man telling the truth was indeed Gordon Brown. David cameron and Nick Clegg have both been found to be liars of the tallest order!

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