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The Prime Minister Is In Cloud Cuckoo Land

"Tin Pot Dictator"
David Cameron

What is David Cameron actually doing as prime minister? What is he for? The mess he and his party are creating in Britain, is unparalleled. Cameron allows his ministers to make up policy overnight and announce it the next day, with absolutely no consultation and as a result the UK is rapidly slipping into one vast political mess.

Two examples:

1)...Child Benefit - which takes benefit away from families earning just over £40.000 per year, but allows a couple earning £80.000 per year to keep it. This was announced by George Osborne at the Tory party conference with anomalies that clearly show the policy was not thought through properly first. It was announced on the hoof by a zealous Osborne, who was trying to grab the headlines - truly pathetic.
2)...School Sport Partnership - Cameron allowed Michael Gove to completely abolish  SSP which the Labour government had successfully brought in and which is a huge success. Again this was a policy announced by Gove WITHOUT prior consultation and without proper thought. Michael Gove is known to have singled this policy out because he does not care for sport.  Removing the entire SSP budget of £162.000 without taking the opportunity to see how it works, benefits, and helps develop school children is totally ludicrous. The scheme encourages children to be more active and give them outdoor interests, or gives them the tuition to help hone and develop the young person's skill, or talent for a particular sport. More About School Sport Partnerships , it is not just about the elite, it is an inclusive policy and has been a resounding success.

The week the Education Secretary Michael Gove announced that it was to be scrapped, Cameron stood in the House of Commons in Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs) and backed Gove to the hilt. Cameron said that SSP had not been a success and it was a waste of money and was not delivering. That one statement from the prime minister of this country, clearly showed he was lying through his back teeth, lying to parliament, lying to the British people and deliberately misleading the House and the country. If the PM had bothered to study the School Sport Partnership scheme he would have discovered that it has been a resounding success. Encouraging youngsters to join after schools clubs in a whole range of sports from gymnastics to basketball to football, to athletics. However, his blatantly untrue and flippant comments during PMQs revealed two things 1)...That for all of Cameron's bonhomme and pretence of knowing about sport and pretending to support Aston Villa, he actually knows nothing about sport and it showed he was lying. 2) was clear from his comments that he knew absolutely nothing about SSP, yet there he was, prepared to write it and the youngsters that use it off completely without any prior knowledge, this is truly shocking for a prime minister.  It was not until various newspapers ran  campaigns to save SSPs, and almost every leading sportsperson in the country condemned the proposal, that Cameron took any notice.  Until that happened Cameron's interest in our children was non existent. Once Cameron realised the high profile interest and total condemnation, he pretended that a debate led by the shadow education secretary in the House fuelled his change of heart, and pledged to have another look at Michael Gove's proposal. The truth is he was spooked by the adverse publicity he and the Tories were getting from high profile figures.
This took place the week Cameron was in Zurich supposedly lobbying for the 2018 world cup to be played in Britain? What an appalling message this gave out at such a crucial time in the world cup bidding and then people act surprised that we were not favoured to hold the event!

On Wednesday December 8th  again at PMQs, David Cameron once again deliberately mislead the House of Commons and the public.  He announced that he had read the recent debate on school sports partnerships and claimed the shadow sports minister, Andy Burnham had agreed the current scheme is unaffordable.  Andy Burnham did not agree any such thing, what Burnham said was that they would be prepared to make cuts in the budget, and David Cameron should apologise for deliberately misleading the House. Andy Burnham's school sports speech to the House, proves Cameron is lying!

What kind of message is Cameron sending out to other countries ahead of holding  2012 Olympic Games? SSPs is the network that helps recognise sporting talent and develops it, talent like diving gold medalist Tim Daly has.

On one hand the government lectures people about obesity, yet on the other hand,  they plan to take away SSP and remember, this government has already taken away free swimming for youngsters in an earlier move. Where does this fit in with "Cameron's" big society?
I do not agree completely with Andy Burnham, that the scheme could accept some cuts, I believe that the relatively small amount of £162 million for what it actually delivers for school children in terms of interests, fitness, diet,  hope, disciplines and team work is worth every single last penny and a lot more besides.

The Tory coalition government shows a fundamental lack of understanding of the people of this country and what is actually needed to help build better communities in the future. It shows this government knows the price of everything, but the value of absolutely nothing. is it any wonder the government run into such problems with tuition fees in university funding?
The British people are being bombarded daily with major policy changes, it is impossible to keep up with them all. Just last week the Justice secretary Ken Clark announced three different measures, which if implemented could have a major impact on our lives.
Nothing is being scrutinised properly and many of these proposals are clearly thought up an announced on the hoof. This government is in one mad rush to save money, yet its policies will end up costing the taxpayer far more in the long term. They are in an indecent haste to save money in order to return a small amount to us in general taxation immediately prior to the next general election, which they hope will act as a sweetener to get them re-elected into government. This past week Gordon Brown the previous prime minister called this government "penny-wise, but pound foolish" and he will be proven right, yet again.
This government is planning major changes to the infrastructure of Britain.  The government is dismantling and disbanding and privatising the NHS, education and the welfare state. It is also attempting to politicise the police. To carry out one of these major changes in such a small window of time would be difficult enough, but to carry out major change in virtually every department is absolutely insane and people are going to suffer for it and some will even lose their lives because of it.
To gain from the government's bribe of  future "tax breaks", first we have to have a job, how would we gain from tax rebates if we are one of those unfortunate enough to lose our job as a direct result of this government's policies? Ordinary people lucky enough to still have a job may gain approximately £10 per month? However this is completely offset by what we will be losing. The loss of the NHS, free education, Sure Start,  Future jobs programme, Regional Development Agencies.  Plummeting numbers of nurses, doctors and police and a  skeleton armed services. Hospitals will be sold off to private companies to be run for profit and we will have virtually no welfare state. This is not a good thing, the welfare state is there to catch us all and stop us falling through the net, if it is not there, then we will all suffer.
Of course ordinary people will be a tenner a month better off in tax breaks, but the mega rich friends of the Tories, will save millions of pounds on their tax bills, this is a complete re-run of the Thatcher years and what she did to the ordinary working person. Thatcher also sold off large chunks of state owned property like the land that psychiatric hospitals were built on, casting patients into communities without adequate care and supervision and now we are witnessing this unsuccessful policy taking shape again in our NHS, already we have two hospitals that are being sold off completely to private companies, yet more friends of the Tory party. This carving up of the state does not benefit ordinary people, it only favours and benefits those mega-rich Tory party financial donors.

Since coming to power, David Cameron and his chancellor George Osborne have been turning working person against working person and they have implied that everyone who claims benefits, is somehow a welfare scrounger. David Cameron said the budget deficit will not be dealt with by "just hitting either the rich or the welfare scrounger".

David Cameron and George Osborne appear to have absolutely no idea how their actions are affecting people and what a detrimental effect they will have on people and communities up and down this country, the effect is disproportionate and will be the cell that develops civil unrest. By cutting housing benefit, the government is literally taking the roof from over the heads of  families, children are going to suffer greatly. It is a brutal and vicious attack on the most vulnerable in society.

Multi millionaire chancellor and tax dodger chancellor George Osborne said: "People who think it is a lifestyle to sit on out-of-work benefits … that lifestyle choice is going to come to an end. The money will not be there for that lifestyle choice."

Not content with insulting the vast majority of people on welfare, who are genuine claimants, buoyed up with his own piss and importance and his own over-inflated ego, yet again he announced policy on the hoof without thought or prior consultation, that he was going to save another £4bn in further savings by 2014-15, on top of the £11bn savings set out in the June budget. This is just another brutal vicious assault on vulnerable people. For those that think  everyone is a welfare scrounger and thus it is OK to attack the "welfare scrounger" living out their "lifestyle choice" and think that these people are all somehow cheats, scroungers and fraudsters, you never know when you will be forced to claim and with the global economy the way it is and these absolutely unnecessary politically motivated ideological cuts by the certifiably insane government, affect your job, and your business, and your home, it could be you or your family or friends claiming next, will you still think  it OK that they are lumped together and the inference made that they are welfare scroungers, benefit cheats? When there is no NHS, no education and no welfare state to fall back on, will people still appreciate being pitted against each other by this unscrupulous politically motivated government, who's sole aim is to cling on to power at any cost?

David Cameron and the Tories are destroying communities and creating unrest and tensions between ordinary people, they are using welfare as a tool in order to try and stay in government past the next election.

George Osborne is implementing these draconian measures, yet he himself is a tax cheat and a tax dodger! George Osborne, the man guilty of making you, your family or someone you know unemployed, the man guilty of ruining your business, the man guilty of putting you out of your home, the man guilty of stopping you having a council house for life, the man guilty of massively hiking VAT to 20%,  the man guilty of imposing his ideological Tory cuts, the man guilty of going easy on the bankers who caused this country's financial problems, is the very man guilty of paying a team of accountants to help him dodge paying £1.6 million in tax to the Treasury Department he actually runs.

How can we trust George Osborne to do all he can to close tax loopholes when he uses the loopholes himself?

Osborne is part of the government presiding over  funding cuts of 20% to 25% to local authorities. To make such savings local authorities are attacking youth projects and some are ridding themselves of the  County’s lollipop patrols who now face the axe  . These people are the people who see our children safely across roads to and from school. Parents’ anger at school crossing patrols axe . How can Osborne be allowed to get rid of people who keep children safe, while dodging paying his own taxes?

It really is one law for this government and their rich affluent mates and banker friends and another for us.

Civil Liberties

when in opposition this government made much about our civil liberties, yet are now employing credit reference agencies and bounty hunters, they say in a bid to trace welfare scroungers and benefit cheats. These agencies will be given the power to snoop and spy on what credit you have, what credit cards you use and how you pay your bills, if they are paid on time or are late and they will be able to check up on what kind of purchases you make at the supermarket. It is not only a gross invasion of our privacy, but also it is another massive and brutal assault on our civil liberties.. “Nobody approves of benefit cheats. But mining private data on a routine basis on the off-chance of catching people out is a disproportionate invasion of privacy". this is not all, this government have also declared war on the disabled, accusing them of shirking, malingering etc and aim to take one in five off of benefits, which means that this government really do think the disabled are "benefit scroungers". They intend to send out "bounty hunters" to spy on disabled people and check up on how far they can walk. Anyone who knows someone with a disability, will tell you that their mobility can literally change from one minute to the next, or it can be great one day but really bad the next. Make no mistake, disabled people are going to be assaulted and pilloried by this government, and there is absolutely no need for these brutal measures at all. The last Labour government actually managed to half benefit fraud in four years, they did so without scaring vulnerable and sick people half to death and without pillorying disabled people and inciting unrest by pointing a finger at all welfare claimants, they simply provided a team and the modern technology needed to help pinpoint those that are abusing the system, it is how a civilised government in a civilised country should behave.

Last week, Cameron was guilty of sending in anti-terrorist officer to scare school boy  "Nicky Wishart, a pupil at Bartholomew School, Eynsham, Oxfordshire, in David Cameron's constituency just because he organised a protest planned for outside Cameron's constituency offices, to protest against the government's cuts in funding. Nicky organised the protest on Facebook to highlight the plight of his youth centre, which is due to close in March next year due to budget cuts. Nicky is just 12 years old.
This is highly embarrassing to Cameron so he sends in the heavies to frighten and intimidate a 12 year old boy in the absence of his parents. The boy was threatened with arrest being held responsible for the actions of others, should the protest get out of hand. This is clearly not the case, or Aaron Porter of the National Union of Students would have been arrested for organising last weeks student demonstration that turned violent after heavy handed police tactics.
Cameron is not a prime minister he is a tin pot dictator with limited intelligence, I suppose we should all be grateful he isn't a "vegetarian"?!

But where does all this end? Can this country afford the next for years of this government? Already Cameron and Osborne are taking an unprecedented risk, and a colossal gamble with the economy and our livelihoods and children's futures.
The services we lose now are never going to be restored, some will be lost forever, because as a country we will be simply unable to afford to restore them. Our NHS is one such service, by their own admission this government say there will be "massive s disruption" in our health service. Our health service is NOT broken (thanks to Labour) so why the hell are these idiots messing about with it?
You should know that the rich friends of the Tories who own health companies like Health care UK and Care UK, Sir Peter Gershon and John Nash are Tory donors and are set to gain millions if not billions of pounds from the Tories healthcare proposals, as well as several American healthcare providers who are now just waiting to pounce on the most lucrative parts of the NHS when the Tories start to break it all up and sell it off.

Already as predicted thanks to Tory interference in the NHS, our waiting times to see cancer specialists are rising, waiting times for operations are rising and waiting times to be seen as out patients are rising and so is waiting times in accident Services, this is as a direct result of Conservative policies. This morning we saw another panicked response to these criticism from the Health secretary Andrew Lansley, pledging more money to ensure cancer patients were treated quickly. However, this is NOT new money it is money that Lansley has already taken out of the NHS and is now having to replace as he sees what his own interference has done. If the government had just left things alone, peoples lives would not now be put at risk. This is yet another prime example of the way this government blunders in without care or thought. it is obvious this government is woefully inadequate in the talent and knowledge it takes to run a country and their actions will cost people their lives, that is a foregone conclusion.

Cameron and Osborne have entered into government with the sole intention of dismantling the NHS and the welfare state. They are turning the country into a lawless demonstration ridden land of no hope and despondency. Looking at the student demonstrations, I fear we have  not seen anything yet because as people lose their jobs, businesses and have their homes repossessed, or they lose their council homes because they earn a little more, or because their housing benefit has been stopped and they have the roofs literally taken away from over their heads by this government, or face having  their benefits cut when they cannot find a job because of government inflicted mass unemployment and then on top of all this, we start losing our education system and the NHS, the mood of this country ugly as it is now, is going to get worse and this government are going to be provoking more demonstrations, civil unrest and violence on our streets and on every street corner up and down this land.
And all because of the ideologies of the self proclaimed "sons of Margaret Thatcher" who are playing politics with our lives and livelihoods.

Students Take To Streets
To Demonstrate Against The Cuts
and Clegg's Lies
However, remember this Conservative government would not be able to do any of this, if it were not for the 23 Liberal Democrat MPs who are helping impose these unnecessary draconian measures on the people of this country. If the Liberal Democrats were doing their job of opposing and not kowtowing to the Tories every whim, then this government would be unable to get these measures through parliament, so whatever happens to this country, the Liberal Democrats are just as culpable as the Tories.

William Hague and His "Beloved"
Margaret Thatcher
When Hague was Barely Out of Nappies

We need to bring this arrogant, ignorant, ideologically driven imbecilic government down before it is too late for all of us!
Or get used to seeing "cardboard cities" of homeless people again and seeing and ever growing army of people sleeping rough in parks and in shop doorways, the symbol of a destroyed society.  Once before under Margaret Thatcher we had the near destruction of this country and the very fabric of our society was all but ripped to shreds, now we have the self proclaimed "sons of Thatcher" who are a thousand times worse than Margaret Thatcher (if that were possible).

Unless this government is brought down, then life as we know it in this country will come to an abrupt end!

We do not have a democratically elected government in Britain today, what we have is David Cameron and his bunch of Tories and a few Liberal democrat saps, they did not win a clear mandate from the people to do what they are doing. Cameron is allowing the power to go to his head and although he is not very bright academically he is ruthless in his persuit of power.

Britain and our freedoms and democracy is under attack from the fascist style Cameron Conservative government.

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