Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hospital Lists Lengthen

Conservative Health Secretary
Andrew Lansley
Busy Privatising The NHS
Conservative Health Secretary Andrew Lansley is to blame for lengthening hospital waiting lists. If you need an outpatients appointment, or you have to wait for an operation, remember that Andrew Lansley is to blame, it was he who has removed targets from the system and lists have increased alarmingly every since and there is no end in sight, scrapping the 18 week treatment target is why you will be waiting longer and longer and longer and it will only get worse as time passes. Waiting lists nationally have jumped 6000 to 45.000 people. All the good work the labour government did with NHS staff is being undone.
This is just in the first three months of Tory control over the NHS, it is the very start of the the Conservative government privatisation plans for the NHS, so it will get a lot worse. Despite being warned repeatedly by the BMA  and the majority of GPs, who want to stay being doctors NOT accountants, this government is just steam rolling in.

While David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg are cutting services, raising the cost of living, freezing child benefit, cutting housing benefit, raising VAT, forcing over a million people out of their jobs and on to the dole, shamelessly and brutally assaulting the disabled, vulnerable and chronically sick, Andrew Lansley is quietly cracking on with the Conservative plans to disband, dismantle and privatise our NHS.

Targets worked because they forced hospitals to improve.

Lansley scrapped the 18 week rule to avoid patients suing companies when the NHS is eventually privatised.
Even ex-Tory Health Secretary Stephen Dorrell has warned that an NHS starved of funds spells painful times ahead.
Despite her best efforts Maggie Thatcher never got round to turning the NHS into a market for profit company, but recently we have seen the first NHS hospital to be sold off completely to the private sector.

"Cameron's mob is handing control to consortiums of private businesses that are dressed up as GPs."

The Tories are privatising our NHS and they do not even bother denying it.

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