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Just Who The Hell Is Running Britain?

More Tory Donors
Who Stand To Benefit From Tory Cuts
One example the NHS.  It is no surprise to many that Tory MEP Daniel Hannan, was given copious amounts of air- time on Rupert Murdoch's US  Fox News, to try and scupper the health plans of the Obama administration and prevent them from getting a healthcare system something like the UK. Hannan who is a close friend of David Cameron's appeared many times on Fox News specifically to run the UK's NHS down. Technically what he was saying in some cases was not that far from the truth, what he did not inform the American public of, was the examples he was using to prove his point, actually took place under Conservative administrations between 1979 and 1997 and were NOTHING to do with labour's running of the NHS. In short Hannan made fools out of the Americans and completely mislead them. The Tory MEP used a programme of disinformation to deliberately scare the American people about British healthcare. Between 1979 and 1997, the NHS was deliberately run into the ground by successive Conservative governments, first by Margaret Thatcher's administrations and then subsequently by John Major's administrations, by the time the labour party came to power and Tony Blair became the UK Prime Minister in 1997, the NHS was in a terminal condition and it took successive Labour Governments 13 long years to turn it around. Labour promised to "save the NHS" and they did exactly this. We now have over 120 brand new state of the art modern hospitals and every single accident service in the UK was refurbished or completely rebuilt and upgraded, in addition new hospital departments were built or refurbished and British health care has vastly improved because of the efforts by the Labour governments. Admittedly, there was still a way to go when Labour lost the election, but cancer care, cardiac care were improving rapidly and people were being seen and starting treatment within a couple of weeks, in fact paying privately would not have got people better treatment. Waiting lists for operations fell, waiting times for out patient appointments fell, waiting times in accident services fell and there were no more people laying on trolleys in corridors waiting for beds.

It is a source of great frustration that we have Hannan, a know nothing, disingenuous jumped up little ponce Member of the European Parliament, deliberately lying about the NHS and the labour government and being copious amounts of airtime by Rupert Murdoch in order to do so.

It is also an utter disgrace that Rupert Murdoch of News International has so much influence over David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg and the UK government and UK politics and policy making. Murdoch is not even British, he is an Australian, he does not even live in Britain, he lives in America, yet, Murdoch was the first person to visit David Cameron in Downing Street, just 24 hours after Cameron became prime minister! However, the arrogant nasty little right wing narcissist, like all bullies lacks courage. Murdoch hadn't even the guts to go through the front door of Downing Street, he entered and left by the backdoor, but was caught, skulking around.
Murdoch and Cameron have been creeping around and behaving as if they were having some kind of dirty sordid little tryst, some illicit dirty little affair.  Since that time they have repeated this process and the Prime Minister's office refuse to tell the British public what the meetings have been about and what they were talking about. So much for Cameron's "New and transparent politics"! David Cameron is just an ex PR spiv, a spin doctor, who got lucky and is now completely out of his depth, there is no way David Cameron should be prime minister, he is NOT intellectually capable, he is a puppet dancing to his master Rupert Murdoch's tunes, in fact David Cameron is basically "thick" and no one in the country knows what he is doing. If David Cameron is Not fit to be PM, then George [rabbit caught in the headlamps] Osborne, is definitely not fit to be chancellor, he hasn't a clue what he is doing, he has just surrounded himself with people that think they know what they are doing, but don't. In short the world should know that we probably have a an unelected newspaper baron running the UK, a man who sold papers and was in the right places at the right time, he has no intellect either, which is why Britain is running into the buffers fast. Murdoch is using the same fear, bullying an intimidation he uses to run his tawdry "newspapers" to run the UK, only he is doing it through Cameron and Osborne and the hapless, hopeless Liberal Democrat lying deputy PM Nick Clegg.

 This is why Murdoch allowed Danial Hannan so much airtime on Fox News. Daniel Hannan is a liar,  where is he now with his criticisms? Is he still appearing on Fox News running the UK down? No I bet he isn't, it would not be politically expedient for him to do so now, or people would hold the Tories responsible.
Why isn't Hannan on American TV telling everyone since the Conservatives came to power and scrapped targets within the NHS, that accident service waiting times have increased and are still increasing? That waiting times for an appointment to see a hospital consultant are increasing and so are waiting times for surgery? Why hasn't Hannan appeared on American TV informing them that the UK's healthcare system is now being dismantled, disbanded and handed over to greedy healthcare companies many of which are American? They are just circling the UK's NHS waiting to pounce on the most lucrative parts when the UK government sells them off for pennies, or gives them away to their rich Tory mates!

Why isn't this joke excuse we have for a government in the UK, informing people that the people Cameron made Knights of the realm and others he bestowed with Peerages, are also people that donated millions of pounds to the Tory coffers? People like those betting on hedge funds and cashing in on the misery of the UK in prolonged recession? Cashed in from the banking failures that caused this country to crash in the first place. John Nash Care UK donated £21.000 to Andrew Lansley's office when he was shadow health secretary, Andrew Lansley is now the Health Secretary overseeing the "privatisation" of the British NHS. John Nash stands to benefit from receiving lucrative NHS contracts. Sir Peter Gershon advised the Conservatives on spending cuts in the NHS, Gershon is the chair of Healthcare UK and his company also stands to benefit millions from cuts in the NHS.

Rupert Murdoch, Andrew Cook, Sir Philip Green, Sir Stuart Rose, Sir Christopher Gent (GlaxoSmithKline), the list just goes on and on and on.
These are the people that donate to the Conservatives, these are the people that stand to benefit from Tory plans to roll back the state and throw hundreds of thousands of British people out of the affluent areas of the country and force them to live in poor areas, yes we are becoming more "pro-American" as the Tories promised, we will soon be having American style ghettos full of destitute people with no hope as the Tories pull their housing benefit.
We will soon have pensioners and children slipping back into poverty as this government takes away their benefits and social care.

Yes the Tories are keeping their promise of becoming more "pro-American" OK. they are seeking to have a rich and poor divide that was so prevalent back in Dickensian times.

Come to the UK where we have a regressive millionaire toff government, that doesn't give a care for those they consider beneath them.

Come to the UK where we have a dolt for a chancellor, who has got the country on a collision course for a crash worse than the 1930's.

Come to the UK where very soon we are going to have "American style ghettos".

Come to the UK where once peace prevailed and now we are now having riots and mass demonstrations protesting against the Conservative/Coalition government's fascist style treatment of British citizens.

Come to the UK where more mass demonstrations are expected and where the government is actively trying to bully the people, demoralise them and browbeat them into submission.

Yes Welcome to the UK where we have an UNELECTED newspaper baron who has the Conservative government in his pocket and who has a vice like grip over today's Tories. Who has his eye on BBC "sell off" (when it happens and it will) and Murdoch who currently is trying to take over BSkyB but is being met with mass resistance from the British people who do not want this man to have anymore power over British politics and the British government.

The British government is running scared of Rupert Murdoch and with good reason, we still have not seen the the last of the Andy Coulson affair, which is due to blow up in the faces of Cameron and Osborne and hopefully Rupert Murdoch.

Soon Britain will be discovering just who runs it and why and why it was that Harding the ex met police chief who investigated Murdoch's News of the World hacking crimes, was given a job writing for Rupert Murdoch's Times, so soon after leaving the police force.

Soon Britain will be discovering just why Andy Coulson the former editor involved in the phone hacking scandal at the News of the World, left that paper and within a few months took up a role as David Cameron's Tory media chief.

Soon I believe the UK Conservative/Coalition government will be rocked by a huge scandal from top down and will be forced to call a general election.

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