Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cameron & Osborne Nowhere To Be Seen As They Cripple Front Line Services

Privileged David Cameron
With His Expensive Celebrity Personal Trainer
Out Running While he Runs Britain
Into The Ground
The brutal package of cuts cobbled together by the Tories and Liberals and announced yesterday are the most drastic in living memory.
The cuts announced up to now have not yet been felt by people, but here is where it gets serious and painful, here is where council cuts are going to affect the poor, the elderly, the young, the vulnerable. Here is where your bins will not be emptied for a month, here is where your roads will not be repaired, here is where your council will not grit your roads in bad weather.
Cuts to the police are deeper than expected, which means that we will lose police officers and community support officers, which means crime will inevitably rise.
Cuts to education will mean that your children will lose their classroom assistants and in some cases teachers and families will lose their family support officers who help them cope with child experiencing difficulties.
All essential services for children and the elderly will be hit.

With this kind of policy being announced, this country is entitled to ask where our prime minister and chancellor is and why they did not go to parliament for the announcement? So where was David Cameron?
You may well be surprised to learn that on the one occasion when he ventured outside yesterday, it was for a run with his expensive personal celebrity trainer, the rest of the time he was hiding in Downing Street with the chancellor George Osborne. Cameron was criticised last week for hanging Nick Clegg out to dry and taking all the flak over the tuition fees protests that turned violent, while he hid away.

This is typical of just how duplicitous and out of touch David Cameron actually is, he has no idea exactly how badly these cuts are going to impinge upon people's everyday lives. Some time ago Cameron even suggested that these cuts are not as bad as people think they are! How would he know? He doesn't have to work, he will never have to worry about buying formula or nappies for his new baby, he will never have to worry about feeding or clothing his children, or keeping them warm, or experience the all encompassing worry of keeping a roof over your family's head. Cameron will never have to worry about who is going to mind his children and if they can be trusted, while he goes out to work. The Camerons are privileged people, living the life of privilege and this is what makes Cameron's cuts even more heinous!

Cameron's ministers announced these cuts, all on one day in the most arrogant and cowardly fashion imaginable, with Christmas season here he is probably hoping that everyone will soon forget about it. How? How will they forget the care for their elderly relative suffering with dementia is being cut in the final stages? How will they be able to forget that care for disabled children is being cut? Cuts to the mental health budget, the disability independent fund is being abolished entirely.

Personally I am becoming tired of the same old mantra about spending being cut to reduce the deficit, suddenly everyone in the country is an economist. All I know is these cuts are completely and utterly vicious, brutal and cruel and they are NOT necessary. Cuts of this magnitude will only harm the economy not save it.

On top of the 1.5 million extra jobs the Tories have axed, may now approximately be a further 70.000, that is 2.2 million people losing their jobs, the majority with families, where is the private sector going to find jobs for them? The pain, distress and abject misery this government are going to cause should be ruled illegal, they have no mandate to introduce these fascist type cuts, they did not mention these cuts, in fact David Cameron said the exact opposite, he said he would not introduce deep cuts or cuts that will divide our nation, and this is exactly what he has done.

These cuts are purely ideological coming from the politically motivated Cameron and Osborne, (Clegg is just being used as a scape goat). These cuts are on the extreme right of Margaret Thatcher.

There is no justification for this brutal assault on our public services, so why are the government doing it? I believe this is princely because Osborne has realised that all the swingeing cuts so far will NOT reduce the deficit, so these cuts have been ramped up, but because they are going to put thousands out of work, these will not work either and before we know where we are Cameron and Osborne will have led us to the brink of bankruptcy and we will be treading the same ground as Ireland and who will borrow money to bail the UK out at favourable rates? Ireland?

David Cameron no longer mentions "broken Britain", this is because he is busy smashing Britain to pieces. When Cameron was busy ruining consumer confidence and talking this country down to anyone abroad who would listen, telling them that Britain was broken, when it wasn't, we sure did not have rioting in London and we did not have mass anti-Government demonstrations taking part in every major city and town across the country. It is no wonder the prime minister has stopped mentioning Broken Britain, because although it wasn't broken then, it certainly is now and it will get worse as the government encourage criminals and lawlessness by taking away deterrents to crime.

Cameron, Osborne and Clegg are ruining this country and are creating a hell of a mess and it is time even their own MPs started waking up to what is going on because if they don't I promise them this, it will not just be the next election they should worry about losing, it will be if anyone will ever trust the Tories and the Liberal Democrats ever again and no one will believe a single word they say.

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