Sunday, December 12, 2010

tehran times: Iran ConDemns Violence Against Students in Britain

Great, now the coalition government have Iran keeping their eye on the way we treat our citizens, as they are protesting peacefully against tuition hikes.

tehran times : Iran condemns violence against students in Britain

Well done Cameron, this is some going, even for you!

If Iran think this is bad, wait until they discover that Cameron sent around the terrorist police to the school of a 12 year old boy, to threaten and intimidate him, to try and scare him out of protesting outside David Cameron's constituency offices in Witney. The interview took place WITHOUT his parents knowledge, and without them being present, despite them only living a few minutes from the school.  Nicky Wishart and his friends were protesting about Tory budget cuts closing down their Youth Centre in Witney.

Police Threaten 12 Year Old Nicky Wishart With Arrest

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Witney Libraries and Youth Centres Under Threat

In an earlier meeting, apparently Mr Cameron PM for Witney was  "sympathetic", but this still did not stop him and his government cutting the funding and so closing youth centres and libraries in his own constituency. Cameron has just fobbed them off with a councilor - so much for the Big Con Society then Mr Cameron? Bullied and intimidated and more 12 year old boys lately?

This would be funny if it wasn't so tragic!

David Cameron is the head of a government that is causing a mess in Britain, and inciting people to riots on our streets, when Cameron came to office Britain was NOT broken and it was by and large a peaceful society. Now Cameron and the Tories and Liberal Democrats are causing riots on our streets right across the country and if you think this is bad, wait until the Tories try and push through bills that will see our NHS dismantled, disbanded and privatised.

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