Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cameron, Osborne & Clegg's Reasons For Gerrymandering

The Three Main Liars
Of This Tory led Government
While Tories, Prime Minister David Cameron, Chancellor George Osborne and Deputy PM Nick Clegg, (yes Clegg is a fully fledged blue Tory) are busy telling us these swingeing cuts are for our own good, and if we all take their Tory medicine together it will not taste so nasty, because "we are all in this together", they have been amassing millions of pounds in the Tory party coffers. The Conservative party has been kept going for 10 years by just 15 mega-rich donors , who have donated a staggering £45 million!

As it stands today, the Conservative party is a multi-million pound party, it is the richest political party in the entire history of this country. It accepts donations from bankers and Hedge funds. The Hedge "funders" who bet on banks failing and our misery in recessions, they make money out of our suffering and donate millions of pounds of it to the Conservative party.

Not only have a select few donors donated so much, the way it has been donated is questionable, and why it has been donated is also highly questionable. Many of the Tory donors are now Lords and Sirs, as Cameron seeks to stuff the unelected Lords  with as many Tories as he can get away with in order to get his legislation through.

Many of the donors to the Tory party who have been made Lords and Sirs, were the very people that signed open letters written to Tory newspapers, backing the Conservative party cuts. Many of these donors own companies that stand to benefit millions and billions out of Tory imposed cuts, Tory privatisation to our education system and to our NHS and even the politicisation of our police force. One person a serving officer in Her Majesty's army, even launched an attack on the sitting government while he was still a serving officer, it turns out he has been promised a Tory peerage.

While accepting millions of pounds in concealed donations for his own party, David Cameron has criticised the Labour party for accepting completely above board, regulated and declared donations from unions, which is something that the unions and the labour party have always done. At the moment Cameron and Osborne are trying to pass legislation to make it impossible for the unions to donate to the Labour party in the future, if this is allowed it will cripple the Labour party financially, while the Tories will be allowed to carry on accepting millions of pounds in donations from their super-rich supporters. One really must question the motive behind this, because not only are the Tories doing this, they are also trying to get legislation through that robs Labour of constituency seats and hands them directly to the Tories. This is not all however, because at the same time the Tories are trying to gerrymander parliament to make it impossible for MPs to vote the Tories out in a vote of no confidence, they are seeking to change the constitution without consulting the people of this country. David Cameron is trying to make it impossible for Labour to win another election, first by bankrupting them and then via passing legislation that is profoundly undemocratic and by gerrymandering parliament, the boundaries and the British constitution. This is alarming, it is seeking to remove political choice from the British people, thus threatening our very democracy.

Even if you are a lifelong Tory supporter, what David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg are trying to do, should strike fear into your heart.

As an outsider looking into the machinations of Cameron and the Tories, it does not make for a very good picture. Of course David Cameron is pleased to be in this sham coalition government with the Liberal Democrats,  why wouldn't he be? It is a gift from above as it enables him to destroy the Liberal Democrat party from within and what a good job he is doing of it too. Since entering this arrangement with the Tories, the Lib Dem support has plummeted, it now only averages a very shaky 9% in the polls and now that is even beginning to dip as recordings of 8% have been taken this past few weeks. Without a shadow of doubt and given the Liberal Democrats recent woes, even that lowly figure will soon fall further to 7%, or even 6%. Nick Clegg appears totally unworried by this, probably because he isn't much worried, he could not really care less.  Nick Clegg has probably already agreed with Cameron that the Liberal Democrats will merge with the Tories at some point, in fact former Conservative prime minister and now Lord John Major, has already  mooted this suggestion of a merger between the Tories and the Liberal Democrats several times and has suggested "the coalition could represent a mini-realignment" of politics and the two parties should “prolong” their co-operation beyond this parliament". Of course in reality, John Major  knows very well that this in no way could be classed as a "mini-realignment", this will almost certainly end in not a two party system, but a one party system, because no matter what lies Cameron, Osborne and Clegg utter, their intentions are now clear, they are hungry for power and even more desperate to keep it. If the two parties do merge (and I think it is almost certain as things now stand) it will provide Cameron with a few handy extra percentage points in the polls, this is all Cameron is interested in, because combine this with the gerrymandering of parliament, and boundaries, and it is likely this will give Cameron and the Conservatives an unfair advantage and overall majority at the next election, but at what cost? By turning Britain into a one political party country? Which then means that this Tory government can say and do what it likes to the people, then we really will have no alternative.

David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg are the biggest risk to British democracy in living memory, at least with Hitler we knew the devil and what we were up against and what we were fighting.  However, what Cameron, Osborne and Clegg are trying to do is to turn Britain into a one political party country, when they said they wanted to change British politics, in that instance they were not lying, what they were lying about was the kind of politics they wanted to change to.

Cameron, Osborne and Clegg are tin-pot dictators and they are running a fascist type government, declaring war on the poor, attacking  via cutting their benefits off and making it impossible for them to attend the highly successful Sure Start centers the previous Labour government set up, they are even attacking s disabled children and removing their benefits. Disabled people face having medicals with doctors that do not know them or their medical history and also disabled people who live in care homes are having their mobility robbed, as the government is axing the mobility part of their benefit, so their very last vestige of independence is being taken away. This government is brutally assaulting the education programme in a deliberate attempt to keep  ordinary children poorly educated, which will mean government has control over them all their lives. As part of their plan, this government are also making it impossible for poorer students to attend university. The Tories are riding roughshod over the unemployed and are socially cleansing the Tory rich affluent areas of our towns and cities, by making it impossible for the lower paid to stay there, they are threatening upwards of 100.000 people, the majority are families with children the removal of the very roof over their heads. As well as this, the Tory government is also privatising the NHS, they have become so drunk on their own power and their own ego and their own importance, that they are no longer even trying to conceal that they are privatising the NHS and the fist two hospitals have almost been sold off completely to "friends of the Tory party" and they will be solely own by a private company. We will very soon have a two tier health system in this country, don't say you were not warned, the Tories themselves were disclosed in Wikileaks as promising that Britain will become more "pro-American".

By the time this Tory government is finished, we will have a whole underclass in this country, many forced to live in ghettos with never a hope of escaping. Children will fall through the net, we are set to embark on one of the most violent phases this country has ever known. There will be mass demonstrations and civil unrest like this country has never witnessed before as the penny begins to drop exactly what thsi Tory government is up to.

Forget returning to the 1980s, this country is returning to inequalities of Victorian Britain, courtesy of Cameron, Osborne and Clegg. These men are playing with fire, they are hapless and clueless and are creating mess in this country the like we have never before witnessed.
Coming from monied backgrounds, they really do think they are better than us, and that we should all listen to them and do exactly what they say. The truth is these people are not better than us, they are actually intellectually bereft. They are tin-pot dictators running a fascist like regime, but as most dictators in history they are not clever, just born privileged and lucky and they see no reason at all why this country should have a welfare state, after all they and their families have never needed one, so why should anyone else? They are interfering in things they have no business interfering in and they honestly do not see that what they are trying to do is morally wrong and that it could lead to mass violence and unrest as people decide to fight against this new form of Tory fascism.

I am terrified for my children and grandchildren and for their futures and for my country and I am by far not alone!

If you are not scared of this Tory led government and the mess and carnage they are creating in this country, then you do not understand the situation.

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