Thursday, December 23, 2010

Coalition? What Coalition?

Another day and another round of infighting breaks out in the Tory led government. I refuse to call this a coalition, I have never thought it was a true coalition. David Cameron was short of seats so he just went out and purchased a few Lib Dems until he had enough to slither himself into Downing Street and into being prime minister. How can that be a coalition? How can we have a deputy prime minister from the smallest of the main political parties who leads a party that actually contracted and lost seats during a general election where they were expected to pick up seats?
If there is anything that would put me off voting for AV or PR it is the unedifying shambles that has played out before us this past few days, it has reaffirmed to me that I do not like coalition governments. It is ridiculous tha the smallest party that people least want to see in government can hold the country to ransom, that to me is not democracy, give me first past the post (FPTP) any day warts 'n all, I'll take that over this debacle any day of the week.

Although I do have to point out here, that this coalition was NOT just cobbled together in the few days following last May's general election, this agreement between the Tories and the Liberal Democrat party was put together over a year *before* the general election. All that posturing after the election from the Tories and Lib Dems was just plain dishonest political grandstanding, they always knew what they were going to do, well before the post election meetings took place. Nick Clegg in particular did not want this to leak out because it would show both parties to be the deeply duplicitous and disingenuous parties they actually are, run by deeply dishonest politicians. Liberal Democrat supporters already feel as if their votes have been stolen from them by Clegg.

Ed Miliband is correct when he called this "coalition" a sham, this is exactly what it is, one big lying sham from start to finish and now the scales have fallen away what has been revealed is ministers, all lying and smiling to each others faces while stabbing each other in the back, this is one thing, but they have done exactly the same to the people of this country, further damaging politics and politicians reputations.

How can the people of this country ever believe a single thing that comes from the mouth of David Cameron, George Osborne or Nick Clegg, or any Liberal Democrat MP in this government?
They have been exposed as lairs and cheats, too busy trying to keep their own jobs and this ridiculous government in power to worry about what is happening in this country and to this country.

David Cameron and Nick Clegg decided to keep a lame duck Business secretary in place quite simply because if they had sacked Vince Cable as they should have done, it could like Cable have said, destabilised this government and brought it down, so they kept him in his position in a complete farce and cop out that has never seen in British politics before and all this damage has been done, because Clegg and Cameron were too weak and too indecisive to do what they knew to be the right thing, and the only thing open to them. Sack Cable.
Cameron and Clegg have made themselves and this ludicrous Tory led government look farcical.

The Liberal Democrats should leave this government and let it try to govern in a minority until it can be brought down and another general election held.

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