Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cable Cracks Tories? - I Smell a King Size Rat!

Three Incompetent Liars
About To Wreck
Cable throws a wobbly, just when the Tories are slipping in the polls, he tells undercover reporters that actually made it to his surgery in the middle of severe snowfalls, things he knows if got out would cause this furore?

Once again  we are witnessing attention being diverted away from Cameron, Osborne and Clegg.

Here is a prediction, Cable will either resign or be sacked "with dignity", everyone will rally round him, patting him on the back and saying what a "decent chap" he is after all. He can then retire to the backbenches, where it looks like he actually wants to be, and then the way is made clear for the return of that person who nicked over £40.000 from the taxpayer, the return that has been mooted and polled by David Cameron himself, several times in the last few months.

And people believe this isn't a stitch up?

By coincidence this all takes place prior to Laurel and Hardy Cameron and Clegg, holding a press conference this afternoon?

We are being had ladies and gentlemen. This government is trying to fool us and we are being outragiously lied to from the top of government down.

This Tory government are lying to us and managing us and our expectations (yet again) and to boot now they have got us expecting the pensioners winter fuel allowance to be scrapped, so when it actually happens, we will not kick up too much of a fuss about it and we will just forget that thousands of pensioners will be in danger of freezing to death in their own homes next year.

When the liar and expenses cheat David Laws returns to the government we will not say anything, because we are being managed, this government are condescending, patronising and incompetent, but they are also highly dangerous.
This government is behaving like fascist tin-pot dictators.

If Cable really was a decent sort, then he would get the hell out and then tell the complete and utter truth to the electorate, apologise to us,  and then help lead the revolution to get this lying incompetent load of shysters out of Downing street - FAST. Before they do any more damage to this country. But is Cable really a decent sort? Or is he just another egomaniac, who wanted power and when he got it, he found he did not know how to use it?

Where is Cameron and Osborne?

  • Osborne and Cable cancelled meetings with the banks yesterday because of the snow, yet two faux constituents still made it to Vince's surgery? And then this story is sprung on us?
  • The November borrowing figures show a steep increase, not a fall! Deficit paydown anyone?
  • Last August borrowing figures were £15.9 an unprecedented rise of £3 billion on August 2009 (2009 when we were in deep recession)
  • The CBI has no confidence in Mervyn King, they say he is too politically close to the Tories, so by default the CBI has no confidence in this Tory government either.
  • The BCC has overridden the growth predictions of Osborne's laughably independent OBR and got us prepared for a downward trend for all of next year.
  • Unemployment has jumped 35.000 and soon when redundancy pay and savings run out, the claimant count will begin to rise steeply.
  • The deficit will increase not decrease.
  • More unemployment forecast, at least a further million.
  • The housing market is crashing again, even from its low point.
  • Ideological cuts will soon start to bite, right, left and center.
Osborne has been nowhere to be seen, he has not mentioned a thing about the 35.000 jump in unemployment. He should have been out owning this story, it is his remit, where is he?

Exactly what kind of mess has Osborne, Cameron and Clegg created that they hope bringing David Laws back into the government will sort out?

Something is seriously wrong at the heart of government, something the Tories have caused. They need to go and they need to go now, BEFORE they create carnage in the NHS too.

Quite frankly I am scared for my family, scared rigid, what has this lot of economically illiterate Tory buffoons done to our economy?

Vince Cable decent? Yeah of course he is, so is the Yorkshire Ripper!

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