Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just When You Think It Cannot Get Any Worse

The coalition government say they are set to announce details of their cuts to Britain's emergency services!
I honestly shudder to think what evils these muddled people are going to come up with next!

Our Emergency Services Are Now Under Attack From
The Conservative Government!
It is now obvious what this coalition is up to, they are getting rid of the welfare state, getting rid of the NHS, getting rid of social services and washing their hands of caring for the elderly, either at home or in hospital or another place. they are turning this all over to their God "The Private Sector", who is set to make billions out of the British taxpayers.

Anyone who thinks that the chronically sick, the disabled and the elderly and the mentally disabled will be getting fair and proper treatment from our government or their mates in the private sector needs to think again. This care is notoriously expensive, pretty soon we will have health nomads on our streets, drifting from one emergency doctor to another, because no doctor will be able to afford to admit them to their list.

Now the coalition is turning its guns on the emergency services, watch the transportation of the elderly be abolished into the private sector, where they will be charged for the privileged and if they cannot afford it, tough, then they do not get it.

The Conservatives intend to govern as more "pro-American", William Hague told the American senators, that is the first truthful thing I have heard him say, pity we were not supposed to know about it though!

God help us all we are being "Americanised" and our emergency services and NHS is in grave danger!

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