Friday, December 10, 2010

"Pinickio" Clegg

"Pinickio" Clegg
"He's A Liar, Liar"
For over twenty years the Liberal Democrats have been building their party structure, parish elections, local elections, council elections and then they work on getting an MP. However, since becoming leader in December 2007, Nick Clegg appears to have wrecked the very fabric that holds the Liberal Democrats together.

Nick Clegg and the rest of the Liberal Democrats keep making the excuse that they were not elected and are in coalition government, which they give as an excuse for why they have reneged on every single one of their promises, how can this be?  The Liberal Democrats want PR, they want coalition, this is the whole ethos of the Liberal Democratic party,  so why are they making promises they know they will not be able to keep? They know that the only way they would get into parliament would be in a situation where the main parties were in a minority, so they know they would have to form a coalition, so they should not be making any promises at all in order to get elected, it is totally and fundamentally dishonest. Come the May elections they are going to be wiped out.

This should serve as a salutary lesson to the Liberal Democrat habit of promising one thing in one constituency and the polar opposite in another constituency in order to procure votes. The Lib Dems  have operated this political minefield and used it to unfairly win elections for too long and for far too long the Liberal Democrats have got away with duplicity of policy because they thought they would never have to deliver, well now they do and they have crumbled at the first hurdle. I believe the Liberal Democrats are finished as a separate party and the rump of them will merge with the Tories in due course. They are currently languishing at 8% in the polls, far from the heady heights  of the general election polling last May, where they briefly went ahead of labour to become the 2nd party and where they also went ahead in the polls ahead of the Tories. yet still we have Cable, Huhne etc living in total denial.

As it is two Liberal Democrat  ministerial aides Mike Crockart and Jenny Willott have become the first Liberal Democrats to quit the government's cause, in a blow to party leader Nick Clegg.
It follows a desperate media blitz by Mr Clegg and Mr Cable, as they fought to subdue the student protest taking place in London.

The resignations came amidst the news that the government had won passage of its tuition fee legislation, but only by a margin of 21 - far narrower than the coalition might have hoped.
Clegg won 28 of his party, 29 abstained or voted against the tuition bill. They split 3 ways.

The 28 Liberal Democrats  who voted with the government are the ones that helped this bill's passage through parliament,  as the majority was 21,  it is clear that it is the Lib Dems "wot won it for the government".

However, the Tories did not escape unscathed and resignations were not confined to the Lib Dems. Lee Scott, a Conservative PPS to the transport secretary Phil Hammond, quit his position just before the Commons division in order to vote in the 'no' lobby along with other Tory rebels such as Julian Lewis.

"Politicians have let people down, they feel disconnected from the old, Westminster-based style of politics. I am determined to change that & why I host open invitation public meetings across the UK & have been doing so since I became Party Leader."
Nick Clegg.

Yet Clegg has done exactly this! He has let down his party, his grass roots activists and every single person who voted Liberal Democrat in the last election. No one will believe a single word that Nick [Pinickio] Clegg says anymore, he has totally destroyed voter trust in his party. I think the Liberal democrats will soon be looking for a new leader and when this happens, Clegg will revert back to his Conservative party roots and cross the floor of the House and become a fully fledged Tory. As it stands Clegg looks very likely to lose his seat come the next general election, which may come a lot sooner than people think!

The Liberal Democrats could have done much to head off this revolt, they could have listened to people at their autumn conference instead of sticking their heads in the sand and pretending that nothing was wrong. Perhaps they should now learn a lesson that "self praise is no recommendation"!

David Cameron finally gets off of the fence and condemns the violence of the student demonstrations in London today, he said culprits "must face the full force of the law", how is this Conservative government going to do this when they are soft on crime and soft on the causes of crime? When they are going to get rid of 60.000 police officers? When they are going to get rid of thousands of probation officers and youth workers?

The rioting today in London is a sign of things to come, as this certifiably insane government insist on putting through a range of austerity measures that go too far and too fast. As the cuts bite and people wake up to realise that the governemtn are privatising the NHS, education and welfare and that all these cuts are ideologically based and not financial. When people start losing their jobs, their businesses and have their homes repossessed, when people's property slips into negative equity. Today the Halifax building society reported that house prices fell a further 1% and that overall they are down a huge 7% on November 2009. When people start having their housing benefit cut and they are forced out of their homes, when people suddenly earn slightly over the rate set and will then be asked to vacate their council home, as this government now says that no one can have a council house for life.

Fasten your seat belts Britian, the country is in for a very bumpy ride!

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