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Clear Concise Government? No We Have Dithering & Lying of Cameron & Osborne

This Tory led government is clearly demonstrating that it is totally out of its depth. In a devastating critique Bank of England Governor Mervyn King told US ambassador Louis Susman that David Cameron and George Osborne lacked experience, dealt in broad generalities, tended to think about issues only in terms of their political rather than their economic impact and surrounded themselves with a very narrow and weak team of young advisers.

This is a recipe for bad economic policy making and this is exactly what we have seen from this Tory led government. Virtually every single policy they have brought out and tried to get through parliament has fallen flat on its face and in the long term will prove detrimental to the country and cost far more than they will ever save.

Look at some of the changes coming in that I have outlined below

This government have lied and bungled  their way through their first 7 months of power. Without a doubt they must be the most deceitful lying incompetent inept government of all time.  The Tories are holding the electorate in complete contempt, they have lied, lied, lied and lied to get into power. they lied to steal your votes during the election campaign and they are still lying now! Every day it is yet another lie, and another broken promise, and remember this government is only 7 months old. There are hundreds of examples of their lies and broken promises, here are just a few!

NHS Privatisation By Stealth - Cameron promised NHS Was Safe - He Lied!

A six-page “contract notice” placed by the Department of Health in the supplement to the Official Journal of European Union, and seen by The Times, encourages the private sector to apply for a wide range of roles in the control and running of primary care trusts (PCTs).
The trusts are responsible for about 80 per cent of the annual £80 billion NHS budget. They not only fund GP surgeries but also commission hospital operations and have a large say over which drugs patients in their area can receive.
Critics said that the move was like “putting the NHS up for sale”, while some also said it signalled the end of PCTs’ role as providers of clinical services.

I have it on good authority that some local authorities are in consultation with Boots the Chemists and BUPA in order to secure contracts for the purchase of walk in  health centres and Primary Care Trusts.

Osborne's "Independent" OBR Admits That 500.000 Jobs to go in Public Sector

Since then of course it has been caught out lying for George Osborne bringing into doubt if it is politically independent. It reviews its growth and jobless forecasts up and down at the toss of a hat and has never once got it right since its rushed conception. Sir Alan Budd famously quit after a few weeks under a cloud and the true reason for his departure has never been learned.

The government's new tax and spending watchdog was plunged into fresh controversy last night after it was revealed that the Office for Budget Responsibility slashed its forecasts for expected job losses from George Osborne's austerity package in the days leading up to last month's budget.
Treasury sources confirmed that the OBR had made "methodological changes" to its forecasts in the 10 days leading up to the chancellor's emergency package of measures which led to a far smaller reduction in public sector employment over the next five years.

Unemployed Forced To carry Out Menial Tasks or Risk Losing Benefit

The unemployed will be forced to do menial jobs such as picking up litter and cleaning graffiti in exchange for dole cash under Tory plans revealed.

Keeping to his word that Britain will become more "pro-American" David Cameron wants a US-style ­workfare system where benefits money has to be earned by carrying out demeaning tasks – as he prepares to slash thousands of public sector posts.

But there are fears the heartless move will amount to a “punishment” for people being out of work through no fault of their own because of the recession and put out of work as a direct result of the government's very own measures!

The Government’s proposed cuts to housing benefit will affect up to one million people across the country

"Dubbed the Tories Social cleansing Bill"

Shelter agrees that the housing benefit system badly needs reform, but the Government’s proposed changes could force thousands of people into a spiral of debt, eviction and possible homelessness.
Independent experts from the University of Cambridge have found that around the country:
  • at least 54,000 children will be pushed into poverty
  • up to 84,000 households will be forced to live on less than £100 a week for food, clothing, heating and other household costs
  • up to 21,000 pensioners will have to leave their homes.

Tory Government in disarray Over Tuition fees - Cameron Hangs Clegg Out To dry

Yes Clegg  deserves abuse for breaking a promise. Students will pay £9,000 a year to keep the Fib Dem in the back of a Jag – but double-dealing Clegg is only an accomplice in this crime.
The real villains are Cameron and George Osborne.
It was Cut-servative policy to slash spending and without savage cuts, university fees wouldn’t be almost trebling.
Educational Maintenance Allowance Pledge - Broken By David Cameron Tory Government

The Tories break yet another KEY election promise.
When the education secretary, Michael Gove, was interviewed by Education Guardian readers before the general election, he flatly denied that the education maintenance allowance (EMA) was for the chop, saying: "Ed Balls keeps saying that we are committed to scrapping the EMA. I have never said this. We won't."

Michael Gove was lying through his backteeth, ed Balls was telling the truth, the Tories are scrapping EMA.
Legal Threats Spurred Building Schools for the Future approvals, contractors claim  - Conservative Education Secretary Michael Gove

Another half baked proposal which will cost the country far more than it will ever save.
The threat of legal action from contractors ensured that the government approved scores of "sample" secondary school projects and academies, Construction News reported.
In a series of tough negotiations, a number of companies made it clear to the Department for Education that they were willing to go through the courts to secure compensation for bid costs on scrapped schemes.
All 33 sample schemes under review since the Building Schools for the Future programme was axed were approved by Education Secretary Michael Gove last week, along with 44 projects that were suspended through the academies framework.
This has brought threats from contractors of their intention to sue the government for breach of contract. As it stands now, Gove stands to lose £2 billion for every £1 billion he saves.

School Sports Partnership - Conservative Education Secretary Michael Gove

Tory government forced into a humiliating U turn.
Without prior consultation or notice Michael Gove came to parliament and calmly announced that he was going abolish the Schools Sport Partnership Programme and cut out entirely the £162 million budget.
Just over a year away from the London 2012 Olympic Games, Gove sought to do this using a whole raft of untrue statistics to justify his stance. It was not until leading sports men and women joined a campaign to force the government to think again and the leader of the opposition Ed Miliband humiliated David Cameron in the House of Commons, did Cameron promise a rethink.

Child Benefit - Conservative Chancellor George Osborne

Osborne announced this on the hoof at the Tory party conference that he was axing this benefit for people earning over £44.000 per year, yet a couple can each earn £43.000 per year, making a total income of £86.000 and still be allowed to keep their benefits. This anomaly still stands.

Non EU Immigration Cap - Home Secretary Theresa May

The Tory led government were warned by everyone that their Non EU immigration cap would not work, they were warned by their own business supporters that it would restrict their ability to find the right people for the job, but the government took no notice.
No judges have ruled that the immigration cap has to go and that it is illegal. the Tories as has become the norm for them have by passed the Commons, when they clearly should have consulted parliament. This is getting to be a real habit of the Tories.

Yet another clear example of policy made in haste and repented at leisure. The Tories want to be seen as attacking immigrants and this was a good way to do it., trouble is that we do not have a problem with non EU immigration, we have a problem with EU immigration, one that the Tory PM would quite happily make worse by backing Turkey's entry into the EU, yet this is brushed under the carpet. There is something profoundly unpleasant with the way the Tories have done this, if I did not know better, I would say it was akin to racism!

£80 Million Loan/Sheffield Forgemasters - Business Secretary Vince Cable & Deputy PM Nick Clegg

The more we learn the less we like of the decision to withdraw an £80million loan to Sheffield Forgemasters.
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg's excuses for a job-destroying act of industrial vandalism are falling by the wayside one after another.

The lobbying against the company by a Tory donor has left an unpleasant smell and the case is building for an independent inquiry. Tory donor Andrew Cook a rival Sheffield business man who has made several attempts to take over Forgemasters, has donated £500.000 to the Tory coffers and also stumped up a further £57.000 in freebie flights to fly David Cameron around. Cook successfully lobbied the Tory government to stop the loan to Forgemasters going ahead.

Nick Clegg has now been found to have mislead the House of his explanation, which was fund to be completely untrue.

Government accused of a "climbdown", saying it had handed UK banks liable for the banking new levy a £20 billion tax break.
George Osborne, the Chancellor, wants backing from EU finance ministers before imposing new bank bonus rules, in what is being seen as a further attempt to downplay the Government's "tough on banks" stance in response to City pressure. More recently, David Cameron has been pressurising Tory and Lib Dem MEPs to vote for softer measures on the banks. This is in stark contrast to the Tories speaking tough on bankers bonuses.

Prisons Bill - Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke

"Soft on crime and soft on the causes of crime"

These proposals are not altruistic, they are being carried out purely to save money. This from the Tory party who promised the electorate a new prison building policy.

Cuts to Policing Budget Mean 60.000 Police, Including Frontline Staff Could Go

The Justice secretary plans to go soft on crime and criminals, and allow more out earlier, and not put so many criminals in prison while Theresa May plans to slash the policing budget. Over the past 13 years we have seen a reduction in crime of over 50%, now this stands to start to soar again as a direct result of the Tories policies.
Frontline officers could lose their jobs because of the severity of budget cuts over the next two years, according to the leaders of police authorities in England and Wales.
A letter sent to Home Office minister Nick Herbert by the cross-party Association of Police Authorities suggests that the government's approach risks inflicting "long term damage to policing capability".

Broken homes, broken promise and broken lives in gangland Britain , where a knife crime is committed every eight minutes. The Tories promised to put everyone caught in possession of a knife in prison, they broke this promise. Victims of crime are outraged, especially those who were personally promised tough action on crime in exchange for their votes!
A KEY Conservative election pledge that anyone caught carrying a knife could expect a jail term will not now be implemented, in yet another broken Conservative election promise.

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