Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Will "Mythomaniac" Clegg Please Change The Record

Nick Clegg
The Biggest Liar
In British Politics!

 Today I heard one of the biggest liars in British politics actually blame the previous Labour government for the GLOBAL recession! I kid you not.

"PiNICKio" Clegg, said that they are clearing up the mess from the Labour recession! Can you actually believe this?  So does this make the recessions in the US, Japan, France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Portugal, etc etc all labour's fault too?

This daft asinine accusation comes from Clegg, the man who knowingly signed a pledge not to raise tuition fees, when he knew at the time he was NOT going to honour that pledge! He KNEW he could not honour that pledge, yet he still told students he would in order to steal their votes.

More, the man who also said he KNEW before the general election that he was going to go for a much harsher austerity measure programme, but decided that he would NOT tell the electorate this. He carried on telling them that he would halve the deficit over four years,  again, blatantly lying to people in order to steal their votes.

Recently Nick Clegg has also been found to have deliberately mislead parliament over the reasons why he and Vince Cable (yes him again) decided NOT to give Sheffield Forgemasters a loan - so Nick Clegg has been found to be lying yet again.

There is something psychologically wrong with Nick Clegg he is a compulsive or pathological liar and he should not even be an MP let alone deputy PM, he just cannot be trusted, he is a dangerous liar, how can we have a compulsive liar in high office?

Stop lying to us Clegg and stop blaming labour for the GLOBAL (understand GLOBAL) recession NOT Labour recession as you lied about on national TV (yet again liar).

It is time that Nick Clegg was recalled under his own election pledge recall promise and a by-Election held in Sheffield Hallam, oh but wait, he can't be, because he has also lied about that!

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