Sunday, December 12, 2010

Here Is Another Fine Mess the Coalition Have Got Us Into

Seriously, can't this coalition government do anything right? Is it too much to ask that at least one of their policy proposals is straightforward, without it descending into utter mayhem, muddle and mess?

The raising of tuition fees is now almost law, it just has to clear the Lords on Tuesday, and as David Cameron has already stuffed the House of Lords full of his financial donor Tories, I do not see much chance of it getting thrown out.

However, in today's Independent there is an article entitled only a quarter of all graduates will pay off student loans , after all the trouble, the demos and the rioting, the smashing up of a royal car with its windows wound down and where bizarrely it should never have been, we learn from the government's very own figures, that the government, notably Vince Cable, Danny Alexander and George Osborne cannot add up (tell us somethng we do not know).

I wont go into the protracted ins and outs of the article, I will leave that for you to read, but once again on this blog I am highlighting the fact that this government is so incompetent, so inept, so utterly bereft of any kind of logical rational thought, that it is now becoming really frightening. It would be funny, only it is not, because our livelihoods and our children's futures are in the hands of utter incompetent idiots. They have rushed through with indecent haste a policy that has not been thought through. Just like child Benefit, just like the School Sports Programme, just like the NHS, just like welfare, just like unemployment benefit.

How can a government pass a bill that will leave our youngsters in debt for the rest of their lives?

I leave you with this thought, if only a quarter of students are ever likely to pay back their loans, then who is going to stump up for the short fall? Where will universities get their funding from if it is not coming back from the system via the graduates?

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Julia said...

I feel really angry with Nick Clegg and I hope he loses his seat. This coalition government is being fundamentally dishonest and they are misleading people. Teachers and nurses, will never ever reduce the amount they owe and so will be saddled with debt all their lives. When people marry if they marry another graduate, they will have double the debt, how will they manage a mortgage too? It's proposterous and owing so much has to affect their credit rating, despite what that liar Vince cable and Liar Liar Nick Clegg says.