Sunday, December 19, 2010

George Osborne Is A Liar, Liar, You Can't Trust Him - No, No, No No.

George Osborne
Is A
Liar - Liar
You Can't Trust Him No, No, No No.
I just watched BBC newsnight playing a clip of the song by Captain Ska, called Liar, Liar
Captain Ska - Liar, Liar!  (watch from about 06.52 in) to George Osborne when he was in the US, last week.

Here just previous to the BBC playing the clip, we see and hear George Osborne saying that this government is taking the people with them because we all understand his cuts and that this government told us all about them BEFORE they were elected. What a complete "effing" liar George Osborne is.

I know there are quite a few Americans who regularly read this blog, please be assured that not only has George Osborne lied to us, he is now lying to you, do not believe a word he says he is a LIAR, LIAR.
This TORY led Government did NOT tell us about the level of cuts and the total decimation of our welfare state and public services, or the privatisation of our wonderful NHS before they were elected, they are LIARS, they never said a word about it. I do not disbelieve that the Tories had plans to cause this chaos in our country with their top down reorganisation of all our infrastructure, they had the plans OK, but they did NOT tell the British public, if they had told us, there is no way they would have got the votes they did, not from the ordinary working Brit anyway.

If you want to watch and listen to the full Captain Ska Liar, Liar track, look to the right of this posting you will find a video click on that.

George Osborne, David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Vince Cable, Danny Alexander CANNOT be trusted they are all bare faced LIARS.

Make no mistake we will kick these people out of government long before their five years is up, I just hope we can do it before they cause any more carnage and mess in thsi country. Already they have shoved up unemployment by 35.000 in one single month!

The Tory Led coalition government are Liars Liars!


Sue Marsh said...

Here here Gracie

Anonymous said...

Is HMRC going to investigate George Osbournes claims tgat he doesn't earn enough to pay the top rate of income tax?