Monday, January 24, 2011

What Do We Actually Pay David Cameron For?

"Cricketing While Britain Crumbles"
The whole country had virtually ground to a halt under numerous feet of snow and ice, flights at our main international airport were grounded.

The health secretary Andrew Lansley's arrogance, and astonishing ignorance in not heeding the advice of immunisation experts and experts on the spread of disease, had caused the country to head full on into a swine flu epidemic. Hospitals up and down the country were struggling to cope and were on black alert, critical care beds were full of people suffering from flu and over a 120 mainly babies and young people lost their lives unnecessarily to swine flu.

Where was David Cameron, to guide the country and give explanations and reassurances about what was being done over the unnecessary swine flu outbreak? He was nowhere to be seen, he only came out briefly to bask in the reflected glory of the England Cricket team winning the ashes, to gush about  how "the guys had lifted the spirits of everyone" and then later to promise a champagne reception for them at Downing Street. Nice work if you can get it, but what does David Cameron actually do for his money besides breaking every single promise and lying through his back teeth about everything?

Recently his Director of Communications Andy Coulson resigned (not before time), apparently David Cameron said that he only ever had sleepless nights when he had been overruled by Andy Coulson. Cameron also said that Coulson has given good service to the country! Why was Andy Coulson overruling the prime minister on anything? And I have been wondering in what capacity Coulson actually served this country? After all at the end of the day, Coulson was just a glorified ex red top tabloid hack being paid an astronomical salary of £140.000 per year by the taxpayer! (So much for the common touch eh?)
We learned last weekend that Coulson was actually overruling David Cameron and the cabinet on policy making over inheritance tax. If Coulson was making policy, then what exactly is David Cameron doing to earn his money? Why was a journalist allowed to overrule the PM on policy? Why was a journalist allowed to make policy?

The only thing that the PM seems more than a little preoccupied with is his own ego and popularity. Last weekend he threw a lavish reception for backbench Tory MPs at Downing Street  in order to try and improve his popularity with them, who picked up the bill for that? The taxpayer! Apparently Samantha Cameron worked one room, and Cameron worked another and they got the kids in their pyjamas to run about from room to room. Is there no end to what this man will not go to in order to boost his ego.
We have had to put up with Andy Coulson being paid a huge salary by the taxpayer to manage photos and manage the Camerons like they are bloody celebrities, meanwhile the critically important matter like privatising the NHS, is left to sort itself out in the hands of an even bigger idiot than David Cameron (if that is possible).
Since their  baby was born, we have had that child photographed with her father at every given opportunity, being used like she was some appendage to her father's celebrity, I find this galling enough, but something else I find worse, is the way Cameron appears to use his father's death, and his late little boy's disability and death as an excuse for something he promised to do and has not done! He uses the terribly sad situation to his full advantage, and that makes me cringe and makes me feel extremely uncomfortable and I  know I am not alone. I am not being heartless and I do not suggest for one split second that Cameron does not feel the dreadful loss, but I have noticed how much he appears to use this and I think he should stop it.
By comparison the Blairs would only allow their children to be photographed on certain occasions, yet the Mail used to tear into them, but crawls embarrassingly up the Camerons rear orifices and that apparently is OK?
I have only seen Gordon Brown's boys once and that was when he left Downing Street and Gordon and Sarah Brown suffered the devastating loss of their baby, but apart from speaking about it just the once, I have never heard them talk abut it to the press.
For their part, the Tories are apparently "delighted" at the Balls appointment. If they are then just have they have continued to underestimate Ed Miliband, unbelievably, they are now completely underestimating Ed Balls. If they are not worried by the appointment of Mr Balls, then they really have entirely lost their grip of the situation, Ed Balls is superior to George Osborne in every conceivable way.

However, we have a country slipping into crisis, the biggest unprecedented reforms in the NHS, welfare and education. Utility bills are soaring, people cannot afford to keep warm, unemployment is soaring, bankruptcies growing, people are starting to have their homes repossessed, economic growth is stagnant, the construction industry has all but slipped into recession, the service sector is not far behind, the voluntary sector is screaming out for help against all these cuts, and the public sector is being decimated and hundreds of thousands of jobs being lost and on top of that the housing market has reached an all time low and last Christmas trading figures were flat, and the private sector is NOT making anywhere near the number of jobs it needs to make and this is BEFORE the cuts really start to bite, and what is Cameron doing? I'll tell you, instead of concentrating on the appalling mess he, Osborne and Clegg and the other Tories are making of this country, they are worrying about being  frustrated at how Miliband has managed to slip both the ‘Red Ed’ and ‘Son of Brown’ tags, that they (the Tories) childishly tried so hard to pin on them. Instead of worrying about the country, they are worrying  about how they can damage Miliband and Balls! Who it has to be said are knuckling down to the job of opposition and are trying to do their jobs in opposing this government's insane policies.

Cameron has his staff busy going through the archives looking for pictures of the two Eds standing behind Brown, so they can try and pin some silly little slogan on them, who is paying for this puerile nonsense? The taxpayer?

Where is David Cameron and just what is he doing? Maybe he should spend less time at the tanning salon, less time running around Hyde Park with his expensive celebrity personal trainer, less time posing for TV and the press, less time finding ways to boost his ego, less time holding expensive bashes for his MPs and trying to improve his popularity with them, and more time doing the bloody job he coveted for so long?

He assumed the role of pm, no one actually voted for him to be prime minister, he has forced this coalition on us, no one voted for it, nowhere on any ballot paper did it say "coalition", and he is gerrymandering parliament and the boundaries so he can impose himself illegally on us for at least five years. He had Rupert and James Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson get him into number 10, by telling complete and utter lies about Gordon Brown and now it looks like they hacked into his phone, which explains all the leaks that were coming out of the former prime minister's office, looks like someone was listening to his messages then twisting the truth to make it sound like something it wasn't. By hook or by rook, Cameron got himself into Downing Street, but now he is there he hasn't got a bloody clue how to handle it all, or what to do, his "dimwittedness" is really showing and he is leading this country into unmitigated disaster, and all he can do is worry about his ridiculous image.

David Cameron reminds me of one of those brides who want the wedding and all the trappings bot NOT the marriage! He wants to prime minister, he wants to feel important, he wants to swan around in his expensive luxurious ministerial car, he wants all the champagne receptions, dinners and lunches, he wants all the luxury trappings of the job, but he does NOT actually want to do the job and it is quite obvious now, that Cameron does not even have any idea of how to do the job he coveted for so long.

It is about time we had another election, this country did not vote for this and we did not give the Tories a mandate to privatise the NHS, or take a virtually "unwinnable" gamble with the economy!


Nicky said...

Good post. Cameron's descended from one of King William IV's illegitimate children, and I think he subconsciously wants to be a king himself, rather than a PM. That would make him seriously deluded - but I think we might have realised that already.

His ancestor was known as 'Silly Billy' - even by the standards of the aristocracy, he was regarded as an idiot. His niece Victoria (who succeeded him) felt he'd debased the whole concept of monarchy and that she had to put a lot of work in to make it relevant again.

So he's been trying to butter up the right-wingers? He thinks because he's got a nice wife and cute kids, that is going to make them less disillusioned and angry with him. That's not going to work. They know his policies are disasterous for business and the economy, and that he's proved himself spineless in the face of their big bugbear, the EU.

It's quite a feat to alienate the right as well as the left.

I agree about the issues regarding Ivan. There was a discussion about the cutbacks regarding services for the disabled in the Guardian. The Tory apologists use Ivan as a way of shutting down the debate - 'his son died, show some f***king respect' was how it was put. I think everyone actually feels sorry for the Cameron family on a personal level, BUT it doesn't alter the fact that Cameron is a hypocrite for saying he was going to protect services for the disabled when he plainly isn't.

Gracie Samuels said...

Great post Nicky and very true. Of course people feel for the Cameron's on a personal level, no parent should have to go through somethign as traumatic as that, but it is David Cameron using it everytime, mainly to shut the debate down as you have said.

Yesterday was another very bad day for the Tory led government, I think the Andy Coulosn story is going to run and run and run, I believe this is the start if the fall of this government.

Robert said...

Well in later life I suspect if one of the Blair kids come into politics they can always point out my dad was labour a normal working dad.

problem is for all the shouting about the Tories you can place a Mandelson in the same position or a miliband or a Blair, rich people