Monday, January 10, 2011

Tory Led Government Gets Set To Erode Workers Rights Further

Our Unity To Fight This Government
Is Our Strength
United We WILL Win!
Read this further erosion of our civil rights from this disgusting pea-brained stinking lousy Tory government. Firms get powers to sack the slackers

Companies are to be given greater freedom to sack under-performing workers as part of an overhaul of employment laws to boost the economic recovery.

So can someone explain how being given the power to sack someone is going to help boost growth? How is making someone so scared about losing their job that they will put up with the most appalling abuse, bullying, and unfair demands from employers, help grow more jobs?

Is this really what we want for our children and is this really what a civilised society does, go BACKWARDS? First of all Cameron is reducing union powers, then he makes it impossible for people that have been sacked unfairly to get legal aid and now this?

What is it all for? So the Government does NOT have to pay public sector workers who have worked for under two years redundancy or severance pay?

Is this what all you workers who voted Tory at the last election, actually voted for? This and to see our NHS privatised under your noses?

Look at what Cameron is doing, he is working to a plan

  • First shrink the state
  • Erode union laws about striking and remove as many workers rights as possible
  • Cut work related benefits, so when workers lose their jobs their unemployment payments are minimum
  • Make over 500.000 public sector workers redundant
  • Make it easier for them to be sacked in first two years
  • Wriggle out of paying them their proper redundancy packages and severance pay
  • Make people terrified of losing their jobs
  • Make it easier for employers to bully and intimidate their workforce
  • Give employers the right to force people to do the jobs of two or more people
  • Make it impossible for rushed stressed employees *not* to make mistakes
  • Make it easier for employers to use those mistakes and threaten the sack to employees
  • Employees will not complain because they will be terrified of losing their jobs and not being able to find a new one
  • Make it ways for employers NOT to pay their staff a proper living wage
  • Make it impossible for people sacked unfairly to go to tribunal By
  • Removing legal aid for workers taking employers to industrial tribunals
  • Kept Employers National Insurance Contributions the same
  • But raised the national insurance contributions for workers
Do you not see? Cameron, Osborne and Clegg are making it so easy for employers to treat their workforce like scum.

The only jobs available in this country will be burger pushers and shelf stackers at Tescos, hundreds of thousands of people will be trapped in dead end jobs.

The very next thing will be that the Tories and Cameron, Osborne and Clegg will be removing the minimum wage, they will tell you that the country can no longer afford it.

Remember, you heard it here first!

Meanwhile this Tory led government are making it impossible for the children of ordinary people to attend university.

They are also PRIVATISING the NHS under your very noses.

This is a direct assault on the ordinary working population of this country, this Tory led government are not only forcing the poorest, the sick, disabled, young and elderly to literally pay for the sins of the bankers, they are behaving in a brutal way towards the ordinary workers and stripping them of any kind of rights they held under successive Labour governments.

Labour was not perfect, not by a very long chalk, but they strived to treat everyone the same and strived to give each person equal opportunities, they fixed the NHS  from the parlous state it was left in by the Tories and labour were turning it into the best health service in the world. Labour set themselves really hard targets and strived to lift the young and elderly out of poverty and ensured our elderly people were warm in winter, same for our disabled people.

Now every bit of good that the Labour government did is being discarded, thrown away and with it our human and civil rights. This government are causing confusion, mayhem and alarm.

I wonder is this what good decent people voted Tory or Liberal Democrat  for?

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