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After Oldham East & Saddleworth, Where Does Dangerously Dim Dave Cameron Turn Next?

Dangerously Dim Dave Cameron
Britain has a Conservative prime minister that to put kindly, is rather dim, we have a deputy prime minister who is certainly no better, and a Conservative chancellor in George Osborne, who cannot add up, has no ability to see or understand the long term implications of his actions, and who just before the general election was held, did not know the difference between fiscal and monetary policy, nor which the Bank of England actually dealt with, to put it frankly, the chancellor is clueless, but we have him as chancellor at this vital juncture. Some countries are unfortunate enough to get one tinpot dictator seizing (or assuming) power and ruining their country, however,  not to be out done Britain has managed to end up with three of them, never let it be said that Britain is not competitive!
We have a government with the reverse Midas touch, everything they do ends up in farce, ridicule and complete chaos.

When Elwyn Watkins, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Oldham East and Saddleworth was beaten in the May 2010 general election by 103 votes, he decided to challenge the result in a special election court, he was successful and the labour MP Phil Woolas was thrown out. Apparently Woolas had lied in some of his election leaflets, he should not have done so and this cost him his seat. The fact that the Liberal Democrats tell lies in every single seat, in every single election they contest, seems to have passed completely over  the head of Elwyn Watkins. One only has to look at the deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats, Simon Hughes, and what he said about Peter Tatchell to see that in action. One of the most incredulous moments of the Oldham East and Saddleworth election was when Nick Clegg poke on live TV about the lies of Phil Woolas! How could Clegg, who put the word lie into the Liberal Democrats, say that with a straight face and without blushing? Nick Clegg who has now told so many lies that people do not believe a single word he says and who's nickname is now "PiNICKio"!

Since the result of the by-election became known, we have had the spinning from the Liberal Democrats and the Tories, the Liberal Democrat president Tim Farron even called the result a "score draw". That particular remark actually personifies the delusional place the Liberal Democrats are in these days, wen they cannot even accept that they lost an election by 3,558 votes and seek to explain that away as a draw, we know they are in a very bad place.

Therein lies the problem for the Liberal Democrats, they actually turned a 103 labour majority into a 3,558 labour majority just 8 months later. Yet they still think this is good?

What happened to the votes in Oldham East & Saddleworth was a three way event, votes from disaffected Liberals went to Labour, votes from the Tories went directly to Labour, and votes from Tories who loaned their votes to the Liberals, went to the Liberal Democrats, in order to keep their vote up, if it were not for the latter then the Liberal vote would have crumbled away to probably something like 12%, this would have placed Nick Clegg's position in his party in jeopardy and the Coalition  would have become even more unsteady.

There is another by-election coming up in Barnsley and something tells me that the Liberals will not be able to be propped up by a Tory vote there, so we may see the true extent of the damage Clegg has afflicted on his party there. There is also the May elections coming up, should these prove to be damaging for the Liberal Democrats (and if their showing in all council by-elections held in the last 8 months is anything to go by, it is hard to see them being anything else,) then this will be like lobbing a metaphorical hand grenade into the internal machinations of the Liberal party, this will not only destabilise the Liberal party, it will rock the foundations of the Tory led government and it will become even more unsteady.

With all the conflict in the Liberal Democrat party, there will also be conflict and huge problems for Dangerously Dim Dave Cameron in the Tory party. Trouble is brewing there and it is beginning to look very ugly indeed, it looks like DDDC (Dangerously Dim Dave Cameron) is going to be attack from all corners of his party, from those that want him to merge further with the Liberals, to the right of the party that are w quite frankly alarmed at what they see DDDC is doing to their party, if there is a propensity for the Liberal Democrats to split asunder, then there must be the same proclivity for the Tories to form a break away group too! In fact you only have to look at the UKIP vote in the Oldham & Saddleworth by-election to understand that the Tory right is getting very twitchy indeed, UKIP managed to attract over 2000 votes, in percentage terms that is a sizable increase on UKIP's general election showing. The majority of those votes would have come directly from Tory supporters.

What will be worrying DDDC and the Tory right, is the dramatic collapse of their vote, it fell in percentage terms from 26.4% in May 2010, to just 12.8% in January 2011, just barely 8 months later.

If DDDC continues to encourage Tory voters to vote Liberal Democrat in order to shore up Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems and in turn shore up the Tory led Coalition government, it looks like it will come at the expense of the Tory vote. This could cause a split of the Tory and Lib Dem votes in the marginal constituencies which will allow Labour to come through the middle and take the seat, in effect we already saw a few examples of this working in last May's general election, where the Liberal Democrat and Labour vote split as people tried to vote tactically, which allowed the Tories to take the seat! This will be especially so in 3 way marginal seats and don't forget, Oldham East & Saddleworth, is a three way marginal constituency, although how this will be affected if the Tories and DDDC are allowed to get away with gerrymandering the boundaries and constituencies remains to be seen. However, this kind of tactical voting could still unseat many Tory MPs.

So will DDDC order the Tory troops back from the front line in by-elections? We do not have long to wait and see, we have Barnsley coming up.

DDDC has placed himself in a very unwise position, he will come under pressure from the right of his party to stop interfering in elections, or the Tories will fall to more devastating defeats. The Tories ran a very lackluster campaign in Oldham. the other two main parties were already out of the starting block weeks before the Tories got going and even when they did get going, it was half hearted, the BBC political journalist was having to chase them for their opinions, while the Labour and Liberal camps were onto the BBC several times each day informing them where their candidate would be and who they would be with. One of the most cringeworthy moments came when DDDC was trying to extol the virtues of the Tory candidate (Kashif Ali) and repeatedly got his name wrong.
What will also be worrying the Tories is the collapse of the working class Tory support, which was very evident in this by-election, if this is repeatedly across the country, this could be extremely bad news for the Conservatives.
Dangerous Dim Dave Cameron has a bit of a reputation for reversing good poll leads, he took a double figure opinion poll lead for the Tories which should have seen them home comfortably in last year's general election and turned it into a hung parliament, which saw the Tories forming this "unholy alliance" with the Liberal Democrat party. At the moment the opinion polls look to be showing a hardening off of a small labour lead, which should allow them to successfully build upon in the coming months.

If the Tories continue to decline in the national opinion polls and the May 2011 elections produce some bad results, this could panic DDDC into calling a snap general election and playing upon the blaming labour for the deficit, before the opportunity for doing that completely dwindles away. it would be catastrophically bad judgement for DDDC to do this, but remember DDDC is dim and his judgement has been shown to be non existent, and his arrogance knows no bounds, so he could just do this, it is not inconceivable!

Meanwhile the Tory right will continue to worry about their vote being taken away by UKIP, in fact, there could be some sort of break away by right wing Tories, disgusted at what they see as Dangerously Dim Dave Cameron caving into all things European and heading in the direction of UKIP. The way DDDC is kowtowing to the Liberals is really alarming the Tory right wing.

If it is true that no one knows what the Liberal Democrats stand for any monger, then it must equally be true of the Tory party!

What does today's Tory party stand for? Are they right wing Liberals, Tories, or right wing Tories? Both the Liberal and the Tory party lines are becoming distinctly blurred.

Certainly there is no longer room for the left and left of centre Liberal Democrat within the Liberal party any longer, in fact their leader Nick Clegg more or less told this section of his party they were no longer required and that the Liberal Democrat party was not a home for disaffected labour voters. This, and the blatant lying over the rate of the deficit pay down, the bankers bonuses, VAT and the broken pledge over tuition fees, has caused a haemorrhage of Lib Dem voters who have now found their home in a resurgent Labour party, or has prompted those labour voters who once left Labour and voted Lib Dem, to return back to Labour.

But what of the Tories? What is all this blurring of the political lines doing to them? Although not that apparent in national opinion polls yet, nonetheless, there is a clear shift going on, (I began picking this up long before the national opinion polls began to show it). DDDC is slowly alienating the Tory working class vote. DDDC came into office with the clear intention of turning person against person and community against community, in order to give the Tories a free rein to do what they wished with the welfare state. He played to peoples' base instincts, first he bolstered up the ordinary worker, made them feel like they were keeping a load of "undesirables" at home watching "Jeremy Kyle" and other daytime TV, drinking and taking drugs all day while they went out to work to pay their taxes to keep such people. DDDC also managed to turn great swathes of communities against ALL those claiming benefits, until now people have such a low opinion on anyone who claims, whether they are genuine or not. DDDC has been successful in what is commonly termed as "Divide and Conquer" and he created for himself and the Tories what the Tory party call "working class Tories", these are the people the Tories treat as mugs, these are the people that the Tories laugh down their sleeves at and sneer at behind closed doors, these are the very people who helped put DDDC where he is today!
Now there is great panic as the country slowly wakes up to what the Tories are doing and the British sense of fair play and decency once again comes to the fore, people are beginning to realise that they have been lied to and conned by DDDC and they are now beginning to turn away from the Tories, it has only just started, but started it has! The Tory right sense this and they realise the full implications of it, but because Cameron is dangerously dim and appallingly arrogant to boot, he does not yet realise what is happening. Once this takes hold there will be no stopping it.
 So the Tories are busily alienating this section of people and they are alienating the right of the party, who are feeling increasingly frustrating with DDDC and the Liberals, they are in danger of losing these votes to UKIP, and the UKIP leader is making himself increasingly welcoming to this section of the Tory voting public.

This is where the rot is setting in, and so soon!

Who is left in the Tory party? Those that want Cameron to further integrate with the Liberal Democrats and do what former Tory prime minister John Major wants them to do, and form a "mini-realignment of Conservative and Liberal Democrat politics, which will cause alarm and panic both to the right of the Tory party and to any remaining middle of the road Liberal Democrats.

Underneath it all, the Conservative party is in just as much of a mess as the Liberal democrats, they are just better at hiding it, is one reason why people have not yet twigged on in large numbers, but the other reason is that the reason I call David Cameron dim, is because he is , but he is also Dangerous. Dangerous because he is so dim, that he doesn't realise he is dim and dangerous, because along with his dimness, he is also ruthless, and make no mistake, he wants to stay feeling important as long as he can, regardless of the catastrophic mistakes he is making in this country, which will result in utter disruption and chaos in the NHS, transport, welfare, and unemployment, and regardless of confusion, and mayhem and conflict, he is causing within his own party, he will try to stay prime minister and he will ruthless use Nick Clegg and the other poodle Lib dems as human shields for as long as he can get away with it, in order to achieve his aim. This is why I refer to Cameron as "Dangerously Dim Dave Cameron" (DDDC) and this is why I can clearly see the utter carnage, confusion and mayhem which is heading for our country in the next couple of years unless DDDC and his confusing government is brought down.

Does anyone know what DDDC really stands for other than just wanting the title of Prime Minister? Does anyone know what today's Tory party stands for?

Cameron is not only in the process of utterly ruining the Liberal Democrat party, he is in the process of ruining his own party too and when the demonstrations and riots start as people realise what is happening and unemployment soars along with deficit and benefits bill and the Tories plummet in the opinion polls, the "long knives" will be out for Cameron in the Tory party.

David Cameron will then go down in history as the person who single handed ruined two great political parties, the NHS and the welfare state, put millions out of work, caused millions to lose their homes and everything dear to them, why else do you think that George Osborne is distancing himself from the prime minister? He is NEVER out there owning the bad news stories, (he should be he is helping to cause them) but just as Cameron is using Clegg as a human shield, so is Osborne using David Cameron and he will turn around and blame Cameron for it all when it goes wrong.

We have three people supposedly leading this country, yet when it all goes wrong and their policies are shown up for the immature dangerous pieces of nonsense they are, not one of them can be seen owning the story, they all disappear.

The blame game is already started and the Tory party is fighting behind the scenes and is in just as much trouble as the Liberal Democrat party, it would be funny if it did not have such far reaching implications for our lives, our futures and our children and grandchildren's futures.

Fasten your seat belt Britain, we are in for an incredibly bumpy ride as those that are supposed to be leading us, disintegrate before our very eyes!

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