Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Unpleasant Face Of David Cameron's Lies in "Caring Compassionate Conservative Britain"

How Many More Lies Will Cameron Tell
 and How Many More Promises is he
Going To break?
Seems that every bit on news coming from this Tory led government is the story of yet another lie by David Cameron or his bitch Nick Clegg, or another shattered promise, all of them worthy of mentioning, because they affect so many people and so many people are having their lives utterly destroyed by the direct actions, the unnecessary actions, of this Tory government led by David Cameron. However, this one story made me weep with anger and utter dismay at the cold hearted callous lies he told a disabled girl's mother, made even more incredulous because of David Cameron's own son and father.
I used to feel sympathy for Cameron losing his son and father, but I am now ashamed to say, that I believe that David Cameron uses his son and father to gain sympathy and votes and peoples trust, and I am sorry but I find that utterly, utterly profoundly reprehensible.

Just before midday today, a Bristol mother called Riven Vincent announced to the internet: "Have asked social services to take dear daughter into care … They have refused extra respite. I can't cope."

This is a mother at the end of her tether, outrage at this decision has quickly built up, especially when it emerged that Cameron had visited Ms Vincent at her home during the pre-election campaign and promised he would do nothing to harm the care of disabled children.

Ms Vincent cares full-time for her 6 year old daughter and after asking for help today she received a letter today telling her no more help was available, she decided that her child would be better cared for in a residential home.
She said she was disappointed with David Cameron and would be angry if she wasn't so tired.

Ms Vincent sleeps in a bed next to her daughter in order to monitor her breathing.

"It will be devastating for me as a mother. I want her here, with her family," she said. "I never imagined I would get to this point. I don't want her in a residential care home – it would destroy me. But without extra help, I find it hard to see how we can meet her needs at home.

It would cost the local authority between £2,000 and £3,000 a week to look after Celyn in a home, Vincent estimated, compared to £15 a hour for a carer to help at her own home.

"We are committed to continuing to improve respite care for carers of disabled children. We have said that we will provide £800m in funding for short breaks for carers of disabled children over the next spending review. This represents an increase in year on year funding from 2010," she said.
Charities welcome this funding, but are concerned that the removal of a ringfence will mean that the money risks being diverted elsewhere.
David Congdon, head of campaigns and policy at Mencap, a charity for people with learning disabilities and their families, said: "Given that this money is available, there is no justification for cutting these services. As local authorities tighten belts we expect to hear more and more concerns from parents about respite care. Families and carers love the people they care for. They care for them willingly, but they need help to do so."

Words cannot express the contempt I feel for David Cameron, I truly do not know how that man sleeps at night!

David Cameron is nothing but a cheap-skate liar, who will use his own family to get elected. David Cameron is a whore!


Nicky said...

It's a truly awful and very sad case - and it does brutally expose Cameron's hypocrisy. He has a default position of 'I feel your pain' regarding families with disabled children, but his govt's policies are shown to be attacking these most vulnerable members of society. That's not to say Cameron isn't genuinely conflicted by this - but he's stuck between his own entrenched ideas about a smaller state and his experience of having a disabled child.

Mrs Vincent's predicament does also highlight how the internet has changed the world of politics. Back in the last Tory reign of misrule, a case such as this would not have had the high profile that this has gained. It may have made the local paper or news at the most, and the govt wouldn't have been exposed to the nation. But now the story quickly spreads from Mumsnet, to Facebook, to Twitter, through the blogosphere and onto the mainstream media. Even Tory papers like the Mail are featuring it. The reaction of Mail readers is intriguing. Even some stalwart Tories are appalled that the govt they voted in are treating the most disadvantaged this way. Meanwhile the bankers get away with doing what the hell they want, millions in taxes are evaded (including by Osborne himself!) and prisoners get the vote.

This govt seem to be on an unstoppable course of alienating just about everyone (except maybe for big business).

Gracie Samuels said...

Hi Nicky,

I used to think he was genuinely conflicted because of his own circumstances, but why would that make him tell blatant lies to get elected then immediately renege on his promises?
This case is high profile, hopefully Ms Vincent will get the help she needs for her and her daughter so the family can stay together, she may because of the high profile nature of this case, but what about all those who are not high profile? What about non British, would they get as much sympathy and coverage?
What about all the other people in all the other local authorities, will they get help?

This story made me so very angry.

You are right though, Cameron is alienating most people except big business.

Now the NHS? What next?