Monday, January 17, 2011

Hospitals Gridlocked - Where Is The Government?

The Tory Led Government is Negligent
Grossly Incompetent
And Is Failing Our People!
Where is the Dozy David Cameron and health Secretary Andrew Lansley, and why are they not in parliament answering questions on why our hospitals up and down the country are gridlocked and at least 10 major centres  on "Black Alert"?

"John Heyworth, the president of the College of Emergency Medicine, said: “We have seen A&Es absolutely overwhelmed, with people queuing on trolleys and long delays even for those being admitted to intensive care. The hospitals are gridlocked.

He expressed anger about the failure of Government and the NHS to develop sufficient contingency plans, given that a flu outbreak was widely anticipated following the swine flu pandemic in 2009. “My frustration is that so much of this is predictable. This did not come out of the blue and yet the planning is inadequate — as though there is a sense of denial about it. The planning this winter has been far less effective than last year

How did the country get into this state? Why wasn't there a flu awareness campaign when doctors asked for it months ago? What the hell was the interim Chief medical Officer Dame Sally Davies thinking of allowing the situation to get like this? Why did she not act, why did the government not act, when they knew because they were warned that this flu was expected this year. Where has Dame Sally been hiding, she has been on TV twice during this outbreak and both times she was woefully inadequate and gave next to no advice or reassurance.

The latest figures for England showed that in the week ending last Sunday, 23 casualty units were filled to capacity, forcing ambulances carrying emergency patients to take desperately sick people miles further for treatment.

The Government was criticised by influenza experts for failing to introduce a national public advertising campaign about the perils of swine flu until Jan 1, by which time the outbreak was on course to hit epidemic levels.

This is NOT good enough the Tory government is failing the people. What is even more scary is that if this is this bad now, what on earth is going to happen when this government recklessly and unnecessarily attempts to totally disrupt the NHS and turn it inside out and upside down for absolutely no other reason, other than they want to take a well performing system, which has been modernised and running efficiently and destroy it just because the NHS was one of labour's biggest success stories.

A spokesman for the Department of Health said there was always more pressure on the NHS at this time of year and insisted that the service had been prepared and was coping well.
“This year’s flu has resulted in greater than usual numbers of patients requiring critical care,” he said.
“Where necessary, local NHS organisations have increased their critical care capacity, in part by delaying routine operations requiring critical care back-up. This is a normal operational process which is initiated by NHS organisations at the local level.”

This statement absolutely beggars belief! Yes there is always more pressure on the NHS this time of year, WHICH IS WHY INFLUENZA EXPERTS AND DOCTORS WERE ASKING THIS BLOODY IDIOTIC STUPID GOVERNMENT TO ACT MONTHS AGO! The pressures are not unexpected, and NEITHER was this swine flu, the truth is that it need not have got to this stage, if the governemtn had listened to the experts and acted swiftly, just like the labour government did last year, averting the problems we have see this year.

Already waiting lists for operations were rising because of this governments direct interference and now those lists will be even longer as thousands of people have had their operations cancelled due to this Tory government appalling incompetence. Many of those with cancelled operations are seriously ill people suffering from cancer.

It is NOT a normal occurrence that hospitals have to cancel their operations because all their critical care beds are gridlocked with people suffering from swine flu occupying them, it is something hospitals do when there is an emergency, like right now, but the absolute tragedy of this is, that this need NOT have happened. It happened because we have a thick headed arrogant dozy prime minister who does not know his arse from his elbow and an arrogant health secretary who refused to listen to the experts, because he (Lansley) was too focused on saving money, refused to spend money on a flu awareness campaign stating it was "unnecessary and too costly" and he was too busy trying to organise the complete dismantling and privatisation of our NHS, when he is not really capable of running a sweet shop. The man is incompetent, this arrogant ignorant government is incompetent.

They need to come to parliament and answer questions on their gross negligence in providing adequate care for the nation, this Tory government are failing the people in just about every single way.

And yet again when there is a serious crisis going on in the country, the health service is grinding to a halt because of this government's inability to act properly and the prime minister's answer is to go into hiding, only emerging to talk about the cricket and how he is going to host a champagne reception for the England cricket team, when they return from Australia. Last week the only statement Dozy Dave gave was concerning pub opening times on the day of the royal wedding!

When is this government going to get a grip?

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