Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another Broken Conservative Promise

Your Chance To Kick The Lying Tories & Lib Dems
Where It Hurts
In The Ballot Box!
On February 15th 2009 David Cameron promised the nation that he would curb bankers bonuses and that no bank employee would be able to receive more that £2000, he faithfully promised this in exchange for their votes:

David Cameron LIED!

"David Cameron has stressed that no cash bonuses over £2,000 should be paid to any employee of a bank which has a significant taxpayer shareholding.

In an interview on the BBC Politics Show, David said, “People who work hard are seeing billions of pounds of their tax money being paid out and are rightly angry about it.”

And he attacked Gordon Brown for failing to put conditions in place to limit the bonuses paid by those banks that have taken taxpayers’ money - RBS, Lloyds, B&B and Northern Rock.

“Unfortunately the only action the Government has taken is to announce a review into bonuses which will not report until the end of the year.  Because of this dithering we could see bonuses being paid out for a second year to executives in taxpayer owned banks which is unacceptable.”

Putting the limit at £2,000 would mean bank tellers are not unfairly punished.

Actually David Cameron was lying again as in 2010 the bankers tax placed in situ by Alistair Darling brought the country £3.5billion.

Today the outgoing boss  of Lloyds Bank which the taxpayers bailed out is reported to be being paid  a £2 million bonus, this is not all, he will be paid other huge payments. That is £1980.000 more than Cameron promised us these people would be able to have. Meanwhile Cameron, Osborne and Clegg are cutting your wages, raising VAT so the poorest are hit hardest, cutting welfare, education, police and PRIVATISING the NHS, they are literally playing politics with our lives.

Are you surprised Cameron reneged on his promise? I'm not these banker bosses are all Cameron's buddies and many also happen to be big financial backers of the Tory party. A lot of these bankers are actually related to Cameron, in fact Cameron once said that the "city is in his blood".

He NEVER had any intention of preventing the people that nearly pushed this country off the edge of a financial precipice from obtaining these bonuses, he wouldn't dare. Cameron is a coward and a Liar!

Even Ireland who we were forced to help bail out has imposed a law on their banks preventing them from paying these kind of payments out.

David Cameron is just a con artist and a liar and has blatantly lied to people to obtain their votes.

Are you one of the people he lied to? If you are don't get mad, get even. vote against this government, vote against the Tories and their lying poodles the Liberal Democrats at every chance you get.

Make your disgust known. Use your democratic right and vote the Tories out of councils and out of parliament and out of government.

Oldham and Saddleworth has a chance in their by-election tomorrow Vote Debbie Abrahams - Vote Labour Thursday January 13th.


Nicky said...

Well said Gracie.

I watched yesterday's PMQs on the iPlayer - utterly sickening performance from Cameron on this topic of the bankers' bonuses. (Clegg was just as nauseating, sitting there gurning away like a girly cheerleader - but frankly he's only the monkey not the organ grinder. And as for the psychopathic looking Osborne ...)

When confronted with the truth from Ed Miliband, Cameron didn't just lie, he compounded the offence by sneering. His performance was criticised even by correspondents in the Telegraph and the Spectator. And the FT (which really knows its stuff, and has been consistently critical of the govt) said:

In essence Cameron argued that the new bank levy would this year raise £2.5bn – more than the £2.3bn raised by Labour’s bank bonus tax last year. “£2.5bn is more than £2.3bn,” he told the chamber.

By contrast Ed Miliband argued that last year’s one-off tax raised £3.5bn while the banking levy will only raise £1.3bn. It is Miliband who is telling the truth.

The Treasury only reached its £2.3bn figure for last year by lopping off £1.2bn from the real £3.5bn figure – citing the income tax and NI which the exchequer may have lost due to banks paying lower bonuses than they might have done. (A highly speculative behavioural assumption). Meanwhile while the bank levy will reach £2.5bn in 2012 it is only forecast to raise £1.3bn this year.

I think the FT has a paywall so can't provide link, but Seph Brown includes it in her blog - she's done a very good review of PMQs and how it was received by the press.

Gracie Samuels said...

Thank you for the link Nicky I will look. You are correct the FT does have a paywall, but I can access it.
You know it is the utter deceit that really gets to me. Look I live in the real world and I know that sometimes politicians, especually prime ministers have to be a little economical with the truth, especially where national security is concerned, but this lying of Cameron, Osborne and Clegg's is really getting out of hand, it is so that now we cannot believe a single thing they say anymore and this is dangerous. Everything they say is a complete lie, and that performance by Cameron in PMQs yesterday was nothing short of disgraceful.
Puerile name calling and such arrogance and then the deliberate lying, what he said is tantamount to false accounting at worse and at best Cameron tried to mislead the House and the public, but hey what do we expect from an ex PR man, we are being governed, by deceitful liars and spin doctors.

Nicky said...

You're right - he is such a loathsome and despicable liar. And what's even worse is the way he behaves as if he got a thumping majority and a mandate to carry out his destructive policies.