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Email From 38 Degrees - George Osborne Artful Tax Dodger

You Are a
DISGRACE to this Country!

 Below is an email I received from them, it shows how 38 Degrees are helping us to hold this government to account.

It pains me to say this, but our country *BRITAIN* is being government by a bunch of corrupt, lying elitist crooks, called the Conservative government, although they would rather us called them the "coalition* this way they get away with what they are doing, or the Liberal Democrat fig leaves take the blame (more fool them, they were warned, yet the Liberal Democrats are still HELPING them, so they are a bunch of lying corrupt crooks too!) This Tory led government are destroying our country, destroying our name in the world and robbing each and everyone of us. Many of the TORY cabinet have off-shore accounts and are aiding British, businesses, bankers etc and are literally laughing all the way to their Swiss bank account and registered address.

We do NOT have to accept this.

We do NOT have to allow them to lie to us and fool and con us any longer!

Whenever questioned about their ever growing list of broken promises, this Tory led government have two ready excuses to hand, it is either because they are "compromsing" because they are in coalition, or they just blame the previous labour government for every single things and it is becoming farcical.

It is time this government admitted what they are doing, they are doing for ideological reasons and if the Tories had a  won majority in the last election, they were always going to roll the state back, attack the poor, innocent and vulnerable and throw hundreds of thousands out of work and then attack them for being unemployed and force them to pick litter up for less than the minimum wage.

This government were ALWAYS going to PRIVATISE the NHS and now we see they are doing exactly this.

trouble is when all these things are gone they are gone, when the NHS is privatised there will be NO turning back, it will be absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to re-nationalise, just like the Tories did to the railways and now look the mess they are in. They are so privatised, so fragmented that no one knows who is responsible for what and they charge what they like and commuters are having to foot the bill, the NHS will be no different to this.

This TORY led government is smashing the lives and the well being of millions of people to pieces, after all it is far easier to raise £13 bn from hiking VAT and forcing the poorest people in society to pay for the greed of people who earn telephone number salaries, than it is to force the Tory bankers and the Tory rich voters to pay and risk a backlash.

This government are attempting to raise billions by slashing people's benefits and slashing our public services, they are operating a scorched earth approach to paying down a deficit, a deficit which is there because of the greed of the bankers, hedge funders and others that operate their financial services in the city and because we had a GLOBAL recession, a recession caused by Lehman Brothers and misselling of sub-prime mortages, it had nothing to do with Gordon Brown or Labour.

This government have come into power and immediately started to pursue who they refer to as "welfare scroungers", "benefit cheats" and those opting for a "lifestyle on benefits". David Cameron has made wild claims about these people and what they owe, but surprise, surprise NOT, Cameron has been caught lying yet again. The number of benefit cheats is very small and what they cost the country is minute against the friends of the Tory party and their tax dodging, which costs us approximately £120 bn a year.

This government have purposefully gone all out to attack those on welfare, it was their plan. Their plan is to turn ordinary people against people who depend on welfare to get by, and it worked and it is still working. Ordinary people have been made to feel that while they struggle to work and pay their taxes etc, there are millions languishing at home with their feet up watching Jeremy Kyle on daytime TV, even the Tories use of the "Jeremy Kyle" show was done on purpose. This was meant to get people associating EVERYONE who is in receipt of ANY benefit wit the kind of show that Kyle puts on and the kind of people that want to air their dirty linen in public.
It is just not true though, because there are very few benefit cheats and what the Tories do not tell you is that the previous Labour government had already halved benefit fraud by employing a team solely to track it down and they had also provided the technology to do so, this is the same team, with the same head of operations and the same technology that is being used now. However, don;t forget Cameron is now employing big bully boy bounty hunters to come and spy on people and terrify them in to not claiming, whether they are genuine or not. Cameron is also using credit reference agencies to check up on everyone's income and outgoings who receive benefit and Cameron is also using supermarket loyalty card information to see what you buy in supermarkets.

This government use all of this to hound people, bully and intimidate them, yet they are quite happy to allow their mega rich friends and owners of big businesses to get off paying their proper taxes, even David Cameron and George Osborne dodge paying their proper taxes, Osborne hires a team of accountants to ensure he pays as little tax as possible.

This government simply blame the coalition compromises and hide behind the Liberal Democrat human shields, they are messing this country up and they are blaming everyone else and they are accountable to no one.

We DO NOT have to accept this from the Conservatives, we CAN do something about it!

If we all chipped in we could force this government to be accountable to us the British people, at the moment they are marauding through the lives of innocent people terrifying them, worrying them, distressing the elderly, young, disabled and chronically sick, and vulnerable and are in the process of putting hundreds of thousands of people out of work *unnecessarily*. They have made caring in this country into a dirty word, something that is socially unacceptable, and they are trying to make us feel powerless and hopeless and they are trying to brainwash us into believing there is no other way, when there is, there are plenty of easier ways to pay the deficit down without causing mass distress to millions of our people.

Copy of Email Follows:

It's working - thanks to our "Artful Dodger" adverts, people are talking about tax dodging on the day VAT goes up.

Our adverts are in the Guardian, the i and the Independent - the Telegraph and the Metro refused to run them at the last minute. [1]

We've had news coverage all over the place, including the BBC and Sky News. [2] On Sky breakfast news, our adverts were held up to camera at the start of a 5 minute discussion about tax dodging. Ten minutes later a government minister came on - the presenter showed the minister our ad and asked: "why are you fiddling about with VAT when tax dodging costs us £120 billion?"

On top of that, thousands of us have been spreading the word by forwarding the advert to friends, posting it up on our
Facebook profiles, or sharing it on Twitter.

Bit by bit, we’re making it harder for George Osborne to keep quiet about tax dodging. A few months ago hardly anyone knew about the scandal of how much tax dodging costs us all each year. Today, thanks to us, millions of people are reading about it.

Today's success proves that our plan to force tax dodging onto the agenda with hard-hitting ads is working. So we need to make sure we keep up the pressure. We've already got another £10,000 to spend, because we smashed our original fundraising target, and some newspapers wouldn't run our ads. If we can raise another £10,000, we can start putting these adverts up on bus stops and billboards.

Imagine the stir when we put our ads up in the constituencies of senior Cabinet ministers. Or in places where the government is desperate to win in the local, Welsh and Scottish elections this May.

Click here to join the thousands of us who have already donated and get these adverts up where the politicians don't want to see them:

Hitting us all with the VAT increase is expected to raise £13 billion. Meanwhile, tax dodging costs us all up to £120 billion. Yet the government is laying off thousands of tax inspectors who could be collecting some of this missing money, and closing local tax offices. The Inland Revenue has even been told to give tax dodgers an easier ride! [3] Our adverts are helping to expose this scandal.

These adverts are people power in action. Thousands of us voted to make tax dodging a priority campaign for 38 Degrees. Hundreds of us helped come up with the "Artful Dodger" idea. Thousands of us have donated to get the ad in the papers. Now let's raise more money to up the pressure and prove we're not going to let the government off the hook on tax dodging.

Click here to make a secure donation:

Thanks for being involved,

David, Hannah, Johnny, and the 38 Degrees team

PS On Friday, we handed in our emergency petition of over 70,000 signatures demanding a full and impartial review of Murdoch's plan to take control of the rest of BSkyB. There'll be more to do soon, but for now please make sure the government tackles tax dodging by chipping in for our ads:

[1] None of the newspapers that are part of the Daily Mail group have printed our ads. The Daily Mail increased their prices very late in the day, which meant we couldn't afford to put our ads there, and the Metro promised they'd run the ads and then didn't print them at the last minute, without any warning. We're going to spend the money put aside for those papers on ads for bus stops and billboards. You can e-mail the editors at the papers that didn't run the ads here: (Daily Mail); (Daily Telegraph); (Metro).  We'll post up any replies from those newspapers on the blog, here:

[2] We will post a round-up of all the media coverage on the 38 Degrees blog later:

[3]  The VAT increase is expected to raise approx £13bn per year:

Tax dodging costs the UK up to £120bn a year: ;

The Inland Revenue is expected make 13,000 officials redundant  by 2015:

"Revenue & Customs will adopt a less combative approach to resolving tax disputes with businesses in a move designed to cut a mounting legal logjam":

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