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David Cameron The Clueless Clot In Downing Street!

David Cameron
"Clueless Clot in Downing Street"
David Cameron has only been prime minister for about eight months, yet his judgement has been called into question countless times. If anyone is waiting for Cameron to grow into the job of being a prime minister, I hope they are not holding their breath, he only seems to have one gear and that unfortunately is in reverse. In amongst the never ending insane policy ideas, initiatives, directives, cuts, changes and radical reforms, that we are being bombarded with each day from this "mandateless" government, are three men who for all intents and purposes have proved to be totally clueless.

The reason we are being bombarded like this is because this government have deliberately set out on a course to govern with brutal right wing ideology and to get that passed the electorate, they using chaos, confusion and mayhem, it is a deliberate tactic, in short this dishonest duplicitous government are trying to hoodwink and mislead us by bombarding us daily in the hope that we will forget about most of it, and should in the future they be questioned, they will simply say had previously announced, as if this is an excuse for their fecklessness.
The UK is enveloped in a tsunami of ideological change, not because it is good for the country, but because it is good for the Conservative party and it is the only way they know. Basically the Conservative party is made up out of boring old farts that refuse to acknowledge change, others that reside in Victorian Britain, and then younger ones like Cameron and Osborne (and Clegg) the "sons of Thatcher" who themselves are also strongly wedded to Tory party right wing ideology, but realise people do not like it, so have deliberately set out to con their way to power by purposefully lying to and deceiving the British people deliberately misleading them.

They want us to believe they are embarking on "new politics", but we have all seen their idea of "new politics" is lies, lies and more lies and the complete sham that it is! There is nothing new about the sleaze, lies and double standards that emit from this government on a daily basis. The Conservatives (as they usually do) are governing purely for right wing political reasons, to always please their financial backers, their banker friends and their hedge funder mates, who each donate millions to the Tory party. Today's Tory party are the richest party in the history of politics, there has never been a richer political party and the majority of their money has come from non dom tax exiles; like Lord Ashcroft and hedge "funders"  who trade on peoples' misery while we are in recession and others connected to city banks and big business. Even the Tory chancellor George Osborne hires a team of accountants to get him out of paying tax to the UK Treasury he now runs, while other millionaire cabinet members like Philip Hammond Transport secretary, transferred all his assets into his wife's name to avoid paying 50p tax rate when the Tories came to power and International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell, whose job is to alleviate world poverty’, has made large returns on investments in the British Virgin Islands, another tax haven.
They keep using this term "we are all in this together" although clearly we are not, the vast majority of us are not millionaires who avoid paying our taxes to the British Treasury for a start, George Osborne pinched this saying from "Glee" anyway, a programme that "call me Dave" would have us all believe he is an avid watcher of.

Forget the "compassionate Conservatism" agenda which spin doctor "call me Dave" has been pushing for a few years, once the Tories got into unelected power, they quickly ditched the compassion bit, bought themselves 23 Liberal Democrat MPs, converted them to Tories and set about the most brutal, ruthless right wing Tory agenda forcing the sick, weak, vulnerable, disabled, the young and the elderly and the poorest off to pay for the sins of their banker mates, whose greed caused this crisis in the first place, while allowing their banker mates to get away Scot free. Both party's manifestos were binned before the ink was dry, and a hastily written  "coalition paper" took their place, which was then promptly discarded faster than whore's knickers on a Friday night.

Britain is now lost in a tsunami of ideological change purely for political reasons, we are in a storm of change just for change sake and it is costing this country, our lives, and the very fabric of our society dear, many of the most radical reforms like the privatisation of our NHS we are never going to be able to take back into public ownership and it is scary. We are being governed by two nincompoops and a buffoon.

David Cameron would be better suited to the name of "gaffe man", he is gaffe prone, dimwitted and totally clueless, but because of the position he has somehow wormed his way into with the help of dubious people like, James and Rupert Murdoch, Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks and an assortment of rich and sometimes corrupt businessmen and bankers and Lords and others that do not want to pay their UK taxes (like chancellor George Osborne), he is dangerous, he has become a power craving megalomaniac and he has created complete chaos and confusion. Cameron's judgement is not merely bad, it is absolutely appalling, you can tell that by his choice of deputy Prime Minister (Nick Clegg) and to all the above you can add hundreds of broken promises and bare faced lies and lying to the British people. NEVER in all my days have I known a government to lie like the present one.

All the rich  people above, the hedge funders, the big businessmen and the cit bankers that worked to put David Cameron and the Tories into power, if you thought they did that because they liked Cameron and that he was very able and thought he would make a good prime minister and a good job of running the country, you would be totally and utterly wrong!  They worked, conspired and connived to get Cameron into power because they knew he was an intellectual lightweight, they knew he was weak and would be a total pushover, they knew he would give them what they wanted, especially as he would feel obliged to them because of the millions of pounds they had donated and will donate to the Tory party, in short they bought David Cameron, and got him into power for their own narrow self interests, so now we have a lame duck, intellectually challenged moron as a prime minister who is a complete joke and more, continues to show this country up on the world stage, last week Davos was a prime example of this.

Judgement Calls....

David Rowland....Against all advice David Cameron asked David Rowland to become party Treasurer, despite Rowlands past shady deals, Cameron was later forced to rescind the offer but not before he took  £137.000 off of David Rowland, just weeks before Rowland was forced to step down as Tory party treasurer. Rowland helped David Cameron and George Osbourne rake in a record £12.3 million into the Tory party coffers!
Further, Rowland 65, gave the Tories a cash injection of £2.7 million in the run up to the 2010 general election.

Philip Green....Cameron phoned up Sir Philip Green and parachuted him into a role to look at spending savings, yes this is the man, the known tax evader who lives in Monaco on a multi billion pound fortune that he made mainly in the UK, but avoids paying tax on, not only this, Green describes giving his wife £1.2 billion pound per year as a "bit of housekeeping".

Stanly Fink...Cameron replaced David Rowland with Stanly Fink as Tory Treasurer. Stanly Fink is apparently "the Godfather" of the hedge fund industry and runs hedge fund International Standard Asset Management and according to the 2008 Sunday Times Rich List he has a personal fortune of £116 million.
Fink a key donor to the Boris Johnson mayoral campaign he donated more than £1 million to the Tories in the run up to the 2010 general election
Hedge funds are like exclusive clubs and they bet on failing banks etc, in short what they do is make money out of recessions and the financial misery of millions of people and those losing their jobs, (like the 500.000 that Cameron and Osborne are in the process of making jobless). You could argue that there is a clear conflict of interests here and that Fink (just like Rowland) should be well clear of the political arena for obvious reasons, but not least because Cameron is going very easy on the banks, (the very banks that cause this crisis), at least we now know why, most of them are huge financial backers of the Conservative party!
David Cameron, has taken millions of pounds in donations from hedge-fund managers whose firms made fortunes taking bets that the share price in British banks would fall. Donors are entitled to attend intimate suppers with Cameron.
These intimate suppers were held at Cameron's House of Commons offices but after being criticised by the standards watchdog they now take place outside parliament.

Michael Hintze ...of CQS, who has given £662,500 and whose organisation shorted shares in Bradford and Bingley.

Paul Ruddock...who has given almost £210,000.

 David Craigen...who has donated £50,000.  Paul Ruddock and David craigen own investment firm, Lansdowne, and short sold shares in HBOS.

Lord Laidlaw...a Monaco-based Tory tax exile who has given the Conservative party more than £3m.

Rupert Murdoch... and his son James has described the BBC's reach as "chilling". He also complained about the media regulator, Ofcom. Keen to oblige, David Cameron (then in opposition) has promised to abolish Ofcom and scale back the BBC.

James Murdoch...Son of Rupert Murdoch, met David Cameron at the home of Rebekah Brooks over Christmas, shortly after stripping Vince Cable of handling the Murdoch News International proposed BSkyB merger.

Rebekah Brooks...chief executive, of Rupert Murdoch's News International and married to old Etonian former racehorse trainer, Charlie Brooks. Knows Andy Coulson very well, Coulson and Brooks would apparently die for each other it is said. This link gave Cameron a secure line into the social circle that includes James Murdoch, his sister Elisabeth, her husband the publicist Matthew Freud, Wade's second husband,  Charlie Brooks, and Nat Rothschild, of the banking family

Matthew Freud...In summer 2008, David Cameron and his wife were flown in Matthew Freud's private plane to meet Rupert Murdoch in his yacht, Rosehearty, off a Greek island. Afterwards, Cameron was flown to Turkey for a freebie family holiday, and Murdoch went on to Corfu for his daughter's 40th birthday.
A guest said..."It all seems incredibly cosy. James Murdoch, Rebekah Wade, Charlie Brooks, Matthew Freud, Elisabeth Murdoch, Cameron and Osborne are all very much at ease with each other. There is a mix of the social and the political. It all seems incredibly close."  THIS WAS IN 2008! Before Rupert Murdoch's newspapers, the Sun, News of the World and Times, started their personal ridiculing on the then prime minister Gordon Brown.

Daniel Finkelstein....The Times (Murdoch's paper) executive editor,  was behind the paper's extraordinary leader last week attacking the BBC and Mark Thompson for calling on Vince Cable to block News Corp's takeover of BSkyB.


Cameron accused the Pakistani president of backing terrorism, when the president's wife was murdered by a terrorist.

Cameron in selling arms and fighter planes to India, against UK advice and protocol.

In his haste to suck up to President Obama, he insulted all our WW2 heroes by referring to us as the US "junior partners" in the war at a time when the US had not even entered the second world war.

While in opposition he had the now Foreign Secretary William Hague, tell senators that if the Tories one the election they were going to make the UK more pro American.

Sheffield Forgemasters

At a time when the UK economy needed all the exports we could muster, Cameron and Osborne reneged on a Labour  promise of an £80 million loan, this caused the company to lose export orders and lose the chance to put British industry right at the forefront of green nuclear technology.
Cameron instead gave Nick Clegg £100 million to waste on a referendum about AV voting system. We would have got the £80 million back from Forgemasters with interest, it would have made by adding exports, hiring more people and making more apprenticeships for young people and help our economy.
Instead we waste a £100 million on Clegg's pie in the sky ideas at a time when this government are cutting back on the NHS, schools etc and has no ideas of how to stimulate growth and we now have a 50.000 rise in unemployment and the virtually every sector in the UK is teetering on the brink of recession and the UK economy contracted by 0.5%. Shocking judgement, absolutely shocking judgement!

Biggest Judgement call Mishap of All.

Leading World Economists, like Josef Stiglitz; 2010 Nobel Prize winner Christopher Pissarides, professor of economics; Paul Krugman  2008 Nobel Prize winning economics professor; Robert MacCulloch, professor of economics, Imperial College, London; David Blanchflower Professor of economics and form advisor on policy to the Bank of England. Others; George Soros hedge funder, Nouriel Roubini (the list is endless)

The Tory led government is aiming to reduce the budget deficit too quickly and is  running a big risk, because severe cuts could throw the economy back into recession. We have already seen evidence of this happening, with the construction sector teetering on the brink of recession, the service sector and voluntary sectors also and the unemployment figures show a massive increase of 50.000,  (and this is not counting those on part time work because they cannot find full-time, which has also massive increased), the housing market hitting record lows and now last week the UK economy contracted by 0.5%.

David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg and government MPs are all on message and pushing the line that there is no other choice, this is misleading and the public needs to know that there is evidence all over the world of countries making different choices and not embarking on such severe cuts and they are beginning to return to strong growth, (like the USA who are following recommendations from previous UK prime minister Gordon Brown)

For instance, Germany and France have public debt of a similar size to the UK's, but are pursuing very different policies.

The argument being put forward by all these leading economists and the Labour party, who have their own economists in Ed Miliband (leader) Ed Balls (shadow chancellor) and Yvette Cooper and Liam Byrne etc is not that we should not make some strategically placed cuts, but the argument is mostly about the pace of the needed deficit reduction.

We simply do not have to pay the deficit down at this breakneck speed which is one of the biggest and unprecedented gambles ever taken by any government in any country in the world. The UK managed post WW2, to both pay off the enormous deficit and loans to the US, as well as invent the welfare state and the NHS, build houses for a chronic shortage of war torn Britain and boost education.

So we are where we are now, Cameron and his appalling judgement is apparently "not for turning" (wonder where we have heard that before?)

There is a better than even chance of growth in the UK being revised downwards, the full implications of the VAT hike have yet to be felt and the cuts really do not start being felt until April 2011, yet consumer confidence is low and the housing market is in free fall.

So where is the growth in Cameron and Osborne's plans going to come from? Just where is this mystical magical, yet totally elusive growth in the private sector which will suddenly supply the UK economy with a million plus jobs, to offset the appalling and suicidal judgement of David Cameron and his side kick 2nd in history degree chancellor axing of 500.000 public sector workers?  500.000 people suddenly not spending in the economy will produce catastrophic results, it has already started.

Just who is going to benefit from Osborne's policies over the next five years? Who will have the spending power to boost the UK economy? How will the government and the Bank of England reduce NON consumer inflation which is now threatening the financial stability of virtually every normal family with a normal income in the country?  "Who will have better healthcare, better education, more secure pensions, cleaner and safer streets, increased purchasing power, easier mortgage access, or improved employment opportunities? What percentage of the people in the UK do you really think will be "better off" in 5 years time on this austerity programme? It seems obvious that the only beneficiaries are those already holding significant assets and capital - look how well investment banks are doing already. The rest of us are financing their strangle-hold on the economy, by accepting reductions in all of the elements  mentioned above."

Leading economists, the Labour party and others who are worried that austerity on this scale are certainly not "deficit deniers" as the Tories will childishly chant at us when they have no real answers to the above very frightening questions,  it's just virtually impossible not to see the utter chaos and destruction that is now beginning all around us.

Without a doubt, other world leaders are now seeing what some of us here in the UK have seen all along, the UK has elected dangerous incompetents, which would have been a danger at any time, but to have them in government at this global time of financial unrest is more than dangerous, it is terrifying.
Cameron and Osborne though in their deluded millionaire toff boy status that they could run the country, so they set about lying and conning their way to power, many realised what they were doing, which is why Tory support fell away, however, what the majority did not believe was the way in which the Liberal Democrats would sell their souls, their party and their supporters and the British people out for power so readily and prop up this government, who have turned out to be a government like no other British government. A government full of novices and halfwits, gamblers, sleaze and corruption from the top down (Murdoch) above all liars.

If the UK has any sense we will take to the streets and force this government out of power before they have a chance to completely ruin this country and everything we hold dear.

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