Wednesday, January 5, 2011

David Cameron Is A Serial Liar and Deceiver

Liars - Liars - Liars
"The year 2010 began with David Cameron looking into a TV camera and pledging to the British people: "If any cabinet minister comes to me and says 'Here are my plans' and they involve frontline reductions, they'll be sent straight back to their department to go away and think again." The year ended with him pushing through the most severe cuts to frontline services in living memory."

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I have seen governments come and go, we raised our three children during the Thatcher-Major years and 19 years of successive Conservative governments. We looked on with horror as Thatcher closed the pits and decimated the steel works, ship yards, and car manufacturing. We saw Thatcher's poll tax come and go and watched the subsequent poll tax riots on TV as we struggled to pay our family's poll taxes, we struggled to live through terrible Tory recessions. We witnessed interest rates soar to 15.9% and stay there for over a year, we managed to hang on to our home by the skin of our teeth, while many unfortunate people lost the roof over their heads through no fault of their own. We faced redundancy after redundancy, we never claimed a bean. We saw our once vibrant high streets turn into virtual ghost towns as businesses went bankrupt. We saw food and clothing prices go through the roof and kitting our children out for the school year was a dreadful worry,this falling just before Christmas used to hit us particularly hard. We saw fuel costs start to escalate under John Major's governments pushing up further the prices in the shops. We saw unemployment rise to 3 million, but real figures were closer to five million as the Tory government devised new ways to take people off the unemployment register and transfer them to incapacity benefits. We saw some really devastating bleak times, people losing homes, jobs and businesses and visits by bailiffs became almost the norm  in everyone's streets and the suicide rate soared and so did the number of people being treated for severe depression, and the Tory government did absolutely nothing to help the people they badly effected with "Black Wednesday".

We managed to get through these soul destroying times, but although those successive Tory governments did nothing to help people, they never set out to  deliberately make people unemployed during a severe global recession. We never saw a government deliberately set out to turn person against person, by inferring that one worked while the other shirked, and one was living off the other's tax contributions, causing the most nasty unnecessary friction. We never saw a British government deliberately propagate those kind of toxic lies on purpose just to make the cuts they were always going to make to welfare seem acceptable to people. In other words tell lies about a certain section of c society in order to get away with viciously assaulting the poor, chronically sick, disabled, the elder, the young and the unemployed. Cameron and Osborne were always going to make cuts to welfare, and they always knew they were going to privatise education and the NHS REGARDLESS of the deficit, they are just fulfilling the great Tory dream! Only they were not honest about this, they never told people in their manifesto that this is what they would do, in fact they told people the exact opposite.

What I haven't seen is a government like the one we have to day, a Tory led government masquerading as a coalition and using a load of political opportunistic Liberal Democrat MPs as human shields for their brutal, vicious policies and their planned assault on British society.

Above all what I haven't seen before now is a prime minister that has told so many blatant lies just to get himself to Downing street and yet when his lies are successful and he gets there he hasn't a clue what to do, or the faintest idea of how to run this country. Yet this still has not stopped David Cameron from lying, he lies every single time he opens his mouth and George Osborne and Nick Clegg are just as bad, the three of them cannot eve lie straight in bed.

However it is now extremely serious because this government's lies and broken promises are beginning to get really out of hand and they are beginning to severely interrupt the running of the country. Their incompetence is staggering and breathtaking, one only has to look at the swine flu that is now an epidemic thanks to ridiculous stupid government who placed money above the health and welfare of the nation. When back in September and October and then again in November and December, the government Department of Health and Health Secretary Andrew Lansley were contacted by GPs with concerns over the flu outbreak, they were told no awareness campaign was going to be run because it was "unnecessary and too costly". They were also asked about supplies of vaccines and Tamiflu, which are now running so low we are having to try and buy it in from Europe.

We not only have three corrupt liars running the country, they are three corrupt lying numpties, they have not got the first idea how to run this country, they are dangerous and now threatening the health of the nation with their incompetence and once we get over this, we will have to live with these idiots threatening the financial health of the nation too!

Other countries get one corrupt thick headed lying tinpot dictator in power, Britain has landed up with three of them.
We are forced to contend with all of this as well as David Cameron "promising" no reorganisation of the NHS, now he is totally gutting, it, dismantling and selling the best bits off to private companies and if we lose our NHS, we will never, ever again have it, it will be impossible to take back into public ownership, this is the extent of the lying and utter betrayal of the British people by this TORY led government. Cameron, Osborne and Clegg.

If this government is not brought down and brought down soon, may God help the country and please God help all of us!

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