Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tory Dogma Driven Vandalism Will Ruin NHS

Fewer than one in four doctors believe that Andrew Lansley's proposed reforms to the NHS will improve the quality of patient care provided by their organisation or practice.

If these reforms go ahead then we will lose the NHS as  we know it.

Allowing surgeries and hospitals to compete on price is going to put patient safety and patient care at grave risk.

The health secretary's reforms, appear to be literally throwing the baby out with the bath water. Within the current system and given the chance, both SHAs  and PCTs have the potential to cut waste, yet they are not being listened to or given the chance to act.
There are a lot of GPs running around forming Consortia, being pathfinders etc yet they have no idea of knowing what they will be required to do. As yet no one even knows the number of Consortia which will be needed and the government is not forthcoming on such announcements, so on this one basic principle how on earth can they be forming Consortia and operating efficiently when they have no idea of what the numbers are likely to be?

The government have made much out of announcing that GPs will be running the new consortia system, so why has it been Lansley that has written this white paper? If the Government really does want GPs running it, then surely it should be GPs writing and organising the new consortia?

I also believe it is totally wrong to refer to the doctors who support the letter to the BMA as rebels, it infers that they are in the minority and they are not!  A King's fund survey showed 3/4 of doctors against the white Paper, while a current DNUK survey is around 85% against, with hospital doctors and GPs voting very similarly.

During the Conservative election campaign, David Cameron *PROIMISED* there would be "top down reorganisation of the NHS", yet here he is, along with Andrew Lansley, the Tories and the absolutely insane and idiotic Nick Clegg and his Cleggite MPs, ramming through a complete dismantling and privatisation of the NHS - They have NO mandate for this, yet they are still doing it.

David Cameron blatantly *LIED* to the British people, I totally believe this constitutes as "voter fraud" and this NHS reform should be challenged in a court of law, this is akin to vandalising an extremely well running system just because they can and because the Tories want to get rid of the NHS for ideological reasons.

Cameron has hoodwinked and conned the British public, he has soft-soaped them and brainwashed them, they must start waking up now, if they do not we are going to lose the NHS, and we will NEVER be able to take it back into public ownership, once it has gone, it has gone!

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