Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tories Cut Care Of Severely Disabled Man

Prime Minister
Liar - Liar
David Cameron
Hot from the caring compassionate Conservatism of David Cameron!

The mother of a severely disabled man was told on Christmas Eve that Tory council bosses are cutting his care.

Tarik Zavadil age 26  suffers with cerebral palsy, he cannot talk, eat, see, feed himself or walk and cannot be left alone.

His mother was told on Christmas eve that they have zero chance of getting all of his help funded in 2011. His mother shares his full time care with three carers.

However, Tarik's funding is being slashed from £2.282 per week to £726, meaning Mrs Zavadil cannot afford to hire his carers any more.

She said: "His carers are marvellous and I'm going to have to tell them they have lost their jobs. David Cameron knows what it is like to have had a child with similar problems. It's alright if you are rich, but how can I pay?"

Bournemouth Borough Council insists the care can be provided for less than Mrs Zavadil currently pays.

Well for that ridiculous statement from Bournemouth council, I sincerely hope that they are going to find three full time carers that will work for less than the minimum wage, and isn't that illegal?

The current minimum wage is £5.93 per hour three carers around the clock will work 8 hour shifts NOT allowing for bank holiday pay or Saturday and Sunday rates or night rates, three carers wages basic hours would be £332.008 per week x 3 = £996.24. I would like to see Bournemouth council go and purchase this care for less than this and equally if Mrs Zavadil purchases her care package through an agency (as she is likely to), it would cost double this.

More short sightedness from the caring compassionate Conservatives.

David Cameron hang your head in shame!


John Green said...


You are right to express concern for the sick and vulnerable who will suffer as a result of the cuts to the Government’s budget. It will get far worse before it gets better.

However, as you know since I explained the facts to you, these cuts are owned by the last New Labour coalition. They worked very hard and diligently for 13 years to create the financial mess that faces all of us. You should give credit where it is due.

What makes me sick is that we are all in this together. If I had my way, every member of the New Labour coalition, every Labour supporter and voter, and every idiot who supported in any way that bunch of losers, including the sheep and the dinosaurs in the union movement, should foot the bill to reduce our sovereign debt and bring the budget back into balance.

Are you willing to pay your share?

Gracie Samuels said...

These cuts are not owned by anyone, other than those making them.

Cuts of this magnitude simply do not need to be made, they are ideologocal, and this TORY led government are playing politics with peoples' lives.
They are using the deficit as an excuse to shrink the state, privatise education and privatise the health service.
People should remember, when the Tories dentionalised and broke up and sold off the railways to their Tory mates, they became so fragmented that now nobody knows who owns what, or is responsible, as our railways are owned by so many different companies. Make a simple enquiry about a train time and noone knows, no one even knows what train belonging to who is due in next, there are different time tables operating on tracks and the station staff have no idea, it is totally ridiculous. Fairs are astronomical, and rising all the time, and set to rise still further and it is the communter that is now footing the bill for Tory privatisation of our railways. They are so fragmented that they can never again be brought back in public ownership, and it is exactly the same as the NHS will go and will be! If this government are not stopped private companies will be running everything from welfare, to education to NHS and then just wtach the prices for everything soar, we will in the end, be paying private companies to run welfare adding to a growing deficit we will have absolutely no control of.

It is time John Green and other Tories stopped blaming labour for the cuts that they are making for theor own political reasons and deficit or no deficit, they would have made them regardless. People should also wake up and realise just how badly they have been lied to and conned. The Tories said nothing like this in their manifesto, or in the coalition paper.

There is nothing to be gained by going too far, too deep, too fast, this is all ideological and completely unnecessary, it is all going to end in utter mayhem, total confusion, disruption and chaos and people like Mrs Zavadil's son are going to suffer for it.
We will be forced into buying expensive health cover, and insurance companies will cherry pick who they want to cover, so if you are elderly, disabled, chronically sick etc you will NOT be able to get cover and will be at the mercy of being attended to in "poor hospitals".

We lived with paying the debt of WW2 down up until a couple of years ago, that was a colossal debt, it did not stop us becoming the 6th richest country in the world and it did not stop us from forming the welfare state and the NHS and building social housing on a mass scale.
This country is not broke, it was never broke, it was never nearly broke, or even anywhere near broke, this has all been made up by Cameron, Osborne and Clegg and the lies spread by Rupert Murdoch News Corporation and other right wing papers.

So John/Simone/Troll take that back to Conservative Head office and give it to them with my compliments. Also if you are going to comment on here, please keep your comments polite or I will just delete them.
You start off sane and become rude and offensive and end up sound rabid. If you want to go on acting like an idiot and voting Tory that is up to you, you will find yourself becomng increasingly isolated though.

John Green said...


You would have some credibility if you stopped calling every politician who is not from the left of politics a “crook and a liar”. Sticking a penis on the face of respected politicians is stupid, not clever.

The cuts that the coalition government will be making are, as you know, essential. We are paying billions of pounds to service the New Labour coalition’s debts and only the plan outlined by George Osborne has saved Britain from a precipitous drop in credit rating and the resulting increase in interest rates that would have killed the economic recovery. Every leading economist and all the international economic entities have endorsed this plan. The concern amongst the international community is that the cuts are not deep enough and are not being enacted fast enough. The bill for servicing our sovereign debt is, as you very well know, still increasing each month, despite the efforts of the government.

My name is John Green. You may call me John. I am not a Tory and I did not vote for this coalition.

The Conservative Party was completely honest about its plans for the economy. Almost one year ago, at the party convention, Osborne outlined the plan, describing an “age of austerity” and “cuts deeper than those of Thatcher”. To claim otherwise, as you do, is a lie. For the whole of last year, Gordon Brown refused to acknowledge that Labour would also make cuts, claiming he would “continue to borrow and invest”, a position ridiculed by his Chancellor of the Exchequer. The flock of books written by ex New Labour ministers, such as Mandelson et al, has explained the dismay within the cabinet at Brown’s insistence that no one should use the word “cuts”.

The Conservative Party does intend to shrink the bloated public sector whilst encouraging the private sector to grow and become more competitive. This is the only, repeat only way back to prosperity and full employment: a future where we can spend wisely to improve the lot of all UK citizens.

The Conservative Party does not intend to privatise the NHS. You have no evidence that such a plan exists so your claims are lies. The Conservatives were the only party to pledge to ring-fence NHS spending. Labour and the Liberal-Democrats pledged to reduce spending on the NHS. In fact, the current funding of the NHS is ridiculous and unsustainable for the future. I would prefer a system modelled on that of Switzerland.

The de-nationalisation of British Rail has been an enormous success, ensuring investment to upgrade the whole system. The information that you lack regarding the various rail franchises and ticketing policies, as well as timetables, are freely available on line. If you want details, let me know and I’ll provide you with websites. It is all pretty clear.

The sovereign debt we owed at the end of WWII was to repay the USA for the “lend and lease” programme that allowed us to defeat Germany. It was an interest-free debt which carried no threat to our credit rating. It has no relevance to your argument.

Of course the country is not “broke”. The government is carrying out its duty to restore our finances that have been mutilated by a Labour government; a re-enactment of 1974.

I don’t think I have been rude in any of my responses that you have published. I certainly have not stuck a penis on any one’s face.

You have the right not to publish any response from me. If you do censor what I write it will be an act of cowardice.

Gracie Samuels said...

There you go again, where did I stick a penis to any politicians head? I most emphatically have not. I really think you need to get a pair of glasses, or sluice your mind out!

The cuts this "TORY" government are making are not essential they are ideological and totally unfair, they are robbing the poorest most vulnerable people in our society to pay for bankers bonuses.

The extent of what is happening and what this Tory government are doing is now beginning to hit home, this is being born out in the opinion polls, no a huge 72% of people think that the cuts will affect them personally and something like 62% think they are unfair and will hit the poorest hardest.

You may think it is OK to play politics with peoples lives But I do not and neither do the majority of people it would appear. I categorically refuse to back any politician up that thinks it is OK to attack a minority group, especially when that group has a hard life anyway, what the hell kind of society are we that will allow that?

The lies of this government are becoming more apparent every day and so is their sheer incompetence. You only have to look at the debacle that is the swine flu NON programme to see that and I see that I was right about vaccine being in short supply. I knew I was but then I do not make untrue statements, everything I say is based on fact.

You need to open your eyes John the Conservative party are already privatising the NHS and they are doing under the noses of people like you. Just like I was NOT wrong about the short supply of flu vaccine I am not wrong about this either.
Do you not realise that GPs are private businesses? Do you not realise that they will be spending some of the national £80 billion budget (which may be reduced to £60 billion)will go to paying teams of accountants to keep them within budget and to pay for them they will make cut backs in services? Do you know that the cap on how many private patients any hospital can treat has been removed by Lansley? Do you even know the catastrophic effect just that one act will have on how many NHS patients that hospital will treat?

No John, I don't think you do, you do not seem to have any idea about what you are trying to comment on, your main objective is to play politics because you support the Tories and anything they do is apparently OK with you. Well don't come to this blog expecting to get an easy ride, I support Labour, but you will never see me supporting them blindly, where I think they are wrong I will say so.

And where is this picture of a penis on anyone's head? Something wrong with your mind John, you need to stop being a Tory apologist and start waking up to what is happening in this country.

By the way the Labour government handed this country over in strong recovery, which has been considerably weakened by the actions of this Tory government and a chancellor that does not know his fiscal policy from his monetary policy.

Unemployment up by 35.000
Government Borrowing - Up
Welfare Payments - Up
Growth revised down - again
Housing market in free fall
Construction sector on verge of recession
Service sector on verge of recession
Wakey wakey! (Have you got an alarm clock?)

Julia said...

Well said Gracie! As one who is being very badly affected by these cuts, I agree with everything you have said and thank you very much for taking the time and trouble to publish the facts and to stand up for vulnerable people.