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Why Andy Coulson Had To Go - The Crooked Triangle

"Crooked Triangle"
Andy Coulson was forced to resign because it was thought that if he went now, he could stop the "bad news" from spreading and tainting David Cameron and the Tory led government. it is far too late, they cannot stop this now, a political tsunami is approaching David Cameron and it is about to engulf the Tory led government and the  "Crooked Triangle". The Crooked Triangle consists of David Cameron, The Metropolitan police and News International  (Rupert Murdoch his son James Murdoch and his associates, Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks.)

 If they think that their actions now are going to exonerate Cameron, they are completely away with the fairies, it is far too little and way too late and Cameron's judgement in hiring Coulson in the first place is absolutely dire. Or perhaps David Cameron was forced into hiring Coulson by Rupert Murdoch who may have previously persuaded Andy Coulson to fall on his sword to get the News of the World out of trouble, as part of the deal in return for Murdoch supporting the Tories. Rupert Murdoch may be asking his James "just what the hell mess he has got them all into". James Murdoch is thought to have played a big part in persuading Rupert Murdoch from switching support from the Labour party to the Tory party.

There is no way that Cameron can disassociate himself now with Murdoch and News International as he and George Osborne are right in the thick of this and sooner or later the deals cut in order to garner political support will make their way onto the front pages, especially now as it looks like the News of the World is not the only paper who will be named in this phone hacking scandal, one can only guess at this stage who the other papers are likely to be, but Murdoch's Sun and Times spring to mind.

It shows the political naivety that David Cameron, Andy Coulson and George Osborne along with probably James Murdoch and  Rebekah Wade, that they thought they could manage Coulson's resignation and manipulate the media. These people who are supposed to be on top of their game thought they could bury this story in amongst Blair at the Chilcott Inquiry, and the resignation for purely family reasons of Labour's Alan Johnson. Obviously they had no idea how this story was going to sprout legs and run and that in itself is astonishing, as these people are supposed to be news moguls and the other is supposed to be smart enough to run the country! The truth is, in so many ways this has monstrously backfired on them, not only because of the coverage it generated, but because it has no highlighted possible involvement of wrongdoing by the Metropolitan police.
If in David Cameron suddenly goes from giving his full backing to Andy Coulson and tries to spin himself as a victim like "everyone else" and thinks he can get away with it, he needs to think again, this is not going to d go away, not for Andy Coulson, News International OR David Cameron!

When Cameron was interviewed he said that Coulson has been a service to the country, why and how exactly has Andy Coulson who at the end of the day is just Cameron's spin doctor been serving the country? In what capacity exactly?  Cameron also said that the only sleepless nights he has had, was when Coulson had overruled him on something! So what is David Cameron actually saying? That we have an unelected former editor of a tabloid newspaper overruling the prime minister of Britain on policy?

Who elected Andy Coulson? Who elected Rupert Murdoch? Who elected James Murdoch? Who elected Rebekah Brooks? Who elected The Metropolitan police?

There is also something else to be considered. When the Metropolitan police investigated the so-called "Cash for Honours" matter, they pursued this with utter absurd vigor, no charges were ever brought. Now look at the familiar name of  John Yates, the Assistant Police Commissioner.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) announced that there would be no criminal proceedings arising out of the so called "Cash for Honours" investigation.

The investigation, by a team of the Metropolitan Police led by Assistant Commissioner John Yates, commenced in March 2006, following a complaint made by a member of the Scottish National Party.

John Yates is the same Assistant Police Commissioner who has systematically tried to kick these hacking allegations into the long grass.

Isn't it odd how he can pursue one case concerning one government with such vigor to the point of talking about arresting a sitting prime minister, while being completely lax to the point of obstructing another case concerning phone hacking concerning a Conservative government?
John Yates has persisted in this until the allegations about phone hacking would not go away and he was forced to write this letter sent to the director of public prosecution Keir Starmer on Friday 14 January 2011.

I am grateful for the opportunity we had today to discuss the above matter.
We are both aware that there remain outstanding public, legal and political concerns. This is particularly so in relation to the various and recently reported high profile civil cases, as well as the inquiry to be undertaken by the Parliamentary Standards & Privileges Committee.
As a result, I consider it would be wise to invite you to further re-examine all the material collected in this matter. This would also enable you to advise me and assure yourself as to whether there is any existing material which could now form evidence in any future criminal prosecution relating to phone hacking.
The conclusions should be provided to you in the first instance for you to then advise me as to what, if any, further action may be required. We both understand that any future action will always be for the police to consider independently.
John Yates
Acting Deputy Commissioner

We have gross incompetent idiots running this country in the form of David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg, they really haven't a clue, which is why we repeatedly see messes like this.  Now even more alarming from behind the scenes it is now beginning to emerge that we have an inner circle of unelected news barons in the form of spin doctor Coulson formerly editor of the News of the World, Rupert and James Murdoch of the Sun newspaper and Rebekah Brooks, overruling our prime minister running this country!  David Cameron is not only dim and gutless, he is now powerless as Rupert Murdoch is some kind of  quasi prime minister! My God what a flaming mess has been created by the Tories and David Cameron.

No wonder they are are causing chaos and confusion and such a mess of things. Pretty scary when you realise that this incompetent shower are messing around with the economy and taking huge gambles with it and planning to privatise the NHS behind the backs of the British public, yet none of them could organise a flu vaccine campaign correctly without endangering the nation and causing the premature deaths of up to 120 people.

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