Sunday, January 2, 2011

Infantile Daily Express Reporting

Regarding the reports that appeared in the Express about the so-called "plastic policeman" and how much funding they cost per crime they were supposed to have solved.

This was a con and a very misleading article, since when were police community support officers (PCSOs) meant to be solving crimes? Correct me if I am wrong, but don't we have detectives to do this?

The role of PCSOs is NOT to solve crimes, it is to provide support to the police and the community a job they have been doing admirably, well and they have made a HUGE difference to community VISIBLE policing.

Under the Labour government overall crime actually FELL by over 50%, something the neanderthal mentality of the Express editor and other journalists and editors of other right wing leaning papers conveniently FORGET to mention!
I wonder if they will conveniently forget to mention when crimes starts to rise and no doubts DOUBLES under this shambolic Tory government that we now have leading this country to destabilisation and utter chaos?

The Express editor is a halfwit, perhaps he would be more at home peddling some more porn, because it is obvious that trying to edit serious news stories is completely above his capabilities!

Say NO to this kind of deceitful, dishonest reporting, stop buying the trash they peddle, same goes for the Sun and the Times and the smutty, sleazy right wing UNELECTED Murdochs!

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