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Tory "Donorgate" - A Comprehensive List!

What influence will all the health care companies, the accountancy firms
David Cameron & Tories
Bankrolled By Companies Set To Make
Millions Out Of NHS Contracts
Awarded By Government After
Radical NHS Reforms
, insurance companies and the big banks and hedge funders etc, who all donate millions to the Tory Party have on Tory policy? On our lives, these are unelected big business, banks and newspaper barons, that are dictating the way we live our lives. Below is a list, a must read, any you see I have left off please post and I will research them and add them on, this is important, this is an outright threat to our democracy, our NHS, our jobs etc. You cannot trust this government, they have blatantly lied, connived, deliberate mislead the us, stole our votes fraudulently, let's kick them out BEFORE they do much more damage and BEFORE they privatise our NHS.

It is naive to think that all these people donate millions of pounds to the Conservative party and want nothing back in return, of course they do. Stuart Wheeler who has donated millions of pounds to the Tories even admits this. (See below)


Health Secretary Andrew Lansley's restructuring of the NHS will be as music to the ears of private healthcare companies – many owned by private equity firms who have made generous donations to the Tory party in the recent past.

How much influence do big money donors hope to buy with their money?

As former multi-millionaire Tory donor who has donated millions to the Conservatives Stuart Wheeler says, "absolutely natural and unobjectionable" for big donors to gain influence over policy".
So we can presume from his statement that Mr Wheeler has in fact gained influence from the Conservative party/government, in return for his donations?
In just eight short months many of the private healthcare companies have donated over three quarters of a million pounds (£750.000) to the Conservative party, these are companies that are set to cash in on the Tory led government's plans to totally gut the NHS.

Under the Tories’ total dismantling and destruction of the health service, despite protests, GPs will be forced to take charge of the purse strings of the £80 billion budget. It could mean private firms land multi-million-pound contracts as hard-pressed family doctors hire them to deal with other parts of the service and handle the accounts. There are fears those companies will end up buying services like operations and hospital care from the private sector under "any willing provider" instead of buying care from the NHS under the present preferred provider scheme. The NHS will become just another part of the "any willing provider" system. Under Lansley's plans, hospitals will be allowed to provide unlimited private care, where any "willing provider" will be able to deliver services.
With competition law now set to be enforced, NHS hospitals will have no more right to carry out NHS operations than private healthcare firms.
This is already happening under NHS Direct pilot schemes where the service has been renamed NHS 111 and already these pilot schemes are reporting and sharp increase in the number of people being sent to Accident & Emergency Services, as untrained staff feel unable to make a judgement call on patients ringing the service. (Medically trained operators are being replaced with people who have undergone just 72 hours training)

GPs are, generally speaking, neither managers nor accountants. As a result, other "winners" will be private management consultants such as PricewaterhouseCoopers and McKinsey, who also anticipate huge income from Lansley's restructuring.

Tory Donors and the NHS

Lord Blyth - Boots Chemists deputy chairman. Tory Donor. Stands to gain from the break up and privatisation of the NHS wants to buy the Walk in Centres.

UK Pharmaceutical Industry Courting the Conservative party -
The UK pharmaceutical industry has also begun gearing up for a change in government, as drug companies have been reshuffling their public affairs teams and courting the Conservative party. The American Pharmaceutical Group handed public affairs briefs to Hanover Communications, who also represents National Health Service (NHS) cancer screening departments, and in December 2009 hosted a meeting on the Conservatives’ approach to regulating business.

John Nash - Hedge fund boss  is one of the major Conservative donors with close ties to the healthcare industry.
John Nash and wife Caroline gave £203,500 to the party over the past five years.
Andrew Lansley also accepted a £21,000 donation for his private office from John Nash, chairman of Care UK.
Mr Nash STILL continues to work as a consultant to the firm, which provides walk-in centres, GP surgeries and other specialist services, after selling his majority stake to a private equity firm last year.
Lansley has been accused of a direct conflict of interest because Care UK makes 96 per cent of its money from the NHS.
At the time the Lib Dems slammed the payments as a “staggering conflict of interest”.
Now the Liberal Democrats are totally ignoring this and helping the Tories vote the decimation of our NHS through parliament.
MORE than a year after a company chairman’s wife donated £21,000 to the office of Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, the same company has been awarded a £53m NHS prison health contract.
The contract, awarded by the North-East Offender Health Commissioning Unit, has been awarded to Care UK rather than current NHS providers.

Private Health Care -  companies had donated £750,000 to the Tory party, asking: Doesn't  the Prime Minister see the conflict of interest in this?

Sir Peter Gershon - Chair of Healthcare UK and whose company stands to benefit millions from NHS cuts, which Sir Peter himself helped the Tories to draw up! If ever there was a clear cut case of conflict of interests this is it.

Ryan Robson - Major Tory donor who has given the party £252,429.45 his company invests in numerous private healthcare firms including Choice and Christchurch Court, which provide specialist and residential care.
His donations included £50,000 to be a member of the party’s “Leader’s Group”, a secretive cash-for-access club. The would-be MP, who tried but failed to get selected as the election candidate in Bracknell, is managing partner at Sovereign Capital.

Dolar Popat - Nursing and care home tycoon  has given the Conservatives £209,000.
Has amassed an estimated £42million fortune as founder and chief of TLC Group, which provides services for the elderly.
Mr Cameron made the businessman a peer shortly after entering No10 last May, and Lord Popat’s donations include a £25,000 gift registered a week after the Tories’ health reforms were unveiled last July.

Sir Christopher Gent - non-executive chairman of GlaxoSmithKline, (drug company) has given £113,400 to the Conservative Party.

IC Technology- which provides computer services to the NHS, has handed the Tories £70,000 over the past two years.

Philip Scott - chief of the Priory Group, has donated £20,000.
The famous Priory Clinic is private but Mr Scott has revealed in the past most of its income comes from NHS or local council referrals.

The Trichological Clinic Limited - which operates out of Harrods has handed balding David Cameron and the Tories £10,000 last year.

Senior Tories - who helped formulate the party’s health policy in Opposition have had links to private health care and health insurance firms.

Julian Schild -  When in opposition Shadow minister Stephen O’Brien’s office received three payments totalling £40,000 from Julian Schild. Mr Schild’s family made £184million in 2006 by selling hospital bed-makers Huntleigh Technology.

BUPA - Mark Simmonds MP - A second shadow health minister Mark Simmonds accepted a US trip to Boston worth £4,512 from private health provider BUPA.

Lord McColl of Dulwich - Tory health spokesman in the Lords, is a consultant of Endeavour Healthcare. David cameron has previously defended Lord McColl of Dulwich, after it emerged that the peer is a paid consultant to a new private healthcare company that provides a paid-for rival to the NHS's GP service.

Dr Mark Lloyd-Davies - Defeated Prospective Tory MP for Bristol South.
Would have made a valuable addition to the Conservatives’ pharma-friendly team. According to the Conservative website: “Mark is the UK head of the pharmaceutical government affairs and communications team in the world's largest healthcare company [Sanofi-Aventis], so he’s already familiar with the workings of Westminster.”

Mr Heathcoat-Amory- FORMER Tory MP for Wells and a former Treasury minister, registered a payment of "£1,671.08 and health benefit to the value of £86.17" in July from Western Provident Association, which provides private medical insurance policies.
The former  MP also worked as a non-executive director for the firm, which pays him around £20,000 a year, as well as his former duties as a constituency MP.
Helen Whately - Former Conservative parliamentary candidate has shrugged off any suggestion of a conflict of interest, after it emerged she works for the same consultants helping draw up plans which could see the A+E or maternity unit at Kingston Hospital removed.
Her website states she works as a management consultant specialising in healthcare, mainly in the NHS but does not mention her employer McKinsey.
Aventis Pharma -
Andrew Lansley and Simon Burns  attended an oncology conference in the US paid for by Aventis Pharma.

Norbrook Pharmaceuticals - Millions of pounds donated to the Tories by Norbrook Pharmaceuticals, which boasts its mission is to "aggressively expand" its healthcare business.

Johnson & Johnson - Tory register reveals donations from a lobbying group that works for Johnson & Johnson, the US multi-national health and hygiene corporation.

London Secure Services - Mr Lansley has also registered a donation from London Secure Services, a care firm that sparked outrage after it ran up  £1.24million in debts and made its staff redundant with two hours notice.
Banker and Hedge Fund Tory Donors

Michael-Alen Buckley - Chairman, RAB Capital
Founded the hedge fund with Phillip Richards on 1 April 1999. The company was floated in 2004. Has donated to the Tory party

Henry Angest - Flowidea Ltd  Arbuthnot Banking Group Plc £1,347, 600

Zac and Ben Goldsmith - The world's most famous banking dynasty. The Conservative party hid donations of £40,000 from from Zac Goldsmith, his brother Ben and two billionaire brothers in an apparent breach of the law.
The donations were recorded on official records as coming from Unicorn Administration, an intermediary company that helps run the finances of the super-rich.

Stanly Fink...  Co-treasurer, Conservative Party, is apparently "the Godfather" of the hedge fund industry and runs hedge fund International Standard Asset Management .
Wants to raise £40m to “blow Labour out of the water” by the end of 2009. (he didn't succeed) Recently left Man Group and started ISAM, another hedge fund. A keen philanthropist who backs three academy schools, he is a multimillionaire and a big Tory party donor
 Fink also a key donor to the Boris Johnson mayoral campaign he donated more than £1 million to the Tories in the run up to the 2010 general election.

David Cameron -  has taken millions of pounds in donations from hedge-fund managers whose firms made fortunes taking bets that the share price in British banks would fall. Donors are entitled to attend intimate suppers with Cameron.
These intimate suppers were held at Cameron's House of Commons offices but after being criticised by the standards watchdog they now take place outside parliament.

Jeremy Isaacs - Heads his own investment firm
Stepped down from running Lehman Brothers’ European operations just before the crash. Now runs his own investment firm with ex-colleague Roger Nagioff, who was head of Lehmans’ fixed income division. Has been a big Conservative party donor.

Michael Hintze ...Head of CQS, who has given £662,500 and whose organisation shorted shares in Bradford and Bingley.
This multi-millionaire philanthropist manages a hedge fund worth £4.5bn. He has given about £20m to charity and is worth £250m. Caught up in the cash for honours scandal when he revealed he had given the Tory party about £1m and loaned them £2.5m more.

Paul Ruddock... Chief Executive Landsdowne Hedge Fund said to have made £100m short-selling Northern Rock, has given the Conservatives almost £210,000.

 David Craigen...who has donated £50,000.  Paul Ruddock and David Craigen own investment firm, Lansdowne, and short sold shares in HBOS.

Howard Shore - A multi-millionaire banker and Tory donor  Raising £2 million for the Tory party is sponsoring David Cameron’s lavish £1,000-a-head Tory ball next week (Feb 2011) Mr Shore will be one of dozens of super-rich bankers toasting the Government’s failure to make a major dent in their ­£7billion ­bonuses. The star guests will be Prime Minister David Cameron and ­Chancellor George Osborne.
Premier tickets for the event cost £1,000 each, or £10,000 for a table. The cheapest seats for less well-heeled Tories are £400 a head or £4,000 a table. Up to 1,200 ­people, including regulars Mr Cameron and his wife Samantha, will attend next Monday’s bash in South London, which aims to raise £2million for the Party.

RF Trustee Co - Several donors, but five of these belonged to the Fleming Banking Family.  £1, 689, 500

Simon Dingemans - Goldman Sachs
A mergers and acquisitions banker, Mr Dingemans has handled deals worth £250bn and is one of the most highly paid in the City. Called in by BAA to plot a defence against Ferrovial’s takeover bid but was beaten by Citigroup, adviser to the Spanish conglomerate.

Pierre Rolin - Credit Suisse  Mr Rolin gave £12,000 to the Tory Party in February last year, taking his total donations to £88,000. He also moved in the same circles as Boris Johnson, the London Mayor, giving his office the initial £80,000 capital for a study into the Olympic Park's new visitor attraction . Mr Rolin is currently being pursued through the courts by creditors for £43 million.

Prominent figures from the financial services industrygave £500,000 (€574,838) to the UK's Conservative Party in the second week of the General Election campaign, amounting to nearly a quarter of all of donations to the opposition party.

Accountancy Giants

Accountancy giants KMPG, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, Grant Thornton have donated to the Conservative party the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of pounds in cash and non-cash donations such as staff secondments and consultancy services.

KPMG - Donated  over £400.000 to Tories

Pricewaterhouse Coopers - Donated over £500.000 This company anticipates huge income from Andrew Lansley's radical restructuring of the NHS.

Deloitte - £400,000 worth of non-cash services from Deloitte since 2005

Grant Thornton - made a non-cash donation of £15,000 over the same period

It is no surprise that these companies gave around £1 million in staff time to the Tory party, pre-election, to help get them into power! Question that *MUST* be asked, if this is so, then these companies MUST have known what the Cameron, Lansley and the Tories were intending to do with the NHS. Which PROVES that Cameron, Osborne and Lansley were LYING and gaining votes under false pretenses! Remember  Cameron said; "there will be no more top down reorganisation of the NHS"

 All these companies benefited from  the government's decision to close down the Audit Commission, the public spending quango.
The Tories went on accepting almost £100,000 worth of donations from the disgraced tax exile more than a year after they said he had stopped supporting them financially.

Seeming to be seen as a guardian of public health, Lansley wants the makers of fattening foods to pay for adverts highlighting the dangers of obesity, whilst at the same ensuring that the regulation of their unhealthy foods will become even lighter thanks to his abolition of the Food Standards Agency.

Law Firms

DLA Piper/Nick Clegg/Francis Maude - Francis Maude, the Cabinet Office minister, today defended the government after it emerged that the law firm where the deputy prime minster's wife works has a long-standing contract with his department.
Maude said it would be "ridiculous" to debar companies whose employees are related to ministers after criticism over the Cabinet Office paying the legal firm that employs Miriam Gonz├ílez Dur├íntez £88,000 this year.

Spread Betting

Michael Spencer -  Chief Executive IPG Ltd  Intercaptial Private Group £3,832,400  Billionaire Oxford alumnus and founder of ICAP, one of the world’s biggest brokers. He is also the party’s co-treasurer, owns the spreadbetting firm City Index and has other business interests. He has raised millions for the Conservative party.

Stuart Wheeler  - in the past has given £3.933. 300 said it is "absolutely natural and unobjectionable" for big donors to gain influence over policy.  "Fairness isn't the be all and end all." (So we can assume that Stuart Wheeler is gaining influence in the Tory party for his mega bucks?)
Dodgy Arms Deals Tory Donors
May Makhzoumi - gave £50.000 to Tories on the eve of the election, the Tories received large donations from the wives of two controversial Middle Eastern businessmen linked to arms deals. Data from the Electoral Commission showed May Makhzoumi gave the Tories £50,000 a week before the election. Her billionaire Lebanese husband, Fouad, was involved in a weapons deal scandal that brought down the former Tory defence minister, Jonathan Aitken.

Rosemary Said - £50,000 donation was recorded a week earlier from Rosemary Said, the wife of Wafic Said. Mr Said was linked to a deal between BAE and Saudi Arabia, which was investigated by the Serious Fraud Office following allegations of bribery. Mr Said, born in Syria, is barred from making donations to British political parties as he is not deemed to be a British resident. He has denied distributing commissions to members of the Saudi royal family.

Big Business Tory Donors

Andrew Cook - Mr Cook donated £500,000  to the Conservative party, along with the £54,000 worth of plane flights to David Cameron largest donor in Yorkshire and caused uproar when it emerged that Cook had successfully lobbied to prevent Sheffield Forgemasters from getting a government loan, which remains a highly controversial issue - Nick Clegg deliberately mislead the House over this issue.
The man who donated almost £750,000 in cash and flights to Cameron's campaign started an email "I am the largest donor to the conservative party" and then went on to call for the loan to Forgemasters to be axed.

Downing Street are unable to confirm if Cameron was personally lobbied.
Question; Why? It is in the public interest, possible corruption of our government always is!

Six more questions spring to mind

1. Why was Forgemasters loan cancelled when other loans to business weren't?

2. Was Cameron lobbied by Andrew Cook, the owner of a rival company to Sheffield Forgemasters and who has made several unsuccessful bids to buy the company in the past?

3. And was Mr Cook, the Tory donor,  present on any one of the 23 flights David Cameron accepted from him?
4. Why was the loan refused, when it so obviously more than met the criteria Cameron, Osborne, Clegg and Vince Cable (remember him?) set to try and grow British manufacturing jobs?

5. And what an earth was Nick Clegg doing allowing this to happen in his own back yard?

6. And has Nick Clegg been reprimanded for deliberately misleading the House of Commons?

David Ross - Founder, Carphone Warehouse
Quit as London Mayor Boris Johnson’s aide after he used £120m of his company’s shares to back personal loans. The ex-public schoolboy, who has donated more than £150,000 to the Tories, is a friend of Lord Marland the ex-party treasurer Former Carphone Warehouse Tory donor and a friend of Prime Minister David Cameron, has endured a tumultuous recession and was forced to stand down from the boards of Carphone and a number of other firms after it emerged he used shares to back investments in commercial property.

Aidan Heavey - chief executive of Tullow Oil, has donated £5,500.

Simon Wolfson - Next boss given the party £293,000  and is understood to be pivotal in encouraging business figures to sign a letter opposing Labour's plan to increase National Insurance. The letter, released during the election campaign, provided a major boost for the Tories. AWARDED A PEERAGE BY DAVID CAMERON! (The NI rise was held back for bosses but employees had to pay increased contributions - another lie from Cameron.)
Hunter Boots - which is owned by Tory minister and long-term donor to the Conservative Party Lord Marland.  Prime Minister David Cameron  gave two pairs of Hunter wellies to President Barack Obama's daughters Malia and Sasha. (Bet Cameron did NOT  pay for them!)
Reuben Brothers - £14,390 came from the Reuben brothers, property developers and aluminium tycoons who made a fortune in Russia
David Rowland.... David Cameron asked David Rowland to become party Treasurer, despite Rowlands past shady deals, Cameron was later forced to rescind the offer but not before he took  £137.000 off of David Rowland, just weeks before Rowland was forced to step down as Tory party treasurer. Further, Rowland 65, gave the Tories a cash injection of £2.7 million in the run up to the 2010 general election.
The Bamford Family - JCB Researchers/World Brands £3, 898,900

Robert Edmiston - IM Properties International Motors Ltd £3, 274, 200
He was questioned by detectives about the secret loan deal that he struck with the Conservative Party which had the effect of circumventing the law that requires all donations of £5,000 or more to be made public.

Midlands Industrial Council -  (plus individual members) have donated £3, 135,500. Has also in three years given £950,000 to 50 constituency parties including Mr Cameron’s, which received £5,500.
Most of the members of the MIC, which is registered to a terraced house in a Lincolnshire village, are anonymous.
The MIC gives £1 million a year to Constituency Campaigning Services, a support centre for Tory candidates, at Coleshill Manor, a Midlands country house. Mr Edmiston, a key member of MIC, owns Coleshill Manor. He was not available for comment.
Mr Cameron, challenged on the BBC One Sunday AM programme (Oct 1 2006)about the confidential backers of the MIC, said that he knew the identity of them because he had met them. But the party said later that it would continue to withhold their identities. It is taking advantage of a loophole in election law which means that the membership list can remain confidential because MIC is an unincorporated association.
The Coleshill Manor centre was described by Conservative Central Office as independent of the party and registered with the Electoral Commission as a “regulated donee”. Mr Cameron contradicted that yesterday when he said Coleshill Manor was “effectively a part of the Conservative Party”.
The commission states that membership associations registered as regulated donees cannot be part of a political party.
Lord Laidlaw... Monaco-based Tory tax exile who has given the Conservative party more than £4m.

ABC- Abbey Business Centres - (Lord Laidlaw's company)  had also donated £60,000 in the form of free rent and services last year(2009) The donations are controversial because of Laidlaw's tax status.
Records show ABC donated £5,000 in rent and services to the Tories in January, £10,000 in March, and £8,387 in May . The donations were in lieu of rent on a building in Edinburgh's Princes Street that the Scottish Tory party used as its headquarters until May.
ABC has donated almost £85,000 in free rent and business services to the Conservatives, according to the Electoral Commission.
Over the past five years, ABC has given £807,000 in cash and £540,887 in "non-cash" donations to the Tories. Overall, Laidlaw, who made his money organising international business conferences, is estimated to have given the Tories more than £4m. This is despite the Conservatives announcing they were not accepting further donations for Lord Laidlaw until his tax issues were sorted out.

Lord Ashcroft - Belize tax exile donated millions of pounds to Tory coffers and ploughed millions into the marginal Tory constituencies, to help them wing the 2010 election - this is despite telling the Tories he was registered for tax purposes in the UK, when clearly he was not.

Bearwood Corporate Services - (Ashcroft’s company) donated £4,131,995 to the Conservatives over the four-year period, in 27 separate chunks of cash or services in kind, such as focus groups or printing costs.
Ashcroft's company was found to be the biggest single donor since David Cameron became leader, Without "Ashcroft's millions" in the marginal seats, David Cameron may never have become prime minister. So we had a Conservative Lord, NOT registered to pay tax on money earned in this country, using his untaxed loot to decide the result of the general election and who should govern the country!

Chris Rea -  (Rock star) gave the Conservatives £25,000.

Hans Rausing - Packaging Billionaire and his wife, Marit, who are worth more than £5 billion, have donated almost £100,000.

Dave Whelan -  the owner of Wigan Football Club, has given the party £250,000.

Christopher Moran - Owner, Glenfiddich sports estate
Aserial Tory donor, Mr Moran refuses to answer questions about money lent to the party. Said to be a supporter of David Davis and to be worth £200m, he owns the 48,000-acre Glenfiddich sports estate in Scotland. He was expelled from Lloyd’s of London in 1982.

Baroness Hogg - Tory peer
Sarah Hogg was previously Governor of the BBC and economics editor of The Independent and a member of John Major’s policy unit. She is married to Douglas Hogg, who controversially claimed money from parliamentary expenses to have his moat cleared.

Siv Jensen  - Leader, Norwegian Progress Party
Ms Jensen’s populist, right-wing party narrowly failed to grasp power from the ruling left coalition earlier this month. She is intent on shrinking Norway’s welfare system.
Disingenuous Tories On National Insurance Contributions

Seventeen of the 35 chairmen or chief executives who signed Osborne's letter endorsing spending cuts, were among the businessmen who endorsed a similar round-robin letter before the May election backing Tory plans to reverse Labour's proposal to raise national insurance contributions by 1 per cent. Mr Osborne later cancelled it for employers but retained it for employees.

George Osborne MP - Conservative Chancellor Is avoiding paying over a £1 million inheritance tax to the treasury he is in charge of.

Fund Raising Dinners for Financial Backers

David Cameron  £50.000 per year buys you access to the prime minister, who is personally raising cash for the Conservative Party by offering to attend dinners with businessmen/people. The Prime Minister and senior Cabinet ministers are willing to parade themselves to wealthy donors at functions ranging from drinks after the weekly Prime Minister's Question Time in the Commons, to campaign launches.

Treasurer's Group - For £25,000 per year financial backers can join the Treasurer's Group, which describes itself as “aimed at substantial financial supporters with a keen interest in politics!"

Renaissance Forum -  £10,000 a year will buy membership of the Renaissance Forum and a chance to debate policy with senior figures. It is, says the website, “for our closest supporters to enjoy dinners and political debate with eminent speakers from the world of business and politics”.

Conservative Party Conference - £1000 one off payment buys Financial backers access to ministers at £1,000-a-plate dinners which were held at the  Conservative party conference in Birmingham in 2010. (One wonders if they spoke abut the 10.000 strong demonstration against their cuts which took place and who David Cameron had re routed away from directly outside the conference hall, probably not wanting the great unwashed to bother his wealth backers.)

Angie Bray - Conservative MP  Ealing Central and Acton -  is a PR professional from Cameron's "A-list was unabashed about using political links formed while working for the Tory communications machine to help her private PR clients quote:
"I have introduced private clients for my lobbying company to political contacts. But I have always felt I was on the side of the angels''
Oh OK Angie it's OK to be corrupt in that case!

I ask this question again, what does David Cameron actually do to earn the salary the taxpayer is paying him? He is gaffe prone, appears to know absolutely nothing, if he is asked something unexpectedly he is blown way of course and cannot answer. Now we see he appears to spend all of his time raising millions of pounds for the Tory party coffers!


Anonymous said...

OMG! I voted for these people, what the hell did I do it for? I believed their lies. I will NEVER make that mistake ever again. I'm sick, I voted for them and now two of my grown up children have lost their jobs because of this government. Now the NHS? And the economy going into recession. Why did I listen to the Tory lies?

Steve said...

You are not alone Anonymous, I live in Birmingham and voted Tory, effectively I voted myself and my wife out of a job, now we are struggling to pay our mortgage. The future looks grim. My wife voted Labour, so you can imagine the ear bashing I'm getting. I have now returned to the Labour fold, too late though, I appreciate that!

Unknown said...

Thanks for all that useful info Gracie

Anonymous said...

The Tory party are the political wing of the banking industry and as such will work in the interests of the banking industry.
While meanwhile we the working class will always end up paying for their greed.

susielil said...

I recall reading somewhere (The Guardian Society pages possibly?) that PriceWaterhouseCooper are undertaking pro bono work for government on aspects of the Health and Social Care Bill's proposals (as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility policy!) in anticipation of securing big rewards when (wish I could confidently say'if') it is passed. Smells corrupt to me. But that's the Tories for you: taking a can opener to public services and opening them up for their greedy mates.

Gracie Samuels said...

No problem Jennifer, perhaps if you see anythng you think I could add you will post it for me? I have given page over to it, in order to keep it accessible.

Anonymous 5:27

You are so right, but if all of us like minded people fight this, then we can force this government and all these people to change. This page is receiving a lot of hits, so it is something that many people identify with.

Gracie Samuels said...


I know there is something about them, I dug this up;

"Pricewaterhouse Coopers - Donated over £500.000 This company anticipates huge income from Andrew Lansley's radical restructuring of the NHS."

They donated a half million pounds to the Tories. I'm going to dig further see what i can find, I also have afew contacts I can ask. Let's see!

flap meister said...

I am sure I commented on this story the other day but for some reason it is no longer there. surely you don't redact comments that are not fawning to the labour party or that point out inconvenient truths about those that you seem to idolise.
So I will repeat myself and mention that the blessed David Milliband exploits the very same loopholes that you seem to think that it is wrong for tories to exploit, well you say exploit I would say that as it is legal to avoid tax then they are exploiting nothing. Of course there are many many loopholes and many many of them were created by another labour love figure the massively popular( in his own head) gordon Brown who vastly overcomplicated the tax system while he was in power.
And of course I am sure you have mentioned non doms which probably missed out lord paul who was a non dom and a labour donor who also exploited those very same loopholes to minimise his tax liabilities. I am sure he must have made large enough donations to buy his way into the labour government. So if you are going to attack teh tories for doing exactly what labour has done and is doing then at least mention them, or someone could assume that you are being economical with the truth.

I wonder if this post will stay the course.

Private Healthcare UK said...

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Anonymous said...

Gives me more reason to vote for Scottish Independence. Westminster is not only corrupt but has totally failed Scotland and large swathes of England that are paying the price for the sins of the City of London. Cameron and the tories are going to destroy the Union.

Gracie Samuels said...

Flap Meister, I never remove nor redact posts, unless they contain foul language or are unnecessarily abusive.

You simply got your threads mixed up and posted on another thread.

Anonymous said...

You've got the wrong Chris Rea apparently. The croaky rock star asked for and got an apology from the newspaper that reported he was a Tory donor. There's a businessman of the same name.

Florence said...

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