Saturday, November 27, 2010

What Cameron & Osborne's Tories Really Think Of Us!

The Ever Growing List Of Unacceptable Faces who Reveal What The Tories really Think Of Us!

(And we do not need Wikileaks to tell us!)

It seems we have a gaffe prone PM with zero judgement. Once again the judgement of David Cameron has been called into serious question. His insult to Paul Bercow the Speaker of House of Commons, is not the first time he has referred to the height of someone in a insulting way and used the term "dwarf" in a derogatory fashion.

France: While in opposition David Cameron called President Sarkozy a "Dwarf" and inferred he needed a box to stand on. The President's office complained to Downing street about the insulting remarks.

Israel: Cameron blundered into the "flotilla" row and insulted Israel  by saying "Gaza can not and must not be allowed to remain a prison camp".

America:  While crawling to President Obama, David Cameron described Britain as 'junior partner' of the US when he made the gaffe about Britain and the US fighting Nazi Germany in 1940, when US did not join war until 1941.

India: Cameron announced that Britain was India's junior partner and  inferred that the Pakistani government and people encouraged terrorism, completely forgetting that the Pakistani president Zardari's wife, Benazir Bhutto was assassinated by a terrorist.

Iran: Cameron told an audience that Iran had a nuclear weapon, when of course they do not.

China: During the leadership debates Cameron said that China posed a nuclear threat to the UK.

George Osborne Appointed chancellor: is avoiding paying inheritance tax when he and his siblings inherit his father's multi million pound estate on his death. The plans have been drawn up by Osborne and his father. Osborne is docking the pay and benefits payments to millions while allowing his rich city banker friends who caused this country's financial problems off Scott free.

Andy Coulson: Cameron hired Andy Coulson just six months after he was forced to resign as editor on the News of the World. Cameron was advised against making Coulson hi Media director, because of Coulson's alleged involvement with illegal phone hacking. This is a story that is running and running and now the police have passed the case over to the CPS for s decision. Cameron has refused to sack Coulson, but it is looking increasingly likely that Coulson will resign or be sacked in the next few weeks. Again appalling lack of judgement show by Cameron.

Lord Young: Lord Young the Government's enterprise adviser has said  that people with mortgages have “never had it so good ever since this so-called recession started. Young is a friend of Cameron;s and is prone to making gaffes. These highly offensive remarks s come as people across the country face a bleak jobless Christmas.  Again Cameron has employed someone he should have known not to.

Lord Ashcroft: Was a non dom and lied about saying he paid UK taxes when he did not, so he could take up hi seat in the House of Lords, recommended by David Cameron. He is often referred to as Cashcroft" Cameron employed him as party chairman, despite the fact that he does NOT pay UK taxes and he used some of his untaxed millions to fund the Tories campaign in marginal constituencies to try an swing the general election. Yet another bad judgement call.

Philip Green: Cameron telephoned Philip Green out of the blue and asked him to find ways of reducing government spending. Philip Green is very shy of paying his UK taxes and once described a payment of over £1 billion he made to his wife as a "bit of housekeeping". Another very bad judgement call.

Andrew Mitchell:  the International Development Secretary, has investments in an offshore tax haven. Cameron appointed him as cabinet minister. Mitchell, a former City banker, has sizeable stakes in two property companies that are registered in the British Virgin Islands. Despite this Cameron has kept him on as a cabinet minister.

Philip Hammond: Cameron appointed him as Transport secretary despite him signing over his assets to his wife so he would not have to pay UK taxes on them.

Sir Peter Gershon: Cameron appointed him as a government advisor to advise on NHS cuts, KNOWING that Gershon's health company Healthcare UK, stands to gain millions of pounds in lucrative NHS contracts from NHS cuts.

John Nash/Andrew Lansley: Cameron allowed Andrew Lansley the health secretary to accept a £21.000 donation from John Nash the chairman of Care UK to Lansley's general election campaign, which stands to gain millions from the NHS carve up.  Made worse because the NHS shake-up will cost thousands of NHS jobs and represents a giant gamble with the nation's health and will open Cameron to claims of corruption.

Daniel Hannan Tory MEP: Cameron allowed this person to go on Rupert <urdoch's Fox News in the US and tell blatant lies to deliberately trash the NHS in the eyes of Americans. Cameron never reprimanded Hanan, who is an school chum of Cameron's.

Andrew Cook/Sheffield Forgemasters: David Cameron reneged on the promise of an £80 million loan to Sheffield Forgemasters after businessman Andrew Cook, successfuly lobbied the Tories to have the loan refused. Andrew Cook has donated £750.000 to the Tories and he also funded flying Mr Cameron around Britain on 27 separate private plane journeys at a cost of £54,000.

Another Multi-Million pound Tory Donor: The  coalition  took a second multi-million pound decision demanded by a major Tory donor.
They agreed to an airport project on a remote island championed by the Tory's biggest backer Lord Ashcroft.

Claire Perry: Wealthy Ex Banker Claire Perry, one of the Tory party's rising stars and former adviser to George Osborne, has questioned whether the poor are fit to have children, it emerged yesterday.
Wealthy MP and ex-banker Claire Perry - one of the party's rising female stars and a former adviser to Chancellor George Osborne - made the outrageous remark as she defended a decision to axe grants for pregnant women.
Mr Osborne is also in the line of fire because of his links to Mrs Perry, who worked for him for four years before becoming an MP in May.
Her outburst came in a debate earlier this month after a health in pregnancy grant was scrapped.
She was attending a Commons committee hearing when a Labour MP said the £190 hand-out, paid to all pregnant women, prevented many being plunged into abject poverty by the expense of having a baby.

Howard Flight: A new Cameron made Tory peer criticised the Government's child benefit cuts today - saying they gave the poor more incentive to have children than the better-off.
Former party vice-chair Howard Flight told London's Evening Standard that taking the benefit away from top taxpayers would mean they were "discouraged from breeding".
"But for those on benefits, there is every incentive. Well, that's not very sensible," he told the newspaper - Cameron made this man a peer, despite knowing what a loose cannon he is, showing poor judgement yet again.

House of Lords/27 Tory Donors: Cameron  has appointed 27 Tories in a batch of 54 new peers at a cost of £5.8million to the taxpayer. Another very bad judgement call, among these people are Stuart Rose, sir Christopher Gent and other Tory donors who have made large donations to the Tories and who have dubious "letter writing" qualities!

Financier David Rowland: David Cameron made David Rowland party Treasurer in a move that raised eyebrows and questioned his judgement. Rowland has now  topped the latest list of Tory party donors with a gift of more than £1million.
The secretive property tycoon and former tax exile quit as Tory treasurer before he even started amid revelations about his high living and business tactics.
Mr Rowland, 65, then donated £1.06m - the biggest single gift to any party.

Holiday In Thailand: The PM and his wife booked a holiday to Thailand over Christmas, as he slapped swingeing cuts on the British people.
The holiday was cancelled only when Cameron realised it would be a PR disaster,

Personal Photographer: Cameron parachuted a photographer and a web cam specialist on to the civil service payroll, to take photos and shoot films of him, just as he had sacked thousands of civil servants and is planning to sack a further 500.000 public service workers, he was forced to bow to  political pressure and remove the vanity photographer from the public payroll. Howver, the web cam specialist remains and so does the personal stylist hired for the PM's wife.

Axing the Entire School Sports Budget: school sports funding by £162million at a time when the country is due to host the 2012 Olympics and is lobbying hard to host the 2018 world cup. More appalling lack of insight and judgement.

Tennis Player Andrew Murray:  Cameron's colossal ego saw flunkeys shift Downing Street furniture so he could play tennis with Andrew Murray.
The PM's sense of entitlement proves we're not all in this together. Instead he's putting himself first, second and third. As well as scrapping the entire £162 million schools sport partnership.

David Cameron has appointed Newspaper owners, right wing press editors and journalists, bankers, lobbyists and private health care firms who have all helped the Tories raise more than Labour and the Lib Dems combined."So much for 'new politics'. It's the same sleazy Tories." These appointments  to his team and to the Lords and decisions to accept donations of millions of pounds, have seriously damaged the prime minister's standing. he has  a cabinet stuffed with multi-millionaires and has appointed people who use loopholes so as not to pay their UK taxes, at a time when this government is cutting welfare, making people homeless, making people unemployed and raising VAT. Cameron's cuts is causing untold suffering to millions and he is totally oblivious to it all and shows an appalling lack of sensitivity and judgement in these appointments.

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