Sunday, November 14, 2010

Government & Right Wing Press Use Programme of Disinformation

Yes they laugh as they they announce they are putting 500.000
public sector workers out of a job, which in turn
will put a further 500 000 private sector
workers out of a job.
But they need to laugh now, because we who will have the
last laugh, will laugh the longest!
The Coalition government is using a programme of disinformation in order to confuse and muddy the waters and to paint a false picture about what is really happening in Britain. I hope our overseas allies are taking notice of how the British government is riding roughshod over our most vulnerable people in our British communities, when this government comes preaching to you about your "human rights" abuses!
When David Cameron was in opposition, he used exactly the same tactic to paint a false picture of British life, he named his soundbite "Broken Britain", he and his friends in the Murdoch right wing press, had people believing that life in Britain was broken and that our streets were lawless, when they are not. Cameron, Murdoch and the rest of the Tory supporting right wing press, painted a picture of this country that was completely false, saying crime had risen, when it most emphatically had NOT. In actual *FACT*, over the 13 years that the Labour government were in power, crime actually FELL by a huge 42%, thanks to the new powers given to police and the thousands of extra police and community police support officers by the Labour Government.
David Cameron the British Prime Minister is nothing but a cheap and nasty dirty liar, he cannot sue me for libel for this, because it is the truth! So is Nick Clegg the deputy PM and the Tory chancer Chancellor, George Osborne, liars. In fact these people do nothing but peddle lies each and every day.
About the London demonstration that took place last week when the Tory HQ at Milbank Towers got wrecked.

Let's get this straight, there were around 50000 people on that demo, all except "rent a mob" were peaceful. Rent a mob were there specifically to cause trouble and incite violent behaviour, they take feelings running high and stoke the flames, they are expert at what they do. I note the Tory right wing press are still ranting about this, yet the Tory right wing press are expert at inciting racial tensions, also inciting tensions over this march and ill feelings towards people unfortunate enough to be on welfare! They help the government by encouraging people to believe that every single person on welfare is somehow a "welfare scrounger" or a "benefit cheat" and that every unemployed person does not want to work and is a "dole bludger" preferring to stay in bed while their "neighbour gets up and goes to work", or it is a lifestyle choice of everyone who wants to stay at home and watch Jeremy Kyle on daytime TV. This is totally *INCORRECT*, and it is a programme of *DISINFORMATION* that our British Tory government is spreading, aided and abetted by the "poodle in my pocket" Liberal democrats and their mates in the right wing press, like Murdoch's "Scum" and Times and NoW.
And now we see the right wing press employing exactly the same tactics to tar all 50000 people with the same brush, while completely ignoring the message that over 49.000 people tried to send to the government *PEACEFULLY*. Well these people and all the rest of us will not shut up and we will not go quietly, and let us not forget one thing.
"If the government was not trying to shaft students, the sick, the poor, the disabled and the unemployed, then none of these demonstrations would be taking place"
Ultimately it is the government's fault for ignoring us, they are NOT listening, they said they would, both Cameron and Clegg said this was the "new politics", transparent politics and that they would listen, well they are NOT. And they lied, Clegg has lied and he has been caught out in many huge lies and he is going to be held accountable, just like he and Cameron said, in the MP recall! Watch over a thousand students go out into Clegg's constituency to collect 10.000 signatures from his electorate, enough to force him to hold a by-election, or will this be another pledge that Clegg will quickly dump?

This is only the beginning, so all Tories and Lib Dems of a delicate nature may want to get their worry beads out! I make this promise to this government, "your days are numbered" and do not get too used to your ministerial cars, plush offices and taxpayer funded teams of "spinmeisters", photographers and webcam film makers and personal stylists for the missus, you disgraceful bunch of two faced Tory hypocrites.

The coalition ("Con-Dem) Government can ignore over 49.000 people and their message if they want to, but it will not be the last message this stinking lousy ideologically driven government is sent! Not by a long chalk! Let them behave like ostriches, when they do take their fat heads out of the sand, they will find it is too late!


Nicky said...

Thanks for that, Gracie. If you peruse the comments section on news websites, it's quite heartening that more and more people are seeing through the lies of this abominable government.

The weekend revelation that Clegg and co lied about their opposition to tuition fees, whilst posing with the pledges, is very damaging for them.

The right to recall isn't law yet, but it would be very satisfying to see Clegg hoist by his own petard. As you know the right to recall was his idea - just empty PR fluff, but (good example of karma, this) it's going to come back and bite him on the bum - very hard, we hope.

Gracie Samuels said...

Hi Nicky, I too noted the comments this government are getting are far from positive. The signs are not good, only six months in and already they are mired in sleaze, lies and broken promises. As for Clegg, I find that man's lies and general behaviour reprehensible!

I am very impressed with the NUS President, Aaron Porter. Let's hope that the next demonstration next Wednesday attracts as much support.