Sunday, February 6, 2011

They Really Are "All In It Together"!

Tax Dodger Osborne
I have always believed  that David Cameron had appalling judgement, I've changed my mind, I don't think he has any judgement!

King Cameron the Arrogant, hired Andy Coulson against everyone else's better judgement, to be his director of communications, however, now after resigning twice for something he says he didn't do Coulson has gone and the poisoned chalice is handed over to Craig Oliver the former boss of the BBC World Service, Oliver is said to be a surprise choice!  You betcha it is!
It's a surprise alright!
 It turns out that Cameron's new boy runs a legal tax avoidance scheme to help his wife who earns £150.000 per year, avoid paying her taxes to the UK Treasury. Oh well he'll be in good company with the rest of the Tory cabinet, for example transport secretary Phil Hammond and International aid secretary Andrew Mitchell both have a problem with UK taxes, they prefer off-shore account tax havens, and in the case of Hammond he likes to transfer his assets into the wife's name to avoid paying tax, hey maybe him and the Director of Communications can swap tips? Not forgetting the ace tax dodger himself George Osborne, Tory chancellor, he doesn't much care for paying his taxes into the Treasury he is supposed to be running either, so why should anyone else bother? Still I guess they  really are "all in it together", the Tory tax avoiding thing anyway.

The arrangement, which may have helped the Craigs save more than £100,000 in tax, is similar to those recently criticised by the Prime Minister as a "problem" for the British economy.  However, obviously not such a problem that it would stop the prime minister hiring him.

The "new boy" hasn't got off on the right foot either, already he has allowed King Cameron of Arrogant to blunder into areas where prime ministers definitely shouldn't go, embarrassing himself and the country on the world stage while trying to appear like a statesman and giving a speech about "extremism" trying to appear tough while virtually inferring that all Muslims are fundamentalists. Fantastic Dave,  that should go down well in the Middle East - not!

At one time people used to ask where was the president's brain  now we can go one better,  we can ask where King Cameron's judgement is,  as well as his brain!

F-a-b-u-l-o-u-s! At one of the most vital times in world history and of absolutely crucial time to the country;s economy, Britain is  being governed by a bunch of tax dodging,  brainless Tory halfwits, with absolutely no judgement whatsoever. We sure don't do things by half in this country!

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Nicky said...

Well said (as ever).

I think the govt is surprised at how much traction the protests about tax dodging have gained. They tend to think of the electorate as gullible fools. Slowly, more and more people are wising up.

The only crumb of comfort in these truly awful times is that the Tories are making themselves so unpopular that they'll be unelectable in future.

That pic of Osborne is really repellent BTW - he looks like he's playing the part of Jack the Ripper. Actually, that's quite horribly appropriate.