Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nick Griffin Backs David Cameron!

Now We Know Why
King Cameron
Flanked himself In the Flag!
When Nick Griffin called David Cameron's astonishing attack on Islam and Muslims yesterday "a provocative intervention", perhaps it is time for Cameron to take stock of what he is doing, what he is saying and why?

Cameron's speech yesterday left me cold, it confirmed what I have always thought of Cameron, that he is an intellectual lightweight, with appalling political judgement, but further, and more chilling, it also confirmed that the prime minister is and extremely intolerant person. He heads an extremely intolerant and insensitive party and for all of Cameron's protestations that the Tories had "changed" we can see now that they lay just empty meaningless rhetoric echoing in the wind blown passage of time of yesterday's Conservative general election campaign, cast aside, no longer wanted, needed, or required.

 The deed is dead, long live the deed! Rise up and resurrect the right wing, the old Tories are back and they have a snake-oil salesman as a leader!

Something troubles me profoundly about  Cameron's speech, I wonder was another facet of it designed to play to the Tory right wing? If so, then the Tory right wing would do good to be afraid, be very, very afraid and  examine everything Cameron asks of them as there will almost certainly be an ulterior motive, after all, Cameron is the "Attila" of  ulterior motives! If you miss one of Cameron's motives, have no fear another will be along soon and more sneakier and dubious than the first!

In today's speak, the electorate is coming to learn that we have been "had" or "done over" or "played for fools", and somehow through the jaws of failure "King" Cameron has managed to get his crown of power, and his cloak of self aggrandisement, albeit he had to make a few meaningless concessions to his new bestest mate Nick Clegg, nonetheless, he still has what he wanted and in Cameron's world he does not have to bother about the electorate for at least another 3 years, so he cares not what he can do for his country, he is too busy forcing the country to do things for him.

Cameron is no more compassionate than Attila the Hun, perhaps Cameron believes he is taming his own brand of  Scythians?  Today's "pastoralists" are more likely to be seen driving around in the latest Land Rover wearing designer jeans and baseball caps than on horseback wearing pointed hats and trousers, but the similarity is certainly there! But they too should not rest easy, when it is obvious attacking the weak, most vulnerable and poorest in our society is not enough, it will not be long before "Attila  the Tory" will be coming for them and their families and their livelihoods, their children's futures and their elderly parents security and well beings!

Grieve today for the NHS, for tomorrow it may be gone!

David Cameron and the Tories have not changed, they are back but don't be fooled, they are not compassionate, and with each passing day Cameron is becoming more emboldened, his self confidence is growing being sustained on a diet rich in what he wants to hear, being fed to him him by his inner circle of right wing lackeys who are too stupid, too inexperienced and too afraid to say boo, to the proverbial goose! Yesterday he made a speech about extremism, he singled out Islam and Muslims for attack, oh he wrapped it up in blue fluffy words, but the meaning could not go unnoticed, it was dark and it was a direct play to the kind of people that inhabit the BNP, NF and the EDL, his speech covered points that bore no connection to where he was and no one seems to understand why he chose that particular time to make it! It was an ill-judged and unconscionable speech full of dark rhetoric designed to appeal to people that inhabit the "dark side".  if that speech was designed to show King Cameron as a "statesman" then it failed, he failed, all it did was to confirm on the world stage what much of the world already thinks of us Brits, that we are too wrapped up in our own egos and just expect everyone else to speak English and to change their culture to suit us. Quite honestly, King Cameron embarrassed me, he embarrassed us in the eyes of the world and once again, his judgement is seen to be sorely lacking!

For months we have seen King Cameron of arrogance, picking on who he obviously sees as some kind of underclass, "welfare scroungers", "benefit cheats", no matter the vast majority are genuine, King arrogant has managed to make them feel no better than the dirt on his £1000 per pair handmade shoes. He has also demonised public sector workers making them feel dirty and ashamed just for having the "audacity" to work for the Government for a living. Yesterday it was "that" speech, and today he started to refer to himself as a "tax cutting Tory", none of this he would  have dared to do while he was in opposition! What will it be tomorrow? Who will he seek to marginalise and pick on tomorrow? I heard one of the right wing Sky presenters refer to King Cameron's speech as a "watershed", a defining moment, he may be right, it may be the moment when most normal ordinary people begin to recognise that the prime minister is a nasty arrogant spiteful intolerant little Englander, who is in the process of doing this country great harm.

It is true to say that David Cameron's government, like many Tory government's before him are put into power and kept in power by today's pastoralists (farmers) and others that have done very nicely of this country's land being carved up in ancient times and handed over to the few landed gentry etc!

However, perhaps with the Conservative led government today, we are about to witness our own "peasants revolt"? I wonder if there is a modern day Wat Tyler ready to step forward and unite the masses?

Perhaps it is now time for  a "Tolpuddle struggle" of our own? If not a "Wat Tyler2 then perhaps a'George Loveless? George Loveless come forth your country needs you (urgently).

“We raise the watchword, liberty. We will, we will, we will be free!"

That is my message to David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg, and it is a warning, they are pushing us too far and never again should he seek to use a speech like he did yesterday to try and fool us, the only thing that speech revealed was his own ugly inner "extremism" which he can cloak all he likes it will never conceal from us the real King Cameron of Arrogance, sooner or later we will all know the iniquities of what Cameron stands for.

Apparently, David Cameron always has had a rather overrated view of his own capabilities. I hear when he moved into Downing street the cry went out; "Beware, beware the over inflated ego has landed"! The second rate PR man who resides up his own rectum, who is totally absorbed and fooled by his own spin and lies, just made it into Downing street.

Hopefully, it will not be too long before we can throw King Cameron the arrogant  out!

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