Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dave of India - Ethical Foreign Policy Or No Foreign Policy?

King Cameron The Arrogant
"Tell Us Lies, Tell Us Tory Lies"
Last year Cameron used his power and influence to help secure a £700 million contract for BAe from India, then promptly decommissioned our own defence, how much better off is BAe? Taking from one hand and forcing India to give with the other? How well briefed was BAe's Dick Oliver about what the British government were going to do a little further down the cuts line last year in India when that contract was secured? Was Dick Oliver informed on the cosy party at the High Commission attended by 6 members of the British cabinet on the night the BAe order was secured?

What price were those contracts? Was it really worth Cameron sucking up to India when he set out to deliberately insult Pakistan by inferring that they were terrorists looking "both ways"?  Completely forgetting that the Pakistani president's wife was killed by a terrorist attack and that many Pakistani people suffer daily as a consequence of their government allowing the US and the UK  access to Afghanistan via the Pakistani border? Was this a deliberate calculation over what India could offer the UK in terms of trade over their neighbours Pakistan?

More recently King Cameron the Arrogant has been announcing that the UK is to keep up its aid package to India, I find this rather puzzling, if  India is this up and coming thriving *nuclear* country "going places" that John Griffith-Jones, joint chairman, KPMG Europe gushed about last October, when he said "the UK needs India more than India needs the UK", if this is true, then why does India need money in the form of aid from the UK that we can barely afford? If it is true that the UK aid money goes directly to charities within India for their projects for the very poor of India then I just do not understand why we are footing that bill at this time? The British government is cutting aid to our own charities that help UK citizens in this country, yet it is funding Indian charities, surely if India is now cash rich and is going places and knows where it is going, then the Indian government should be funding its own charities and looking after its own poor? It ceretainly should if it is a nuclear power and can splash out on buying arms from the UK in a non ethical way!

Besides the aid to India question there is another on ethical foreign policy. One of the most significant deals to be done when Cameron was in India saw BAe and Rolls Royce sign a £700 million contract to supply 57 Hawk trainer jets to India, yet India hasn't signed  Nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty but Cameron would still favour selling them civilian nuclear technology. India has ignored the UN resolution on the disputed state of Kashmir for the last 50 years but Cameron wants to take the relationship between the UK and India to next level?  Human rights abuses in occupied Kashmir and the seemingly endless ruthless suppression of the freedom movement there are always being reported by Amnesty International but King Cameron the Arrogant wants trade more than he wants democracy and human rights.

Cameron's visit coincided with the announcement that, in future, export licences for civil nuclear expertise and technology to India would be approved.
Whitehall has traditionally vetoed such cooperation because India has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty or separated out its civil and military programmes.
The move will not only please the Indians but UK firms involved in nuclear research, like Rolls-Royce and Serco, stand to benefit too.

What is an increasingly desperate David Cameron's future level, when the UK economy hits the buffers because our exports cannot sustain the country during the Tories insane austerity measures? Trading with  Zimbabwe, North Korea or Iran next perhaps?

Note here some of the companies that have benefited from Cameron's "trade Delegation" to India: Serco, BAe & Rolls royce and will ya looky here, not only does Serco figure, KPMG made a substantial appearance with "Dave of India" too.

Remember that Serco stands to gain from NHS cuts and KMPG has already been awarded a huge contract overseeing NHS GP pathfinder legal issues in London and no doubt if the Tories do succeed in privatising our NHS, KPMG will be granted the contract nationwide.

BAe; Serco and KPMG are large financial backers of the Conservative party, you slap my back and I'll slap yours, or is it the funny handshakes with the rolled up trouser leg?

George Osborne (Registered 24 July 2008), 13 February 2009,  that he visited BAE Systems' site at Barrow-in Furness, accompanied by a member of his staff. BAE Systems met the cost of their flights.

All this and I haven't even got around to John Connors Head Vodafone tax issues and their let off of  paying the British Treasury £6 billion in tax (yet). Even the Indian  government pursued Vodafone for the back tax it owed the Indian Government. Bit of a puzzle that  HM Revenue & Customs boss Dave Hartnett went off (flying by business class - of course) to Mumbai to sing the praises of a “non-confrontational” approach to tax disputes (like that with Vodafone!)


Anonymous said...

Dave from India called me saying there was a problem with my computer.
We chatted for ages and he even told me he was in India and his name was not Dave but some terrorist type name.

Then I googled Dave of India and your page came up.

Funny ol world...........

Gracie Samuels said...

All I can say is be very wary of people calling you up pretending that there is something wrong with your computer, they are usually bogus.
I'm not sure what a terrorist sounding name is though, I expect our names sound weird to people in other countries.
But you are right is a funny old world, did you like the blog anyway? ;)