Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cameron Caught In a Lie Over Sure Start

When Labour came to power in 1997, there were no Children's Centres, but today there are 3,500. The Labour government created Sure Start and during the election campaign they pledged to continue investing in it as a universal service for all families with children under five. During the election campaign Labour discovered and revealed that the Conservatives were intending to break their promise on Sure Start. Cameron's team moved quickly to dispel that accusation. However, it now transpires that Labour were right and this is exactly what the Tories have done.  King Cameron the arrogant has been caught out in yet another blatant lie adding to his ever growing tally of blatant broken promises and lies. 
David Cameron has made much of being the party for the family, yet his government has unleashed an attack on children and the elderly, so brutal that the like has never been seen before in this country. It is only now that families are beginning to take a good long hard look at the Tories and their policies and they are realising that they are anything but family friendly. The Tories are cutting Sure Start from families on middle and modest incomes. Instead of the universal service Labour created for all families, the Tories have said they are going to cut £200 million each year from the Sure Start budget - which could see one in five children's centres being forced to close.

Once again the prime minister has been caught out in a lie, he is deliberately misleading the House of Commons and he is deliberately misleading the British people. He knew when he said this in reply to Ed Miliband that he was not talking specifically about Sure Start,  the Tories have removed spending constraints from budgets, councils are now free to choose where they spend the funding they receive from central government, this would be fine if local authorities were not struggling under billions of  pounds of cuts in funding, as they are there is every chance that the money that once would have been designated solely for Sure Start will find its way to other services. It could even be given to upper class families that fancy forming their own free schools. Who does David Cameron think he is fooling with this kind of trickery?
I cannot see why he is allowed to get away with this week upon week upon week, it is about time that the Speaker stopped him lying and deliberately trying to mislead the public and the House!

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